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(NPR)   Why do girls need to play with special purple and pink Legos instead of the regular Lego sets? Are parents of girls that scared to buy regular sets?   ( npr.org) divider line
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2013-07-01 11:29:43 AM  
 WhippingBoy: The fear is that the above could be used to counter the argument that the only reason men are so privileged is due to the oppressive patriarchal society we live in, when in fact bona-fide differences in skills and abilities between the two genders may actually be a factor.

And *that* is why some people are so mortally terrified of "girl lego".

Additionally(or maybe just a paraphrase), the fear is there because they irrationally see a trend as a limiting factor, and that's not "equality", it's a threat, a restriction, and requires them then to disbelieve reality to uphold their odd notion of equality.

In reality, the statistics are irrelevant to the individual, are not a threat or limitation, merely a very rough approximation of potential.  Outliers happen all of the time, potential of the individual is not dictated.

Very akin to the gamblers fallacy.  One roll of the dice does not affect the other.   Even though dice rolls average to 3.5, 1s and 6s will happen quite often.
2013-07-01 01:07:57 PM  
When I was a kid I built things with sticks, cardboard and tape.  I'm fine with this.
2013-07-01 01:08:29 PM  

omeganuepsilon: Arthur Jumbles: omeganuepsilon: Arthur Jumbles: Please don't rely upon Google for up to date scientific information

Arthur Jumbles: Siann, G. (1994). Gender, sex and sexuality


Patterns of Gender Development by Martin & Ruble (2010)

Stilly hypocrisy, it's ok for you to reach back 19 years, but not me.  you didn't offer the 2010 until you attempted to establish some playground rule that amounts to "whatever allows me to win".

And, I'm not sure a mere book title[either one] is a proper cite on fark.  I'll have to check my armchair doctorate.  Please, feel free to hold your breath and wait until the next available secretary, your post is important to us and we will get to it in due time.

Some research is still relevant regardless of its age and Gerda's is an easy read, although in retrospect I should have picked a more cited work. I mentioned Martin & Ruble as a good primer on recent developments in gender research to show you that children start to create their gender identity much earlier than we previously thought. The Martin & Ruble's paper is also freely available on the web so anybody interested does not have to take my word for it but can look it up themselves. Providing citations is not a means to "win" an argument but is primarily done to educate; since relying on Google can mislead, as you doubt well have noticed.
2013-07-01 01:17:40 PM  

Arthur Jumbles: I mentioned Martin & Ruble as a good primer on recent developments in gender research to show you

You show nothing, you list a book title.

Here's an example.

Not Being an Asshat: For Dummies
All you ever needed to know to not be an asshat.
O.N.E.  (2013)

Now, even if that was a real book, I'm not showing you anything.  It is not a citation.

And as to the topic at hand, it is one source on a matter that's not concrete.  It's the author's best guess in a world where every author has a different best guess, many works contradict another work. It is not irrefutable proof or objective fact, it is what a couple of doctors drew from their observations.  And at that, it may be as genuine as how vaccines cause autism.

Either demonstrate logic and reasoning, or provide a real cite to accessible objective fact(ie a link).  for something as specialized as this where it's not common knowledge or the top X results, saying "google it" simply does not cut the mustard.

I googled it.  It said you farking blow.
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