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2001-12-01 12:06:54 AM  
2001-12-01 12:09:09 AM  
Umm, I tried submitting this but it said it was already submitted, and then deleted. What the hell?
2001-12-01 12:14:20 AM  
I was in Japan this summer, and I watched these guys on prime time Japanese TV (you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy). This brings back such wonderful memories...
2001-12-01 12:14:27 AM  
It's a repost via mod.
2001-12-01 12:26:30 AM  
Much like the Weeeeeeeee video I am disturbed by the contents, yet I find myself going back to it again and again.
2001-12-01 12:27:31 AM  
I've known about this for a while now. This is small potatoes compared to some of the other weirdness from Japan... let's not forget that it's home of Domo-Kun!
2001-12-01 12:46:23 AM  
oh my god, i was feeling down, depressed, and in a general funk. But dancing nekkid men wearing only a leaf made my day! :)

thank you japan! :D
2001-12-01 12:49:23 AM  
2001-12-01 12:53:48 AM  
I smell another internet craze...
2001-12-01 01:09:19 AM  
There should be a couple of warnings before you click on shiat like that... stupid farkers; when will they learn?
2001-12-01 01:38:45 AM  
Does it ever load? just buffering. Don't ever go to a wrong site on cjb.net. YOu'll get a gang-rape of popup ads.
2001-12-01 02:13:05 AM  
Yep, Farked. Someone, mirror it immediately.
2001-12-01 03:07:40 AM  
SDKaneda is right... Japan is a weird land populated by equally wierd people. I mean, just look at the pic below:
monzy.comView Full Size

since when did slapping and sodomy with no less than a big plastic finger become something for passing time or entertainment???
2001-12-01 03:11:06 AM  
2001-12-01 04:30:13 AM  
Anyone know of a link to a higher quality version? I know they're out there... I've heard tell of buggers TWICE that resolution.
2001-12-01 10:11:49 AM  
I'll mirror it if someone can send me the file or point me to a non-farked version.
2001-12-01 10:45:42 AM  
How about at least a few stills? For us losers with a hamster-driven Internet connection?
2001-12-01 01:27:35 PM  
http://ww2.netnitco.net/users/panime/yattapv.asf is your alternate link to the video. enjoy.
2001-12-01 01:48:09 PM  
Hilarious - yet this is not as crazy compared to the game shows.
2001-12-01 04:52:30 PM  
WTF come on I submitted this like SO long ago... This is like the 5th link ive submitted that was never posted and then a month later someone comesalong and posts it and everyone loves it. I'm losing faith in fark.
2001-12-01 06:13:29 PM  
Man, I saw this video on Consumption Junction about a month and a half ago.
2001-12-01 08:27:06 PM  
Feh, feh, I say!
2001-12-01 09:07:54 PM  
What the Hell is this?
2001-12-01 11:31:51 PM  
Sgamer tks for the link. unfortunately it worked much better than the one posted. 1:42 of 4:?? was all i could take. and i CAN watch all of weeeeeeeeee!
2001-12-02 02:15:12 PM  
Thanks Sgamer, I hadn't seen this...wtf was it? Do they tour?
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