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(Looklocal (South Africa))   I like my carjackers like I like my women; COVERED IN BEES   ( divider line
    More: Scary, covered in bees, Marc Peiser, Peugeots, aircraft hijacking, bees, Lexus  
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6394 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jul 2013 at 2:36 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-07-12 08:35:12 PM  
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2013-07-12 08:59:38 PM  
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2013-07-12 09:00:30 PM  
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2013-07-12 09:01:22 PM  
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2013-07-12 09:02:22 PM  
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2013-07-12 09:07:44 PM  
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2013-07-12 09:11:00 PM  
Do they call it the Denver jockstrap?
2013-07-12 11:58:55 PM  
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2013-07-13 12:11:58 AM  
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2013-07-13 12:21:50 AM  
No sudden movements. . .
2013-07-13 02:42:06 AM  
Meh.  SA bee stings can only hurt a tenth of a REAL bee.
2013-07-13 02:45:24 AM  

doglover: [ image 500x384]

Not sure if I'm more turned on by the naked chick covered in bees, or the breakfast bee-rito.
2013-07-13 02:45:52 AM  

Sugarbombs: Meh.  SA bee stings can only hurt a tenth of a REAL bee.

They're Africanerized
2013-07-13 02:48:57 AM  

MadSkillz: Sugarbombs: Meh.  SA bee stings can only hurt a tenth of a REAL bee.

They're Africanerized

So, they have big stingers?
2013-07-13 02:49:43 AM  
...annoyed by my stick shift.
2013-07-13 02:52:29 AM  
Meh. Call me when the sic the dogs with bees in their mouth after him.
2013-07-13 02:59:47 AM  
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2013-07-13 03:08:20 AM  
I'd have thought C's, actually.
2013-07-13 03:08:21 AM Full Size
2013-07-13 03:52:27 AM  
When police first approached the Lexus the bees chased them away.

This makes me happy.
2013-07-13 04:16:17 AM  
Disappointed in comments. Goddamn real life action movie with crashed luxury cars and swarms of bees. You're giving me nothing.
2013-07-13 04:21:16 AM  

doglover: [ image 500x384]

I hope she has some underwear on at least, otherwise i'd be apprehensive about where the bees would get to.
2013-07-13 05:39:18 AM  
Riddle for my ESL students (and annoying children):

"What do you call a hole in the water full of B's?"
2013-07-13 05:41:17 AM  
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2013-07-13 05:41:45 AM  
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Tommy: Bees! Bees in the car! Bees everywhere! God, they're huge and they're sting crazy! They're ripping my flesh off!
2013-07-13 05:45:04 AM  
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2013-07-13 06:10:48 AM Full Size
2013-07-13 06:53:29 AM  
2013-07-13 07:37:12 AM  
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2013-07-13 08:46:20 AM  
The story is generating a lot of buzz

2013-07-13 09:05:33 AM  
BMW? Peugeot? Lexus?  What do bees have against luxury cars?
2013-07-13 09:48:44 AM  
Covered in Bees? This call for more bees!
2013-07-13 09:58:48 AM  
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2013-07-13 10:00:10 AM  
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2013-07-13 10:26:14 AM  
You sit there, looking at these comments, wondering whether you should go for the pun or comment on the story...then you wax poetic:

To bee or not to bee, that is the question.
2013-07-13 10:32:35 AM  

Biledriver: [ image 400x254]

Not sure if Eddie Izzard or Ellen DeGeneres...
2013-07-13 10:44:48 AM  

Biledriver: [ image 400x254]

there he is....
2013-07-13 11:21:06 AM

2013-07-13 11:26:53 AM  
To the bee mobile!
2013-07-13 11:59:28 AM  
I know about this since I have a Bee S. in Fine Arts!

designboom.comView Full Size
2013-07-13 12:30:04 PM  
With a spoon in them.
2013-07-13 06:04:31 PM  
Funny, I had a hive of bees in my truck today. I left the keys in it and the wondows down and surprisingly (or not), nobody tried to steal it.
2013-07-13 08:55:05 PM  
This article has me buzzing

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