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2013-06-25 08:02:33 PM  
3 votes:

Quantum Apostrophe: doglover: DEMAND NASA send live humans to Mars already.



Thag, stop staring across the water. Even if there were land we could live on on the other side , we could never swim that far.
2013-06-25 06:59:04 PM  
3 votes:
Before QA gets here, lemme just say how cool this is.
2013-06-25 08:35:40 PM  
2 votes:

Quantum Apostrophe: Wanna try that with 100 000 000 kilometers of utter vacuum? With nothing on the other side?

There's pride there, history, and the unknown feel of traipsing on a new body. Only the Apollo people have felt that. It's repugnant that we give such joys to robots because the pentagon needs more bombs so the budget gets cut yet again. fark the pentagon, fark spineless wonders like yourself, and fark science.

We should go to Mars to go to Mars. That's reason enough.
2013-06-26 03:24:49 AM  
1 vote:
Being in the "green zone" does not mean a planet is habitable. Take the moon as an example. Those "habitable" super-earths could have mercury oceans for all we know.

Of course, the humans that eventually get there will probably be able to modify themselves to the point where they can thrive in whatever environment they end up in.
2013-06-26 03:10:45 AM  
1 vote:
Can we get a Followup next week when these planets are discovered not to actually exist?
2013-06-26 12:48:22 AM  
1 vote:

StarshipAngel: QA...oh QA...I know you are a troll, and I'm likely wasting my time giving you this, but, I post infrequently, and I just feel the need to speak.

I wish you people would spell his name out when you get sucked into responding to his monomaniacal rants, so that people like me who already ignore the guy and all respondents can forget he exists.
2013-06-25 09:31:16 PM  
1 vote:

Quantum Apostrophe: doglover: Quantum Apostrophe: You could use the same arguments for the inside of a volcano...

Funny you should mention that....

No. Inside the volcano. Like under the lava. Explore where the tunnels go! There might be lava beings in there. We have to explore volcanoes, and I DEMAND that we do so! Because Thag didn't want to swim!

So, since you're so totally not spineless like me, you've booked your flight to go walk in a volcano, yes?

Cuz you're such a vital, hairy male with a huge erect penis that you paint white and put NASA decals on it, yes?

You big man, you!

You're just a pathetic middle-aged white male like me, who breaks a sweat going up a flight of stairs, and you think you can live your childhood fantasies by proxy through test pilots in rubber suits.

Grow up.

picturescrazy: And yes my post was talking both about Mars and other stars. Sorry it got muddled.

It didn't "get" muddled, it IS muddled.

Mars is a dead rock blasted in radiation.

Stars are so much further away it's not even worth discussing.

Stars are so much further away it's not even worth discussing. That was my point about swimming across the ocean.

The muddled part was that I didn't do a good job of separating a trip to Mars with a trip to other stars. You think it's impossible to reach other stars. Sure is right now. We don't have life support systems that could keep the generations of people alive long enough to get there. Mars is a chance to advance what we do have. It's a stepping stone on an ultimately required journey.
2013-06-25 09:21:00 PM  
1 vote:

Quantum Apostrophe: No one's going anywhere. There's no point, except for symbolism.

You can't eat symbolism.

You know no one's going anywhere. It's just you, me and everyone else, here. Forever.

Do you read fiction?  Look at art?
You can't eat those things either, but the enrich our lives all the same...  Sometimes it is just about the doing.
And speak for yourself, I'm going there later tonight....

(at the risk of channeling a certain former Farker...)
If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success, unexpected in common hours. - Henry David Thoreau
2013-06-25 08:47:42 PM  
1 vote:

picturescrazy: You missed the point. Thag couldn't swim across the ocean, and his fellow cavemen had no idea that building a ship was even possible. We've already sent people into that vacuum. We know there's something on the other side (in the case of this post, Mars, which we've known about since the time of Thag even if we didn't understand it then), it's just a matter sending someone there to prove we can. And like Thag's friend, who are you to say our descendants can't make the journey. Who are you to say it's impossible. An ocean going ship was unimaginable to Thag. We're already closer than he was.

But we were able to build boats with 14th century technology. They didn't send 5 people on boats then stop, did they? Why? Is it because building boats is possible and sustainable even with 500 year old technology, but sending people in space is ridiculously intensive for no real reward?

We know there's NOTHING on the other side. People went on boats because it was on the SAME PLANET. You went there to get spices , slaves, you name it.

Are you claiming there's something even remotely similar on Mars? It's a dead rock. We KNOW that.

I didn't miss your point because you didn't have one.

My point is that numbers mean things. The scale of space is, well, astronomical, and making fatuous comparisons to things that happened because they COULD happen is complete puerile nonsense, and you know it.

No one's going anywhere. There's no point, except for symbolism.

You can't eat symbolism.

You know no one's going anywhere. It's just you, me and everyone else, here. Forever.
2013-06-25 08:40:46 PM  
1 vote:

Quantum Apostrophe: You could use the same arguments for the inside of a volcano...

Funny you should mention that....
2013-06-25 07:47:56 PM  
1 vote:
More like zero.

We can't even get a few billion bucks together to get to MARS. We can already draw dicks on Mars. We have robots in play. It's the closest thing save the moon.

Something farther than Mars, which we can't get to? Pfft. Worthless trivia. We have to stop focusing on what the deep field computers are churning out, because they'll churn that out anyway and we already know they're isolating exp-planets and stuff.

No what we need to do is start treating the government like we pay for it, which we do, and DEMAND NASA send live humans to Mars already.
2013-06-25 07:20:41 PM  
1 vote:

Supes: /add in Venusians and it really gets crazy

Venusians do have the crazy eyes.
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