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(Huffington Post)   For those of you who were waiting for the Arizona firefighters' death to be blamed on the sequester, wait no more   ( divider line
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2013-07-04 12:12:48 PM  
4 votes:

ghare: Oh, I thought it was because of the homos.

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(Ever notice how God mostly seems to target red states when He's angry about the gays?)
2013-07-04 03:01:01 AM  
4 votes:
"They call the wind sequestraton" doesn't have the same rhythm, but okay.
2013-07-04 02:28:15 AM  
4 votes:
Unless they were embryonic firefighters, I don't think the GOP gives a shiat.
2013-07-04 05:55:24 AM  
3 votes:

Maturin: Hey Subby,

[ image 705x344]

Some may have to read that picture to Subby.  :P
2013-07-04 06:00:10 AM  
2 votes:
Oh, I thought it was because of the homos.
2013-07-04 05:26:26 AM  
2 votes:

Lsherm: I'm not sure what the best answer is to prevent something like this from happening in the future. I suppose you could have a helicopter with a water bucket shadow crews on the ground, but I'm not even sure that's possible because of the intense heat from the fire and the wind patterns, not to mention fueling logistics. I also don't know that one bucket of water would have been enough to save these guys even if they were directly under it when it dropped.

Drones. Clearly what we need here are more drones.

Seriously though I'm not saying it isn't worth investigating options, but at some point it has to be accepted that this kind of thing just can't be prevented, risk is part of the job.
2013-07-04 04:17:17 AM  
2 votes:

MyRandomName: Alphax: gadian: Wait, it's been so long that I'm confused on the scoring.  Which side thinks the sequester stuff is cool right now?

Probably the ones that think that Congress passing the least amount of laws ever is a good thing.

Are we counting individual bills or by total page count? Congress seems dead set only passing bills longer than 1000 pages.

You're not one of those people who judge a bill's worth by the number of pages it contains, are you?
Cause that's a really, really stupid reason... should everything written fit on a bumper sticker? Full Size
2013-07-04 12:32:32 PM  
1 vote:

vygramul: ghare: Oh, I thought it was because of the homos.

[ image 800x506]

(Ever notice how God mostly seems to target red states when He's angry about the gays?)

Cuz they're not doin' enough to stop the spread of homoism! o_0
2013-07-04 10:31:37 AM  
1 vote:

infidelic: On a more important note, I would say I am surprised, but this is fark and most of you guys have never seen a real live naked women, but still not one mention of the article on the right about why men give oral sex to women.

I think we can safely say that some of us have seen this biology stuff while we were in vetrinary school and we have a pretty good idea of how it probably works. But doesn't this belong in a thread about the effect of the sequester on sex ed calsses?
2013-07-04 07:33:11 AM  
1 vote:

MyRandomName: Bills and laws in general should be direct, well defined, and concise.

Now I know you's trollin'. Lemme 'splain' something... out here in the real world we have these creatures called "lawyers". These lawyers have nothing to do all day but look for loopholes in laws so that they can get the people who are paying them out of jail, a reduced or eliminated fine, denial of guilt, and so on. This means that a law must be written to cover EVERY SINGLE HAPPENSTANCE AND LOOPHOLE, and sometimes that takes a lot of words. Sometimes big ones with lots of syllables.

So if a law has to be written to cover every single thing that a lawyer can think of to get around it, it may contain many pages and words. Think of it like building a fence to keep the dog in, but building it high enough so that they can't jump, putting barbed wire on it so they can't climb, and burying it three feet underground so they can't dig under it.

As long as there are people who are willing to use the law to get around the law, the law must anticipate what those people will do. Now if you're just too damn lazy to read the law, then sucks to be you.

Most laws and bills are understandable for the average Joe or Jane with a high school education, but what conservatives want is something that won't tax their already overworked brains to their limits, sound bites that are easily digestible - never mind that they are wrong or only tell part of the story - as long as they don't have to think too much. The popularity of the FoxNews Channel, along with the countless "reality" shows that pass for entertainment on television, are a testament to this stupidity and sloth. If the idea can't be summed up in five words or less, pop go the synapses.

Also, you do realize that the printed text of most bills and laws is double or triple spaced, right? With huge gaps? And that usually increases the page count (at 12 point type) up to 150% or more? Makes it easier to read, too. Study it out.
2013-07-04 05:53:16 AM  
1 vote:
Hey Subby,

lh5.ggpht.comView Full Size
2013-07-04 03:43:16 AM  
1 vote:

I feel bad those firefighters died

A breakthrough!

That's what I have to live with

That's the important thing for everyone in all this of course; your idlly-rambled lazy-ass feelings.

Put those feet up, maybe a heating pad for the gout.
2013-07-04 03:03:18 AM  
1 vote:

randomjsa: I was not aware that the sequester could cause sudden unexpected shifts in wind direction

So first it was climate change and now its sequester... What other hot button political item can we get somebody to run forward screaming about in the wake of a tragedy?

Alternately I know it would somehow be Bush's fault if he were in office now, since everything that happened at every level across the country was always his fault.

Do you always see into an alternate world when you go off your meds, libby?

The sequester directly affects the status of bills that tackle federal funding. You know, funding for brush removal and funding for fire departments. Funding that, if not passed, could require cutbacks to specialist teams like the guys that were killed. Cutbacks like maybe only having one guy serving as lookout over the fire line instead of 2. You, know, stuff like that.

Now, go find another cross to jump on. I'm sure you can think up another reason liberals are responsible for you being a failure.
2013-07-04 02:51:25 AM  
1 vote:
You couldn't merge this troll headline with a global warming troll headline and maybe a little Benghazi, trollmins?

Falling-down careless drunk already, before the holiday weekend's even started.


/that I'm already having to play catchup *hic*
2013-07-04 02:46:55 AM  
1 vote:
Instead, they draw money from other parts of their budgets, which could include programs for removing dried brush and dead trees from dry areas to make future fires less likely and less intense.

Sound like there could be a connection to me.

Just to be safe, though, I think I'll blame global warming.
2013-07-04 02:13:02 AM  
1 vote:
Wait, it's been so long that I'm confused on the scoring.  Which side thinks the sequester stuff is cool right now?
2013-07-03 11:54:46 PM  
1 vote:
I mean, it even said the opposite.

"When we have emergencies burning, the U.S. government will continue to spend money on firefighting, even if they don't have the money,"

Officials said the across-the-board cuts have had no direct impact on the 110 Hotshot crews around the country, the highly trained units based mostly in the West who respond to the worst wildfires. Most are financed and trained by the Fire Service and some by the Interior Department, but a handful - like the Arizona crew whose members died - are run locally.

"I don't know of any Hotshot crew that's been disbanded or not filled or been mothballed because of the sequester,"
said Tom Nichols, division chief for fire and aviation management of the National Park Service, a part of the Interior Department. "Because they really are our first line and our elite line for dealing with wildfires."
2013-07-03 11:50:57 PM  
1 vote:
Subby do you have an article that connects the Yarnell tragedy to the sequester? Because this one certainly does not.
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