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(Sun News Network)   "911? It's an emergency. The autistic neighbor boy is selling lemonade to raise money for a children's hospital... WITHOUT A PERMIT"   ( divider line
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2013-07-03 03:51:28 PM  
Dear woman who turned them in: Mind your own business, you festering coont.

Dear parents of these kids: Get a farking permit, retards. That way coonts like her won't have a leg to stand on.
2013-07-03 03:52:17 PM  
It's not a he, it's a she.  Her name is Matilda.  And she's not autistic she has special powers.  She f#cking killed Miss Trunchbull.
2013-07-03 03:54:15 PM  

Electrify: gfid: olapbill: kid needs to learn when to STFU.   Want to sell vaguely lemony water? great.  Your neighbours don't want to hear your ass all day trying  to sell it.

"journalist" needs to learn the difference between balling and bawling , sicced and sicked.

No shiat.  The education system in this country is farked.  And apparently Canadian education isn't much better.

FFS, I have a degree in engineering.  I took ONE literature class in college and I know the right words to use.  How the fark does someone with a job as a journalist not know the farking language?

Sun News is the Fox News of Canada.

/actually at least Fox reports news

This. The Toronto Sun isn't worth a pinch of dogshiat.

clevershark: groppet: The kids should just sell crack in front of that ladies house the cops will never show up for that.

The Mayor, on the other hand...

I lol'd.
2013-07-03 03:56:10 PM  
seattletimes.nwsource.comView Full Size

Were they able to reach the lords of the underworld for comment?
2013-07-03 03:57:47 PM  
So, no charges for calling 911 for a non-emergency?

I was once biatched out by the cops because I called 911 when my car was being broken into.  They said it was a misuse of the system.  If that is a misuse of 911, a kid selling lemonade without a permit definitely is.
2013-07-03 04:23:11 PM  
I don't know if she's still at in, but there used to be a woman in Chicago who would go around looking for charity raffles and report them if they didn't have a permit. She didn't understand why people hated her for this when she was doing them the great service of saving them from the sin of gambling.
2013-07-03 04:34:53 PM  

Phins: I don't know if she's still at in, but there used to be a woman in Chicago who would go around looking for charity raffles and report them if they didn't have a permit. She didn't understand why people hated her for this when she was doing them the great service of saving them from the sin of gambling.

Seriously. What's that woman thinking? The Chicago rule is she's supposed to report the charity raffles for not bribing their alderman.
2013-07-03 04:37:45 PM  

Mimic_Octopus: Brittabot: According to TFA, the kids do this every year on Canada Day to raise money for a hospital.

I could see a neighbor getting annoyed if they were doing this daily what with the noise and running around and everything, but FFS, they're kids, selling lemonade, on a holiday, for a good cause.

Dear neighbor lady: Why dont you go back in your house, wash the sand out of your vagina, put on some music to drown out the sounds of happy children, and maybe reevaluate your life if this is something for which you'd seriously consider calling EMERGENCY SERVICES.

fark your happy children. sell that shiat in front of your own house and do it without screaming. every farking craft project your douche bag  offspring wants to perpetrate is not a protected event.  just shut up and go home.  and the lady did go out multiple times and tell him to stop yelling before calling teh cops

Yeesh, are you always this unpleasant?

My point is, regardless of how annoying the kid was being (and yes, from the article it sounds like that level was "very". Also, no, I would not let my own child run around the neighborhood screaming his head off - it's obnoxious and the parent should probably have tried to tone them down), the neighbor shouldn't have called 911 about an annoying kid running a lemonade stand for ONE afternoon (on a holiday where there were probably plenty of annoying kids running around screaming already).

I encounter people of all ages who annoy the fark out of me every day - I don't call the cops on them.
2013-07-03 04:53:24 PM  
Sucks living next to the only asshole in Canada.
2013-07-03 05:06:43 PM  
Kein Permit, stehen keine Limonade!
2013-07-03 05:18:08 PM  

koder: Sucks living next to the only asshole in Canada.

You're a dick scott!
2013-07-03 06:05:24 PM  
Say what you will about the women who called the cops
But if I had kids running up and down the street screaming for attention, I'd call the cops to
And as for the mom
Hey mom, want to teach your kid about doing the right thing?
How about teaching them to abide by rules and to also not being annoying little shiats to the neighbors!
2013-07-03 06:56:33 PM  
I'm pretty sure this is how "house fire girl" was made.
2013-07-03 08:52:38 PM  
The right way to do this without involving the police is to storm out of your house and yell "WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP I'M TRYING TO MASTURBATE!"
2013-07-03 11:27:10 PM  
Picture of the concerned neighbour..

encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.comView Full Size
2013-07-04 01:12:41 AM  

KellyKellyKelly: TheGreatGazoo: I have a nephew who is autistic.  His voice is either at 0 or up to 11.  There isn't much in between.

I'd hate to have someone like that yelling outside my window if I had to work the night shift or something.

And of course ALL autistic kids are EXACTLY like your nephew.  No in-between.

I agree with what you say. But, I thought Gazoo's comment was so funny because my 9 year old autistic boy is exactly like that. Either he's mumbling to himself or talking looooud to someone else. We're trying to teach him to whisper with no luck. I'll be like "ssshh momma's sleeping" and he'll retort "MOMMA WAKE UP FIVE PEE-EMM" and it's just ... Sigh. I wonder if its a side affect of speech therapy, like he has to speak up to annunciate. Dunno.... But I agree, everyone is different. I wonder how common over speaking is with them.
2013-07-04 06:25:02 PM  

Cold_Sassy: basemetal: Cold_Sassy: basemetal: Welcome to government red tape, kid.

/thanks Obama!

They're in Canada, goofball.

Still works.

/isn't everything Obama's fault?

C'mon darlin', you're really stretching it here...

You take life too serious.  Lighten up, Francis, before you have a stroke.
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