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(SFGate)   You get shot twice on your porch on Friday morning and survive. On Saturday morning do you: A) Tell the police who shot you B) Stay away from your windows C) Go outside to sit on your porch?   ( sfgate.com) divider line
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2013-06-30 10:24:51 AM  
Maybe, just maybe, this guy wanted to die. That or he is an idiot.
2013-06-30 10:33:26 AM  

ph0rk: What? He should stop sitting out on his front porch for the rest of his life?

No, but you might want to give it a day or two.
2013-06-30 10:37:00 AM  

Jon iz teh kewl: 2100 block of Spanos Street,

that's what the hell happens when you live on The Sopranos St.

If only the Sopranos owned the San Diego Chargers...
2013-06-30 10:53:16 AM  
Must have been witchcraft...
2013-06-30 10:56:31 AM  

lewismarktwo: LavenderWolf: lewismarktwo: Mark my words:  The way you people personify natural selection, in 100 years people will be praying to Darwin 100% sans irony.

/which will be ironic

I doubt it.

Some people just don't understand when others aren't serious.

I think that may be my point, but I'm not sure.

Yes, it was. I heard the whoosh from way over here.
2013-06-30 11:42:24 AM  

Igor Jakovsky: Kalashinator: Wolf892: He obviously was the son of a rich tycoon, who'd grown bored with his life and wanted to teach his father a lesson for never paying attention to him. He hired a professional assassin to take him out. His hope being that his father would see the error of his ways and pay more attention to the remainder of his family and less time in acquiring wealth.

Golgo 13 wouldn't have grazed the victim, he'd headshot him at 3,500 metres just to be awesome.

I have yet to watch that anime. Its been hanging around in netflix for a while and I just haven't gotten to it.

You don't want to miss it. Make sure you watch at least the first season before Netflix takes it out of the rotation.
2013-06-30 02:56:00 PM  
I guess my only question here is why didn't he just use the Holy Hand Grenade to protect himself.

that's funny cause he lived, and died, in Antioch!!
2013-06-30 03:00:42 PM  
When you get knocked off your porch, you climb right back up on it.

/or you will be afraid of porches the rest of your life
2013-06-30 06:08:53 PM  

gypsymothra: Maybe, just maybe, this guy wanted to die. That or he is an idiot.

Yeah, like he had insurance and didn't want to commit suicide or something...
2013-06-30 06:13:40 PM  
DUMBASS tag seems like a better fit.  Dude clearly wasn't Scared.
2013-06-30 06:41:43 PM  

LavenderWolf: Some people just don't understand when others aren't serious.

Sadly those people are beating us in reproduction rates.
2013-06-30 07:10:13 PM  

MaudlinMutantMollusk: 2 strikes to Darwin... and... HE STEPS BACK AND POINTS HIS BAT AT THE CENTER FIELD WALL!

Very nice.
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