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(Huffington Post)   Mermaid falls in love, is officially off the market after connecting with a merman. Will be happier now that she no longer has to worry about seamen   ( huffingtonpost.com) divider line
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2013-07-03 11:43:27 AM  
She can hold her breath for five minutes and has trouble finding men?

2013-07-03 12:37:02 PM  
ilmegliodiinternet.itView Full Size
2013-07-03 03:27:33 PM  
Is she from the lost city of Atlanta?
2013-07-03 03:27:44 PM  
I've had it up to ear with otherkin.

voont.comView Full Size
2013-07-03 03:28:06 PM  
Few of those pics it looks like they both could use a dingle-hopper.
2013-07-03 03:32:07 PM  
i heard there is a guppy in the egg sack and it was a fishing pole wedding

/got nothing
2013-07-03 03:32:31 PM  
There's a branch of my family with the surname "Merman" (pronounced "MURR-minn").

// getting a one-legged kick out of these replies
// a fluke-stroke?
2013-07-03 03:34:05 PM  
This story is a red herring.
2013-07-03 03:34:11 PM  
No ordinary story
2013-07-03 03:35:50 PM  
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2013-07-03 03:38:53 PM  
She looks like a Mertransexual underwater
2013-07-03 03:41:20 PM  
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2013-07-03 03:41:51 PM  
Dr Dreidel
There's a branch of my family with the surname "Merman" (pronounced "MURR-minn").

almost any babyboomer or older knows of ethel merman
2013-07-03 03:43:34 PM  
unavailable for comment
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threestooges.netView Full Size
2013-07-03 03:45:23 PM  
Please people - even rule 34 needs a day off sometimes.
2013-07-03 03:46:05 PM  
Did they meet each other in a cabin in the woods?
2013-07-03 03:46:33 PM  
"You'll be swell! You'll be great! Gonna have the whole world on a plate!"

content6.flixster.comView Full Size

pic is borrowed
2013-07-03 03:48:20 PM  

starlost: Dr Dreidel
There's a branch of my family with the surname "Merman" (pronounced "MURR-minn").

almost any babyboomer or older knows of ethel merman

Not many know of her time in a VA hospital during The War.
cdn2.hark.comView Full Size

// George Zipp unavailable for comment
2013-07-03 03:48:21 PM  
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Cool bar
2013-07-03 03:49:45 PM  

neversubmit: [news.mtv.ca image 420x420]

// shakes fist
2013-07-03 03:51:27 PM  
Twu wuv
/Who am I kidding you are in Torgue land now sucka'!
2013-07-03 03:51:49 PM  
something smells fishy
2013-07-03 03:52:52 PM  
Ah well - their f**k-bits are covered up by their fish-wraps so they shouldn't be able to breed.
2013-07-03 03:54:37 PM  
What's going to happen to Barnacle Boy?
2013-07-03 03:58:14 PM  
FTA: "...she can hold her breath for five minutes underwater while swimming in a realistic, not to mention, sexy mermaid outfits."

Ow. Now my grammar gene hurts.
2013-07-03 03:58:45 PM  
The guy seems to view it as a fun hobby (he started doing the merman thing to help her with her shows).  The woman, however, has trouble even admitting she's not really a mermaid.  She's coy about it, like someone who's coy about not admitting Santa Claus is just make-believe.  I have a feeling she really does think she's a mermaid trapped in a human's body or some damn thing.
2013-07-03 04:03:56 PM  

Ral: She's coy koiabout it,

Just sayin'
2013-07-03 04:04:37 PM  
I need Disney to chronicle what love feels like,  Otherwise I am lost.
2013-07-03 04:06:16 PM  
2013-07-03 04:08:39 PM  

oldfarthenry: Ah well - their f**k-bits are covered up by their fish-wraps so they shouldn't be able to breed.

ib.huluim.comView Full Size

UMBRIEL:What the hell is that?
FRY: Yeah I'm a little confused too. How do I ... y'know ... with the tail and all?
UMBRIEL: I'm not your first am I? I mean, I-I lay my eggs and leave and you release your fertilizer.
2013-07-03 04:38:34 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

"Honey, it's better
down where it's wetter
Take it from me..."

i.imgur.comView Full Size
2013-07-03 04:54:26 PM  
Women are crazy because men will put up with anything, including this stupid shiat, as long as they look good.
2013-07-03 05:12:26 PM  
So she:

encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.comView Full Size

fell in love with him:

25.media.tumblr.comView Full Size

2013-07-03 05:15:58 PM  
img.gawkerassets.comView Full Size
2013-07-03 05:58:30 PM  
I was hoping they met on PlentyOfFish.com
2013-07-03 07:28:05 PM  
I was expecting the other kind of mermaid
2013-07-03 08:12:45 PM  
Merman, rawr.  Ah well, as it is, I'll have to stick with  my current Centaur (old man is a Sagittarius)
2013-07-03 09:58:06 PM  
So the gist of the story is: couple met a work?
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