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(The Indy Channel)   Rubble without a cause   ( divider line
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4701 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 04 Jul 2013 at 1:34 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-07-04 01:42:48 AM  
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2013-07-04 01:49:00 AM  
+1, would LOL again.
2013-07-04 02:02:27 AM  
Meh... Highschools, the monolithic mid-century structures they tend to be, often lack accessibility or expandability. The one my ex went to was demolished simply because they couldn't add elevators. And I was happy to see that block house knocked down.

My highschool, in contrast, was built with elevators, which you could open half way up and add your graffiti. And it's had two expansions, before and even wealthier HS was built  a few miles away. Lewisville Highschool has been mostly anchor babies for the past 20 years, which is why their football team dropped from contention. Can't build a decent team with runts.
2013-07-04 02:11:12 AM  
James Dean's High School: "You're Tearing Me Apart!"
2013-07-04 02:12:44 AM  
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2013-07-04 04:57:24 AM  
James Dean has a penis with very poor standards seeing as it gets excitable for any and every skank it comes across.
I assume Paula Dean's upcoming debut MILF porn will also feature James Dean, but not butter, there is no room for dairy in porn.
2013-07-04 08:09:04 AM  
I'm sure there's some numbnuts out there who wants to spend millions of dollars to "save" this footnote to a historical footnote.
2013-07-04 08:19:31 AM  
rocklocal.infoView Full Size

Good work there, guys
2013-07-04 10:08:05 AM  

CavalierEternal: [ image 121x231]

Done in one.
2013-07-04 11:15:17 AM  

CavalierEternal: [ image 121x231]

That Barney Rubble, what an actor!!
2013-07-04 11:55:45 AM  
Thanks for the laugh Subby.
2013-07-04 01:58:09 PM  
Nice headline subs. Hope it gets its due propers come HLotY time.
2013-07-05 03:59:17 AM  
Subby used an abridged version of the story to make his/her headline work. There's a full Associated Press account out there that specifically quotes someone offering the reason for the collapse: exposure to the elements over a long period of time.

Therefore making the headline "Rubble with a cause".

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