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2013-06-18 10:16:37 AM  
2 votes:
Noland, 48, a Marine veteran with years of gun experience and a concealed weapons permit, said the weapon just needed the slide pulled back to chamber a round. Then the trigger could be pulled to shoot it.

He also went on to add "They could even pull the trigger a second time to fire an additional shot. If they really wanted to, they could do this 8 more times. What makes this really bad, is that after that, they could drive to Walmart, purchase more ammo, press the magazine release to free the magazine from the weapon, load more bullets into the magazine using a down-and-foward motion, insert the magazine into the magazine well, rack the slide to chamber another round, and pull the trigger again to fire another round as many as 10 more times. In fact, this cycle could be repeated MANY times to fire many more bullets"

Thank you Marine Captian Obvious for that indepth lesson on how guns work. Glad to see those many years of gun experience coming in handy.
2013-06-18 10:05:04 AM  
2 votes:
Noland, 48, a Marine veteran with years of gun experience and a concealed weapons permit, said the weapon just needed the slide pulled back to chamber a round. Then the trigger could be pulled to shoot it.

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2013-06-18 09:26:32 AM  
2 votes:
You know who else brought a gun to a superhero movie?
2013-06-18 10:40:10 AM  
1 vote:

demaL-demaL-yeH: MythDragon: demaL-demaL-yeH: Glock 26?

That's unlicensed illegal toxic waste disposal.

/Only farking numbnuts build - and only no-nuts carry - a weapon without a safety.

Those of us who have learned to keep the booger hook off the bang switch don't need safeties. In fact, only an idiot would rely on a manual safety to work. Treat every gun as if though it is loaded, and is not safetied, and you should be ok.

I carried a Glock 19 for many years. Never had a single mishap despite a lack of a 'safety'. 2000 rounds through it, and never a single FTF. Recently I switched to a Steyr M9. (More comfortable, like the sights better) which also has no safety. When I want to carry a smaller weapon, I carry a Sig P232, which has (guess what) no safety. The only time I could see a safety being useful is if you are carrying a SA only weapon like a 1911 which a round chambered and the hammer locked back.

Or loaded hunting rifles. I have a 1917 Enfield that has something like a 1/2 lb trigger pull. But I assume for the purposes of the above conversation we were only talking about handguns.

Ya. About that.
Enfield has a manual safety.

/Guess what an M-16, M-1911, M-92, M1 Garand, M-14, M-1 Carbine, etc., etc., have in common.

2013-06-18 10:37:48 AM  
1 vote:

James!: R.A.Danny: James!: Take your gun off to poop and leave it in the stall.  Responsible gun ownership.

I did that with my phone once. It didn't go off.

"All one had to do was open the phone and review the search history to find a plethora of clown pornography."

Don't judge me!
2013-06-18 10:13:41 AM  
1 vote:
Who amongst us hasn't been interrupted in the middle of a rousing game of "shoot the turd" and left the gun behind?  Besides, it's Floriduh where the official state motto has changed to "STAND AND DEFEND, MOTHERFARKER!!!"
2013-06-18 10:03:17 AM  
1 vote:

Tom_Slick: There will be no follow up to the story because the gun was owned by some off-duty cop.

Police Official: "We are trying to determine the identity of the owner and whether the weapon was ever used in a crime."
Spunky Journalist: "This is the same model weapon carried by your undercover officers, is it possible this weapon is owned by a police officer?"
Police Official: "Is it possible you can go fark yourself?"
2013-06-18 09:55:31 AM  
1 vote:

Turbo Cojones: Came here to say this...What kind of simpering pussy feels the need to carry a gun in a theater?

Remember the Colorado theater shooting? If everyone in that theater had been armed they could have, calmly and without error, picked off the shooter from 15 different angles and not even had to pause the movie.
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