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(Denver Channel)   Impromptu FARK party: Thousands of beer cans spilled on highway near Golden, Colorado (w/pic)   ( thedenverchannel.com) divider line
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2013-07-05 01:06:48 AM  
Coors, no great loss.
2013-07-05 01:27:18 AM  

basemetal: Coors, no great loss.

You believe that happy crappy?
2013-07-05 01:28:28 AM  
Ten minutes away, I'll be right there
2013-07-05 01:28:55 AM  
What kind of God would allow this to happen?
2013-07-05 01:31:33 AM  
I felt a great disturbance in the force.
2013-07-05 01:38:18 AM  
It's toxic!
2013-07-05 01:45:33 AM  
Coors?  I'd rather drink my own urine.
2013-07-05 01:48:51 AM  
You heard that in Sam Elliot's voice.
2013-07-05 01:51:59 AM  
Turns out it was not a beer spill after all. It was just a truckload of Coors Light.
2013-07-05 01:51:59 AM  
Should have hired these guys...

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2013-07-05 01:52:58 AM  
impromptu fark party? could've been several way better headlines here people.
The Bandit shakes his head in disbelief.
2013-07-05 01:59:29 AM  

basemetal: Coors, no great loss.

Well, in all fairness the standards around these parts have gone to shiat in the last decade. I expect these days Coors is considered to be a premium brew by the denizens of Fark..
2013-07-05 02:00:07 AM  
Since this is a Colorado Fark party, and weed is now legal in Colorado, I hope you Farkers will respect FEDERAL LAW and not take any bong hits either before, during, or after the party. Are we clear?

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2013-07-05 02:06:29 AM  

Yep, Coors. Hell no. (And this coming from a habitual Budweiser drinker)

/Killian's is on sale now
//just drank S.A. Octoberfest for 10 months
2013-07-05 02:08:19 AM  

blottoman: Should have hired these guys...

[1.bp.blogspot.com image 850x458]

That is fantastic.
2013-07-05 02:09:48 AM  
Without looking at pic -- just seeing "Golden, CO" -- I say, "No loss."


"...thousands of cans of Coors...."

Yeup. Nothing to shed a tear over.
2013-07-05 02:22:01 AM  
*Joke about loving beer and how wasting it is a criminal act and I'm on the way*

/I drink a lot of beer.
2013-07-05 02:34:28 AM  
So much potential... Lost
2013-07-05 02:43:12 AM  
My guess is the coors offed itself and tried to make it look like an accident because
It was bullied by great divide, left hand, new Belgium, bull and bush etc etc etc.
2013-07-05 02:44:53 AM  

basemetal: Coors, no great loss.

Think how many taste buds were spared the misery!
2013-07-05 02:53:28 AM  
Saw Golden in the headline, came in to make a Coors joke, sees that it has been more than taken care of.
2013-07-05 03:35:33 AM  

Hector Remarkable: What kind of God would allow this to happen?

It wasn't beer, it was Coors.  God was doing us a favor by allowing that to happen.
2013-07-05 03:43:01 AM  

Eddie T. Head: Saw Golden in the headline, came in to make a Coors joke, sees that it has been more than taken care of.

This. This state makes fantastic beer, and the fact that Coors is what people think of ever when Colorado and beer are mentioned is a travesty.
2013-07-05 04:16:48 AM  
Oh, the brewmanity!
2013-07-05 04:51:10 AM  
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I... felt something...
2013-07-05 05:11:11 AM  
Tragedy? not so sure... you see, Coors beer skunks on an inverse square law. At the factory, it's pretty happenin! Being less than a mile from the plant (or there abouts), I can't tell if i should care.

But i can say this, i would have picked up a sixer :)
2013-07-05 07:03:26 AM  
This was about a mile from my house.  Would have went down and loaded up if it were a decent beer.  Those farkers seem to dump one of these trucks every year.  Slow down on the curve jackholes.
2013-07-05 07:12:38 AM  

OgreMagi: Coors?  I'd rather drink my own urine.

It is sterile and Patches O'Houlihan likes the way it tastes.
2013-07-05 08:20:49 AM  
I'll drink it if it's free and cold.
2013-07-05 08:28:12 AM  
I have friends that drink Coors Light like water.  Probably because it is.

\seriously, light beer should be an automatic disqualifier from any and all beer discussions
2013-07-05 09:22:16 AM  
beer wasted on the highway? what a tragedy!

oh, wait... Coors

/and nothing of value was lost
2013-07-05 10:05:35 AM  
Sewers Light? America's newest superfund sight.
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