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(The Sun)   Smoking hot 43-year-old cougar: "I only have sex with toyboys... preferably virgins" (w/hot cougar pics)   ( thesun.co.uk) divider line
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2013-07-20 08:31:16 AM  
At BEST she is a No-fang-Cougar, but Middle-aged-pathetic-beachball.  No wonder she wants virgins, anyone else with any experience wouldnt be tempted by the prospect of sloppy millionths.

2013-07-20 08:36:28 AM  
Someone get that lady a T certificate and a high school gig, stat.
2013-07-20 08:55:02 AM  

dopekitty74: Fat AND ugly? Maybe not, but I know a few fat boys with great dicks and personalities, and a few that are ugly, but well built and very attentive and confident, who would qualify as "studs"

bullshiat.  those are classified as "friend zoned dudes that don't get laid".  unless they are out bagging the porkers.
2013-07-20 08:55:10 AM  
2013-07-20 08:56:00 AM  
not 43
possibly pregnant or drinks a case of beer a night, or both

I really can't imagine why a woman would want to sleep with a virgin, but apparently she likes to teach. But why we would anyone want to learn from her? Is she really wealthy? I just saw the pictures and quit with that one.
2013-07-20 08:58:16 AM  
That's some farking gunt!!!
2013-07-20 09:01:44 AM  
OK, she's put on a few pounds since "Love Shack", but that was a fun song.
2013-07-20 09:04:24 AM  
What do they put in the water there? Ugly juice?
2013-07-20 09:05:01 AM  
For everyone who hasn't clicked the link, here's an eye-safe alternative:
seafoodpunch.comView Full Size
2013-07-20 09:10:19 AM  

Musikslayer: OK, she's put on a few pounds since "Love Shack", but that was a fun song.

Oh she aged much better. (and she's 15 years older)

assets.rollingstone.comView Full Size
2013-07-20 09:10:57 AM  

dready zim: log_jammin: My daddy once said to me...

"You see that fat, disgusting, toothless woman down there at the end of the bar? someone in this bar will attempt to take her home tonight. no matter how nasty a woman is, someone is desperate enough to try to screw her."

the lady in the article is that woman.

Every single time a man sleeps with a lot of women, he's called a stud, but if a woman sleeps with a lot of men, she's called a slut, and people think this is unfair... Nah. It's completely fair, and I'll tell you why, alright? 'Cause it's farkin' easy to be a slut, it's farkin' hard to be a stud. To be a stud you have to be witty, charming, be well-dressed, have nice shoes, and a fake job. To be a slut you just have to be there. There are fat ugly sluts out there, there are no fat ugly studs.

I dunno what you're going on about. He never called anyone a slut or a stud. He was just pointing out that it's easy for just about any woman to get laid if they want to because many of us guys will screw just about anything. He wasn't trying to attach any kind of stigma to it.
2013-07-20 09:18:21 AM  
thegloss.comView Full Size

I'm pretty deviant, and am the first to criticize people over "sharp knees", but I would not even send that thing WIE
/Is it possible for your penis to shrivel up in a photograph simply by being viewed?
2013-07-20 09:30:04 AM  

maggoo: two things:

1: Gunt.

2: she only manages to pull 19yo virgin guys because they are desperate to cease to be virgins, no matter what it takes.

Yeah, and she gets regular sex out of it. You'd do it if you could.
2013-07-20 09:40:42 AM  
Yeah, and she gets regular sex out of it. You'd do it if you could.

If a 16+ girl virgin (or normal girl or hell, slut) WANTED to bang me, I would not in any way turn that down.

But that's not gonna happen.

Guys are desperate for sex. Girls can just walk into a bar and snap their fingers. It's a lot easier for them.

Ugly 60-year-old looking cougars who are dangerously overweight can pull this off. People like me cannot.
2013-07-20 09:45:24 AM  
Can someone please post a pic of said hottie in the thread. The Sun apparently isn't there when it comes to mobile.
2013-07-20 09:48:09 AM  

Igor Jakovsky: Can someone please post a pic of said hottie in the thread. The Sun apparently isn't there when it comes to mobile.

You asked for it.  Behold everyone, the end of the world i nigh.

img.thesun.co.ukView Full Size

img.thesun.co.ukView Full Size

img.thesun.co.ukView Full Size
2013-07-20 09:48:41 AM  
ketv.comView Full Size
2013-07-20 09:48:45 AM  
Yeah, um no. The "smokin hot" meme is the Rick Roll of Fark. I don't click on the links anymore because it's a dead give away.
2013-07-20 09:49:38 AM  
Hot cougar? THE DIE IS CAST (clicks) :( (runs back to Gaul)
2013-07-20 09:49:54 AM  
what is the appeal of virgins for women?  they like premature ejaculation and clumsy fumbling?
2013-07-20 09:50:17 AM  
Wrong Judd.
2013-07-20 09:50:53 AM  

GameSprocket: Wrong Judd.

2013-07-20 09:53:59 AM  
No more comparing her to Bonnie Raitt !

userserve-ak.last.fmView Full Size

There, that's better. *sighs happily*
2013-07-20 09:55:17 AM  

Somacandra: miss diminutive: Not only does Jackie prefer young men, the mum-of-five believes sex is best with VIRGINS.

What? Granted this is based on not much experience, but every encounter I had with virgins was like the Falklands War: quick and confusing.

Not to mention filled with sheep.

Jesus, there are some things you just don't talk about!
2013-07-20 09:56:21 AM  
She looks older than my Mom who is in her sixties!
She looks more GILF than MILF.
2013-07-20 09:59:55 AM  
"Smoking hot" reference on Fark with a Sun link, hmmm......

jornauta.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2013-07-20 10:01:05 AM  

dpaul007: No more comparing her to Bonnie Raitt !

[userserve-ak.last.fm image 328x400]

There, that's better. *sighs happily*

Bonnie looks younger than her!
2013-07-20 10:01:27 AM  
43 years old? Whats that convert to in American? 67? Do we multiply by 1.5 and add 32?
2013-07-20 10:02:03 AM  

Nogale: I can't believe she's only 5 years older than I am. She looks 60, easily.

I was thinking something very similar! She is only 3 years older than me but definitely looks 60.
2013-07-20 10:05:36 AM  
 And that's what the outer parts look like, with makup, in the best photographic light..She's had 5 kids,
it's probably Carlsbad Caverns with stage curtains down there..
2013-07-20 10:05:48 AM  
I'd hit that so hard, I'd get shin splints and laryngitis

/son, I'm sayin' "running and screaming"
2013-07-20 10:10:42 AM  
This woman is a godsend.  She's a one woman army to save young men from the evils of virginity.  That they're ruined towards younger women is a good thing.  That leaves more sweet young things for the older man crowd.
2013-07-20 10:10:45 AM  
api.ning.comView Full Size
2013-07-20 10:11:18 AM  

Mr. Shabooboo: And that's what the outer parts look like, with makup, in the best photographic light..She's had 5 kids,
it's probably Carlsbad Caverns with stage curtains down there..

After working with construction workers to put myself through undergrad, I've heard worse.  Spam flaps, Meat curtains and fur burger come to mind.

2013-07-20 10:26:20 AM  
i've seen 60 year olds that look better than her.
2013-07-20 10:30:26 AM  

Cewley: Is that Bonnie Raitt?

Jesus, no kidding.
2013-07-20 10:31:22 AM  
Ok, I believe you, FARK. Christina Hendricks is past her expiration date.
2013-07-20 10:34:36 AM  

bearded clamorer: Come for the gunt..

2013-07-20 10:42:10 AM  

dopekitty74: I have a couple of FWB who are in their early 20's (I just turned 39) but I like the ones that already know what they're doing. It's the stamina/energy I enjoy. Nervousness and premature ejaculation are turnoffs, not turn-ons.

That being said, one of them had never had a proper beej til he met me.. :)

You rascal, you!
2013-07-20 10:42:52 AM  
si0.twimg.comView Full Size
2013-07-20 10:57:10 AM  
Behold, stripling, the mystery of the unshaven gunt!
2013-07-20 11:00:17 AM  

Dinobot: i've seen banged 60 year olds that look better than her.

There, fixed that for ya.
2013-07-20 11:05:26 AM  
Dammit, why do I always fall for the " Smoking hot" with a Sun tag?...Every..single..time! Do the people who post these even know what Hot is?

One born every minute and im one of them
2013-07-20 11:08:42 AM  
Article sub headline:

Mum, 43, trawls cougar sites for 'grateful' young men

Note to Sun editors:  "grateful" is not a politically-correct synonym for "visually-impaired"
2013-07-20 11:30:16 AM  
Dam you subby, dam you all to HELL!

img2-3.timeinc.netView Full Size
2013-07-20 11:32:22 AM  
That CANNOT be 43. My girl's 42, and if this is what 43 looks like then my girl looks to be in her 20s.

I call bullshiat, or I pity the poor dear for looking like a sexagenarian.

/I'm 42, and even I don't look anywhere near that bad. Holy cripes.
2013-07-20 11:33:56 AM  
Obviously no one scrolled to the bottom of the article where the hot cougars are shown.
2013-07-20 11:34:16 AM  
I don't know if I'd hit it or not, on one hand any port in a storm. On the other the Moped syndrome, fun to ride but you wouldn't want anyone you know to see you.
Or you could degrade and humiliate her and not feel guilty afterwards.
2013-07-20 11:36:40 AM  
a0.twimg.comView Full Size

2013-07-20 11:57:10 AM  
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