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(Telegraph)   "We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat"   ( telegraph.co.uk) divider line
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2013-06-22 09:16:29 AM  
Resubmitting already-greened links with a different string appended to the URL is a well established practice, and banning it is unfair!
2013-06-22 09:19:09 AM  
Re-greening yesterdays links is a well established practice, and banning it would admit the modmins don't pay attention, which is unfair.
2013-06-22 09:23:04 AM  
Ah. Cheating really is the only way to be fair.
2013-06-22 09:24:16 AM  
I'm pretty sure my wife has an invigilator in her nightstand.
2013-06-22 09:24:27 AM  
Copying already-greened links with a different string appended to the URL is a well established practice, and banning it is unfair!
2013-06-22 09:25:59 AM  

ajgeek: Ah. Cheating really is the only way to be fair.

as long as everyone cheats, it only redefines fairness.

2013-06-22 09:26:00 AM  
1.  Copy already submitted URLs for a greenlight.
2. ???
3.  Profit!
2013-06-22 09:26:16 AM  
BRB, gotta go invigilate.
2013-06-22 09:26:40 AM  
Why should the race always be to the swift or the jumble to the quick-witted? Should they be allowed to win merely because of the gifts God gave them? Well, I say cheating is the gift man gives himself!
2013-06-22 09:27:00 AM  
Wow.  I had no idea they had teachers' unions in China...

A special team of female invigilators was on hand to intimately search female examinees, according to the Southern Weekend newspaper.

I think I saw this in a movie once...
2013-06-22 09:32:21 AM  
1.  Be TF'er
2. Copy / steal already submitted headlines
2. Have your TF friends vote up for a greenlight
3. ???
4. Profit!

that's better.
2013-06-22 09:33:25 AM  
Perhaps if they hadn't raised a generation to overemphasize "fair outcomes" at the expense of fair processes, they wouldn't be facing patently-ridiculous popular philosophies like this. I wonder if there are lessons in this for other countries?
2013-06-22 09:33:32 AM  
This has to be satire, right?
2013-06-22 09:47:05 AM  
I had a bunch of Chinese exchange students in my program in college. They'd do their first two years in China, then their second two in Canada, so there were always two sets at the university. In one course, being taught by the prof who organized the program, we had to present our term papers to the class in March. Two people in a row got up and gave the exact same paper, down to the exact same charts. They didn't even bother trying to change the colour scheme or something to make it less obvious. Between the 12 exchange students, there were 3 projects each done 4 times, all of which were  exactcopies of papers the prof had published in the 90s. No one even pretended to hide it. The next semester I had to take another course with that prof, but with the younger set of exchange students. The exact same papers come out. I guess they get handed down from year to year. That prof spends every summer in China 'visiting' the wealthy families in the economics program at their university and deciding who has the 'academic merit' to come on the exchange. The weird part is that they weren't even dumb or lazy students. They all did really well in the courses with honest profs as well. I guess cheating is just so universal there that you can't succeed without it.

/end csb
2013-06-22 10:16:27 AM  

neon_god: I had a bunch of Chinese exchange students in my program in college...

It's not necessarily cheating from their POV, while it certainly is from those of us coming from the academic culture in the US. Many Chinese students I've known who have been called out for plagiarism have been genuinely stunned, because they thought they were supposed to parrot back what their teacher or a cited author in the class had said (as is often the case in their programs back home) - and, if there is something their teacher has published, then all the better! It's strange from where I'm standing, but figuring out how to get them to not do this was much easier once I knew the reasons why they were (often, not always) doing it in the first place.
2013-06-22 12:17:16 PM  
So, the Chinese are Democrats?
2013-06-22 12:23:51 PM  

LordZorch: So, the Chinese are Democrats?

6/10.  Simple, to the point, and just enough derp to possibly be real.  You would have gotten 8 had you posted this in the original thread.
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