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(CNN)   It's not every day you get to add a bottle of voodoo to your collection   ( divider line
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3985 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jun 2013 at 12:58 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-06-21 01:00:13 PM  
I read "doodoo" and was dissapointed.
2013-06-21 01:01:41 PM  
Who do?
2013-06-21 01:02:36 PM  
You do.
2013-06-21 01:03:24 PM  
I have a goal now.

I will write a message on a piece of paper, laminate it, put it in a bottle, piss in the bottle, and send it up river for them

Make them work for that message
2013-06-21 01:03:33 PM  
Do what?
2013-06-21 01:04:16 PM  
Well, you CAN but who the fark wants to.

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2013-06-21 01:05:13 PM  
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
2013-06-21 01:05:14 PM  
I have been told, in no uncertain terms, to stay away from da voodoo.
2013-06-21 01:06:41 PM  

Kelvron: Who do?

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2013-06-21 01:07:09 PM  

probesport: Do what?

Remind me of the man.
2013-06-21 01:08:43 PM  

Lady Beryl Ersatz-Wendigo: I have been told, in no uncertain terms, to stay away from da voodoo.

You come get da Voodoo.
2013-06-21 01:10:53 PM  
Go do that voodoo that you do so well.
2013-06-21 01:11:51 PM  
only one bottle?  i have a whole wall of voodoo

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2013-06-21 01:21:57 PM  
I'll see your wall and raise you a party.
soulstrut.comView Full Size
2013-06-21 01:22:53 PM  

genepool lifeboat: Well, you CAN but who the fark wants to.

[ image 225x225]

Just don't kiss a cop down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine or he'll break you little bottle of love potion #9.
2013-06-21 01:28:01 PM  
Was always suspicious of troll women. They'd say, "You come get da voodoo" whereas the men would say, "Stay away from da voodoo." I stayed away.
2013-06-21 01:31:25 PM  
You remind me of the babe.  What babe?  The babe with the power.  What power?  The power of voodoo.  Who do?  You do.  Do what?  Remind me of the babe...

/ stop asking questions, damnit.
2013-06-21 01:37:33 PM  
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

//reading this right nwo after a damn near 20-year hiatus.  tom robbins is a farking genius.  god i love this book.
2013-06-21 01:43:38 PM  
Friend of mine found a message in a bottle.  It was from a teenage girl offering sexual activities to the finder of the bottle.  Turns out it was his neighbor. She threw it off their neighborhood beach and it just washed right back up a bit later.  He never did tell me what he did...
2013-06-21 01:56:14 PM  
My neighbors three doors down practice Santeria, getting a kick.

/no crystal ball that I know of
//animal sacrifices and white outfits are in supply though
2013-06-21 01:56:23 PM  

CatfoodSpork: He never did tell me what he did...

Unless you saw the bottle and the note, I'm going to guess 'nothing, because it didn't happen'.
2013-06-21 02:09:03 PM  
drinkswap.comView Full Size

I've had a bottle or two. It's not bad but I prefer The Kraken or Sailor Jerry
2013-06-21 02:12:11 PM  
Screw that Rogue crap and shiatty rum. For voodoo in a bottle, go for Blackened Voodoo, by Dixie.
2013-06-21 02:38:55 PM  
I once bought a ghost in a bottle.

/I think I accidently let it out.
2013-06-21 02:39:35 PM  
I get a ton of them.  They don't sell to the vendor for very much either.
2013-06-21 03:36:41 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2013-06-21 03:41:08 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

It's pronounced "VerrDerr", subby...
2013-06-21 10:11:41 PM  
Just because you stick a note in it doesn't mean it's not littering, you bastards.
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