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2013-06-19 08:17:14 PM  

trigonman3.comView Full Size
2013-06-20 02:53:12 AM  
I think most people that are concerned with GMO are concerned mostly with the roundup-ready crops available from Monsanto.

Regardless of whether or not any of you idiots think it can give you cancer or effect your health... it's the farming practice that's the big problem.  I don't know who said GMO crops tend to have less pesticides on them but that's misleading at best.  Maybe less "variety" of pesticides, but they have a crap-ton of roundup on them.  You know?  That shiat in the spray bottle that insta-kills anything you spray it on?  Grass, Dandelions, Lettuce, Ants...  But not crops that have been genetically modified to resist the roundup. i.e. Corn, Soy, Beets... etc etc.

The problem then becomes huge swaths of land (the entire farking midwest) covered in useless crops they have to process 4+ times to call "food" that they are also pouring massive amounts of poison onto.  Poison that seeps into the soil and kills it for generations.  The soil is a living thing too, and our agricultural practices are killing it.  See arsenic contamination in rice crops grown in the south if you need validation of this.

How much proof do you need that having one blatantly profit-minded company dictate our entire society's food culture is probably a bad idea?
2013-06-20 03:19:36 PM  
I don't hate GMO.
I do hate Mosanto.
2013-06-20 03:20:16 PM  
Monsanto (rather)
2013-06-20 04:40:43 PM  

BHShaman: I don't hate GMO.
I do hate Mosanto.

Thats a totally fair criticism. Although I hate them about as much as I hate plenty of large global businesses of any kind. I'd be happy if most people made that distinction and protested business practices as opposed to technology, when the scientific data all points to the technology being robust and safe.

I won't deny that they have some fantastic products on the market, but they can be a pretty shiatty company.
2013-06-20 05:28:40 PM  
scientific data funded by Monsanto!  or their cohorts...

You can hate Monsanto for the same reasons you hate the other big profit driven global corporations.. but if you hate them equally it just shows you don't know how big of an effect the agriculture industry has on our society.  Give me a million Walmarts a million times over.  Monsanto is far worse.
2013-06-20 07:35:07 PM  

10up: scientific data funded by Monsanto!  or their cohorts...

Scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals have to disclose sources of funding when there are potential conflicts of interest. While Monsanto does provide money to some researchers, it isn't like the totality of data out there on GM safety is funded by agribusiness.
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