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(Huffington Post)   Round up the Pulitzer committee; we already have the 2013 news story of the year: 150 Different Words for 'Fart.'   ( huffingtonpost.com) divider line
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2013-06-26 09:35:37 AM  
this is why we can't have nice things, people.
2013-06-26 09:54:10 AM  
farm3.staticflickr.comView Full Size
2013-06-26 10:21:46 AM  
2013-06-26 10:22:14 AM  
2013-06-26 10:22:20 AM  
Next article by John Hawkins: 150 new nicknames for Obama.
2013-06-26 10:27:53 AM  
2013-06-26 10:27:55 AM  
hollywoodhubbub.comView Full Size

"Ye forgot  squish."

/Martin squished.
2013-06-26 10:29:43 AM  
Crop Dusting
2013-06-26 10:29:44 AM  
Is this article causing mass, yawn-like, reactions, or is it just me?
2013-06-26 10:32:14 AM  
Uh, "Get out and walk Donald." WTF??

Funniest one for me: Horton hears a poo.
2013-06-26 10:34:39 AM  
Did anyone else read that in George Carlin's voice?  Like when he ran down the long list of dirty words you can't say?

It's funnier if you do...
2013-06-26 10:37:56 AM  
i.cdn.turner.comView Full Size

They forgot "booty pooty."
2013-06-26 10:38:16 AM  
What? No Screeching Red-Eye?

That's more of a technique, I suppose.
2013-06-26 10:40:52 AM  
And therwith spak this clerk, this absolon,
Spek, sweete bryd, I noot nat where thou art.
This nicholas anon leet fle a fart,
As greet as it had been a thonder-dent,
That with the strook he was almoost yblent;
And he was redy with his iren hoot,
And nicholas amydde the ers he smoot.

Miller's Tale, Chaucer
2013-06-26 10:45:04 AM  

marleymaniac: POOP THREAD!

"Shart" is not listed. What's up with that?
2013-06-26 10:50:24 AM  
I was hoping to learn how to say fart in different languages
2013-06-26 10:58:26 AM  

Cewley: Is this article causing mass, yawn-like, reactions, or is it just me?

Came here to say this, but I think instead I'll go with pretending to think you meant "massive, yawn-like reaction" as an addition to the list.
2013-06-26 11:02:33 AM  

todd_foley: Crop Dusting

Dutch oven.
2013-06-26 11:04:43 AM  
They left off my Fark login ID.
2013-06-26 11:07:07 AM  
When I was young and foolish, we'd pretend to clutch the 'cloud' with our hands, form a sphere then a basketball, and make a jump shot.  As I said, I was young and foolish at the time.

/now I'm just old and foolish

//fanny burp ftw
2013-06-26 11:15:30 AM  
"Tree Frog" strangely absent.
2013-06-26 11:20:46 AM  
img54.imageshack.usView Full Size

150? Really?
2013-06-26 11:23:45 AM  

Cewley: Is this article causing mass, yawn-like, reactions, or is it just me?

As in, when you fart it sounds like a yawn?
2013-06-26 11:42:57 AM  
151 if you include the word "fart".
2013-06-26 11:48:30 AM  
What? No bilabial fricative?
2013-06-26 12:17:03 PM  
a back-forty sortie?
2013-06-26 01:17:29 PM  
Farting Contest from the mid 40s.  Used to make me laugh as a kid.
2013-06-26 01:48:04 PM  
2013-06-26 02:10:54 PM  
'Torpedo Loose' was one of my late father-in law's favorites.
2013-06-26 02:38:27 PM  

InternetSecurityGuard: What? No bilabial fricative?

is that you, mr. burgess?
2013-06-26 03:24:20 PM  

kkinnison: I was hoping to learn how to say fart in different languages

French: des vents, la flatulence
Spanish: tirarse un pedo, la flatulencia
German: der furz, die Blähungen
Portuguese: um peido, flatulência

How's that for starters? Source:  http://www.linguee.com/

Of those languages, I've only really studied French, and those studies never formally covered idioms regarding gaseous anal emissions. Point is, YMMV.
2013-06-26 05:45:02 PM  
Low-flying bullfrog.
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