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(Wired)   Quantum computer has finally been proven to be real. Maybe. The box in the picture looks awfully large for just one cat, though   ( wired.com) divider line
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2013-06-28 12:27:20 PM  
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The Quantum computer is designed to automatically troll 3-d printing and space threads with uncanny efficiency.
2013-06-28 12:08:27 PM  
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Stibium: cman: FTA:

The rub is building even a single qubit is difficult. When you look at - i.e. read information from - a quantum system, it decoheres. In other words, it turns into an ordinary bit capable of holding only a single value. It ceases to be a quantum computer.

We have yet to be able to counter the observer effect. How in the fark are we supposed to build a quantum computer when we can't even handle that?

If the entire computation is performed when thinking of the equation as a wave instead of particles (i.e. bits) the uncertainty principle doesn't come into play. It only happens when you read the result. We won'
t be able to fully advance in the field until we can model and know what goes on as a wave function.

Consider, if a water particle hits an obstruction, where does it go: to the left or right? If you think of the problem as a wave, you don't have to know which way the particle went. The particle went whichever way it was most likely to go. This is akin to the electron double slit experiment where the exact same apparatus will result in two completely different outcomes only depending on whether or not you look at which slit the electrons went through. If we used electron waves, for instance, to do computations we would need to be able to read the diffraction pattern to know the result of the computation. Directing the flow of quantum data is where it's at.

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2013-06-28 06:29:40 PM  
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LrdPhoenix: 512 qubits?  Wow.  ...

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/ I'd much rather see 512 q*berts... stupid snakes and gremlins wouldn't have an f-ing  chance.
2013-06-28 01:11:28 PM  
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"Ziggy also says there's a 100% chance you'll be in Star Trek: Enterprise."
2013-06-28 01:03:15 PM  
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Any Pie Left: The Quantum computer is designed to automatically troll 3-d printing and space threads with uncanny efficiency.

I may or may not get that.

Stibium: But as far as programability, we went from punch cards and vacuum tubes to transistors and EPROMs in only a few decades

But once we're at the atom by atom level, you'll never see that kind of progress again.

2013-06-28 12:17:58 PM  
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near as i can tell.  quantum computers may, or may not, actually work.
2013-06-28 11:47:42 AM  
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The box in the picture looks awfully large for just one cat, though

Well, duh!.  Everything is multicore these days.
2013-06-28 10:16:41 AM  
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Install linux.
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