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(IMDB)   Come one, come all, for the Official Fark Sharknado thread   ( divider line
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3131 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 11 Jul 2013 at 8:20 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-07-11 10:15:49 PM  
This can't get any worse.
2013-07-11 10:15:52 PM  
Shaaaaaro! On the roof!!

Thought you ought to know.
2013-07-11 10:16:00 PM  
Aw man, Ian Zierings infected by the shark now!
2013-07-11 10:16:00 PM  
Sweet, a sunroof!
2013-07-11 10:16:12 PM  
If you hit a shark on the nose it should paralyze it...the shotgun was totally unnecessary.
2013-07-11 10:16:15 PM  

TheManofPA: Next is two-headed shark attack? IS THIS A TRIPLE FEATURE?

They've been showing all their shark shows today. Including, Sharktopus.
2013-07-11 10:16:17 PM  
What. The. Hell.
2013-07-11 10:16:19 PM  
Bloody hell! Haha oh shiat.
2013-07-11 10:16:24 PM  
That shark cut the gas line.
2013-07-11 10:16:33 PM  
Why that fark did it explode? What did I miss? That was right out of the Simpsons.
2013-07-11 10:16:36 PM  
2013-07-11 10:16:47 PM  
Seriously? That thing exploded from that? Wow.
2013-07-11 10:16:47 PM  
I just tuned in like 15 minutes ago. Why are the sharks breathing.....nevermind.

Is Tara Reid playing her own mother in this? Damn.
2013-07-11 10:16:51 PM  
Why did the car explode?!?!
2013-07-11 10:16:57 PM  
I miss George.
2013-07-11 10:17:04 PM  

Mugato: SpikeStrip: jaws ride at universal studios...attack!

Sorry, they replaced that with Harry Potter.

even better.
2013-07-11 10:17:05 PM  

imapirate: This can't get any worse.

You were wrong.
2013-07-11 10:17:18 PM  

shanrick: It would be cool if the sharks had more sharks coming out of their butts. And then those sharks have even more sharks coming out of their butts. That would be cool.

I don't know why they didn't shoot the shark that had been eating through roof of their car first thing.
Haay, a well stocked booze store out in the middle of shark city.
2013-07-11 10:17:19 PM  

drjekel_mrhyde: Where did all those kids go?

I would assume anyone not shown for more than 5 minutes has been eaten by a shark.
2013-07-11 10:17:42 PM  
Wait, did they just strolling into the liqueur store brandishing weapons?
Also, they are keeping power during a hurricane and doing a good job with TV
2013-07-11 10:17:50 PM  
Long news intro.  Must be REALLY important.
2013-07-11 10:17:51 PM  
Are those pregnancy tests? Please God let those be pregnancy tests.
2013-07-11 10:17:51 PM  
Was Tara Reid taking pregnancy tests?
2013-07-11 10:17:55 PM  
Can't watch, but does Tara Reid still look a horrible victim of practice plastic surgery performed at a concentration camp?

/wants Tara circa Body Shots back
2013-07-11 10:17:55 PM  
Liquor store. Good call, get the necessities.
2013-07-11 10:17:58 PM  
No food in the store, but TONS of booze.....
2013-07-11 10:18:09 PM  
A truther!
2013-07-11 10:18:11 PM  
Impending apocalypse.

That has to be worth a drink.

Store owner will die.
2013-07-11 10:18:19 PM  
Wait....Obama's secret weather machine is behind the Sharknados.

2013-07-11 10:18:23 PM  
Finally, the liquor store. I don't know what the hell is wrong with people in disaster movies, get to the liquor store FIRST!.

It's got liquor and beef jerky and usually there's some way to shut the windows and there's probably a shotgun behind the counter.

GET THE FARK OUT MY LIQUOR STORE! is all i'd say for months
2013-07-11 10:18:34 PM  
The sharkpocalpyse
2013-07-11 10:18:37 PM  
The local news should have interviewed the pot dealer from Grandma's Boy.
2013-07-11 10:18:42 PM  
Well if I was in the midst of a sharknado the first place I would go is the liquor store, complete with stereotypical middle eastern guy.
2013-07-11 10:18:58 PM  

prettywarrior: Why did the car explode?!?!

The carburetor flooded... don't you know anything about cars.
2013-07-11 10:19:14 PM  
This movie is actually far less cheesy and hilarious than Sharktopus.  I kinda miss the cartoony special effects and ridiculous dialog.  And that one that had Tiffany and Debbie
2013-07-11 10:19:14 PM  
It's the government. With a big G. Thanks SHARKBAMA.
2013-07-11 10:19:15 PM  

prettywarrior: Why did the car explode?!?!

The shark sabotaged it.
2013-07-11 10:19:16 PM  
Conspiracy theorist convenience store worker is based on Fark political tab thread posters?
2013-07-11 10:19:22 PM  

crypticsatellite: Was Tara Reid taking pregnancy tests?

It probably wraps around to those 'period' jokes.
2013-07-11 10:19:32 PM  
Wait, where did this Humm-Vee come from?
2013-07-11 10:19:38 PM  
Funny comment from Twitter:

@BenjySarlin:  I hate all these bandwagon fans watching #Sharknado on TV who didn't read all the books first
2013-07-11 10:19:53 PM  
F5? Brock Lesnder in route.
2013-07-11 10:20:01 PM  
These people are in a liquor store and sharks are flying from the sky and they're not loading up? Spotting a small possum is at least a fifth of vodka but that's me.
2013-07-11 10:20:24 PM  
I assume being on a motorcycle while sharks are falling out of the sky will be unfortunate for that policeman.
2013-07-11 10:20:37 PM  

Dack48: Wait, where did this Humm-Vee come from?

the roof of anbuilding across from the liqour store.

I think.
2013-07-11 10:20:49 PM  
I bet Tara Reid got pregnant by a shark. Sequel!
2013-07-11 10:21:02 PM  
The Hummer has NoS!!!!!
2013-07-11 10:21:04 PM  

Dack48: Wait, where did this Humm-Vee come from?

Does it have a nitro tank to outrun a police cruiser?
2013-07-11 10:21:13 PM  
Nitrous in a hummer?

Drink whiskey now.
2013-07-11 10:21:31 PM  
I swear to god, this script was a pieced together from Fark threads.
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