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(Washington Post)   Pre-wedding diets are a bad idea   ( divider line
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2013-07-14 03:01:04 PM  
I did lose some weight in the 6 months before the wedding (about 20 lbs) but did it by tracking calories and exercising.  I also bought my dress off the rack (more of a sundress anyway) about 3 weeks before the ceremony.  I kept at that weight until I got pregnant about 2 1/2 years later.  Still got some extra baby weight though, even now I'm even with where I was when we met.
2013-07-14 03:47:54 PM  
married at the courthouse, my mother INSISTED i wear a dress and bought it for me - never even saw it until
"the" day.  weight then, 110 - weight now, 125 - but, that was 25 years ago and he likes this better

do NOT bother crash dieting, overspending, becoming a shrill bride - it is NOT the "best day of your life" - there will be better
2013-07-14 07:12:28 PM  

cuzsis: I had no idea this was a thing when I got married.

 I just made sure I liked the dress and that it fit comfortably.

Me too, I just started eating better and spending a bit more time at the gym.
/And I got one of those corset bras, they are like magic for smoothing purposes
2013-07-14 08:54:19 PM  
It is possible to watch what you're eating and not be miserable. I bought my wedding dress kind of far in advance (long engagement), and I would try it on every couple of months to make sure it still fit. One time it didn't, so I made sure to not each a bunch of junk food for the next couple of months. Low and behold, somehow it fit again the next time I tried it on. I did not turn into a "bridezilla" and we are still married years later.

If you buy a dress two sizes two small and your wedding is in six months, you might have problems, but there's nothing wrong watching your weight in a sensible way. It's as good a time as any to start the habit.
2013-07-14 09:27:53 PM  
Little Known Fact: The more money, time and effort you spend on the wedding, the more successful the marriage is going to be.

Another Little Known Fact: Wedding-related business know you think this.

Step 3? Profit.
2013-07-15 09:50:51 AM  
Weddings are a bad idea.

Just get married.  Invite your parents if you want to....or don't if they have anything to say other than "congratulations".

Use the money you saved to visit anyone you actually care about in the next 12 months to let them see you as a happy married couple.

Unless you're rich, wasting the $ on a big wedding/reception is just that - a waste.  And to all you brides out there with ridiculous imaginations - if you aren't a princess you don't get a princess' wedding, see?
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