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(Opposing Views)   New study suggests that marijuana users are more "health literate" than non-smokers. After a quick smoke break, researchers also found that they're handsomer, awesomer and wiser than the average person   ( opposingviews.com) divider line
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2013-07-20 10:52:47 PM  

AirGee: Marijuana was criminalized initially to use against migrant farm workers in the southwest during the great depression not black people.

It was both, actually.
2013-07-21 02:18:47 AM
(This comment has been removed)
2013-07-21 05:24:10 AM  

Wolf892: I wouldn't mind pot smokers and would be happy for them to be able to smoke as much of the stuff as they want all day long except for the damn smell of the stuff. I don't know what it is, cigarettes you don't really notice unless you are close to a smoker, but pot...pot has a way of bleeding its scent through the atmosphere, under apartment doors...and just stinking up the place like a pack of skunks have been through the area. Pot stinks, and if it were legal the stench of it would be thick in every apartment building and on every sidewalk down town everywhere.
Now, if they can turn pot into an e pen like they have with cigarettes so they smell like coconut or have no smell...then go to town.

Or, maybe have smoking areas with air conditioning, like smokers have in airports, to stop it affecting non smokers.
2013-07-21 06:42:55 AM  
FTA "The same test was applied to alcohol and tobacco users, though they were less likely to understand"

Well, that`s because they are more stupid.
2013-07-21 07:16:42 AM  

dready zim: Well, that`s because they are more stupid.

What about us schmucks that do all three?

/yeah I know, I'm pretty stupid, but at least I'm the creative "sensitive artist" type.
2013-07-21 02:04:01 PM  

OhioUGrad: DubtodaIll: stirfrybry: Pot smoking hardwood floor guys are better than sober hardwood floor guys. Why? Because the job sucks so bad you gotta be high to want to take the time to do a nice job

/not kidding

Same can be said of building an in ground pool, or pretty much any repetitive uncomplicated labor. It genuinely does help you focus an be "into" the task and do a better job than if you're biatching to yourself about how much the work sucks.

There was a show on the Discovery channel called Curiosity, and an episode highlighted people who used drugs (both sober and while "high"), one of the tasks was to assemble Ikea furniture....worth the watch.

/busts chops of the Fark weed brigade
//would vote to legalize it, but still wouldn't smoke it

I saw it but the whole thing was done so unscientifically and with such a small sample that I believe it did far more harm than good. The episode was intellectually insulting.
2013-07-21 09:20:45 PM  
1. No Crime committed to buy tobacco.... Crime to smoke it in "public"

2. Commit federal crime to buy and use Marijuana... thousands of people smoking it on the front lawn in Denver..

yeah that's smart..
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