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(Huffington Post)   After calling Herman Cain a "bro" and a "stud," Governor Rick Perry "walked onto that stage probably as kind of confident and loose as I had been -- and then had that little brain fart"   ( divider line
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2013-07-06 10:49:39 AM  
umm mods you know obummer won?
2013-07-06 11:52:28 AM  

Smoking GNU: UNC_Samurai: ... Your presumptive 2016 Republican nominee, Rick Santorum.


The LOLs from that will be Legendary!

Just imagining all the photographs we'll see from the Santorum "Victory Party" is making me smile.

You just know that when the doors open, a crowd of photographers is going to rush up to the main stage and jockey for position, and they will all be grinning like maniacs.
2013-07-06 12:10:12 PM  

phygz: mksmith: It amuses me that a number of conservatives of my acquaintance are convinced that Obama voters who are upset about NSA snooping -- and there are plenty of us -- will react by suddenly turning Republican. Democrats/liberals don't live in a binary world. What worries me, though, is that a sufficient number of previous voters who supported Obama might simply stay home in disgust in the next general election (or vote for a meaningless third-party candidate in protest), giving the Republican candidate (whoever it turns out to be) a better shot at winning. That's a far more likely reaction.

So, you have decided that you will vote for any democrat rather than a republican because you aren't binary. Let's go with the absurd notion that in the next year or so the republicans figure it out and actually nominate someone who is respectable and not batshiat crazy (I.e. Huntsman, who would have actually beaten Obama if the crazy train didn't completely take the gop over). I've voted for both parties and have grown disgusted with both of them, however I vote my mind and not along party lines. Would you really stick to your party line if there was a better alternative?

I cast my first presidential vote for LBJ in 1964. And while there were coontil recent years) Republican public officials at the national level whom I respected -- people like Earl Warren, for instance, and Senators like Ed Brooke -- there hasn't been a GOP presidential candidate in the past fifty years I could even begin to tolerate.  In theory, yes, I'm open to any candidate of any party. (In practice, only the two major parties matter. If you vote for the Libertarians or the Vegetarians, or whoever, you're simply throwing your vote away, so your opinion doesn't really count.)

The GOP in general and its presidential nominees in particular have become progressively (if I may use that word in an ironic sense . . .) more and more blinkered toward anything outside their little corner of the world, more and more paleolithic in their social attitudes, and less and less tolerant of any kind of racial, ethnic, or religious difference. They have become more and more fearful and xenophobic. The GOP also has been the party of the wealthy for 120+ years, but now that situation has reached an intolerable level of extremism.

Show me a GOP candidate who breaks that mold, one who doesn't yearn for the earlier part of the 19th century, and we'll see.
2013-07-06 03:24:17 PM  

Skarekrough: hubiestubert: No one really thought that Mitt would go the distance.

Wrong.  Dead wrong.

Every single Massachusetts resident knew with about 90% accuracy that Mitt was the guy for 2012.  We'd watched him get beat before and knew that he wasn't a guy who would take that sort of lump and walk away.  Mitt was a guy who was in it to win it and was there every single minute since he didn't make the cut as the nominee before.

I remember distinctly at least a few months before the Iowa straw poll chatting with a friend of mine and stating that it was going to be Mitt.  No other candidate could have put in more time, had more resources and had been out there working it day in and day out for the gig.

Go back and watch those debates knowing what you know now.  You can see a man who is mostly perturbed to be surrounded by fools and charlatans who hadn't worked as hard and as long as he had to get that nomination.  He was a politician at his best right then up on a stage with those he really viewed as unworthy of something he had THE RIGHT to because of time, money and resources spent on it all.

That he'd be the candidate? That was pretty much assured, but that wasn't really the question: would he be able to beat the incumbent President? Of that, There was also little doubt that this moneyed asshat would get his dick stomped flat and he would recede past the horizon even as a fundraiser. Which is why folks had to make it look like a horse race, to keep the rubes on the line, and handing over cash.

Bob Dole at least took the role of falling on his sword with some dignity. He deserved better, but he was a good soldier and did his duty. And damn the party for putting him in that position in the first place.

Mitt and none of the field put forward had much of a chance. Yes, he got votes, but no where near enough, and only by dint of careful media spin did it not turn into the blowout it would have been otherwise. Mitt is NOT a personable human. He is neither warm, genuine, or even terribly likable, even within the fold of the party. He was useful. And his career in politics has always stemmed from his ability to steer cash into the right hands. Nothing more, and nothing less. He doesn't inspire, he doesn't lead, not by example and not by deed or word. Never has. Never will.
2013-07-07 01:34:30 AM  
cdn.crooksandliars.comView Full Size
2013-07-07 07:17:57 AM  

phygz: I am ashamed to admit I share the same last name as this asshat, After did some research I was relieved to find out we are NOT related.
/Perry is a common name of those of Portuguese descent
// We all came off the same boat
/// We are all related. Yes, that one. That one too. Even that one.

I know CSB

Well that Como guy could sing.
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