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(KHOU Houston)   Cute 29-year-old teacher arrested for sex with student, gets confronted by news crew, runs (w/video)   ( divider line
    More: Dumbass, KHOU, Alief ISD, teacher accused  
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2013-06-23 10:03:55 PM  

Fury Pilot: Duke_leto_Atredes: This is why you do not let homosexuals anywhere near children.

// but hey I am the white heterosexual male so it's my fault

So glad I could lighten your day.
2013-06-23 10:32:04 PM  

OgreMagi: gameshowhost: Wait. The dad caught them in a public park? WTF was *he* doing there?

Probably the same way I figured out my stepdaughter was sneaking out to party.  By paying attention to the farking obvious.  Teens think they are the smartest and sneakiest person to have ever existed, but they are usually too naive to actually pull sneakiness off well.   It was pretty farking obvious that something was going on when she spent an hour in the bathroom working on her makeup before "going to bed".

Oddly enough, my ex didn't see anything strange in that behavior.

Don't make me have to tell your ex about your public park escapades, man. (._. )
2013-06-23 10:36:17 PM  

MajorityWhip: OgreMagi:Based upon the choices the daughter was making, I'd say that would be a correct assessment.

It sounds like the parents didn't know that their daughter was gay.

Saying things like, "She doesn't know what she's doing", is just playing the pity card. It's an admission of bad parenting. "I raised an ignorant child", is the same.

I'm still trying to figure out what the bad decision was.

A 16 year old girl hooking up with a 29 year old,  and you can't figure out the bad decision?
2013-06-24 05:07:46 AM  

Waldo Pepper: Nezu Chiza: At what age is someone responsible for their own actions? I mean, at 16 you can drive a multi-ton death machine and be held responsible if you break the law, so why aren't you responsible at 16 for sex?

at 13 you can legally work on a farm picking produce that allows the masses to be fed, does that make one responsible to have sex

That just supports my point, really. We have all these arbitrary ages for all sorts of different things. Driving at 16. Sex at 18. Drinking at 21. And your example of 13 to work on a farm. So I ask again, what age is someone responsible for their own actions? Because that's FOUR ages right there that have responsibility and every one is a different age.
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