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2013-06-18 03:31:45 AM  
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2013-06-18 01:43:57 AM  
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Anyone trying to enforce a semantic difference between these words is neither a geek, nor a nerd, but a retard.
2013-06-18 07:58:34 AM  
1 vote:

Big Merl: Eh, call me a geek or a nerd, I'm still the most awesome person I know.

That's because you haven't met any girls yet. Trust me, those boobie things alone are a 1000 times more awsome irl.
2013-06-18 01:46:44 AM  
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Nexzus: Having a iPad and having watched the Avengers does not make you geek.

But Emma Peel kicks really high!
2013-06-18 01:15:51 AM  
1 vote:
I generally break down geeky versus nerdy as matters of passion and acquisition. I tend to think of nerdy as in collection, in acquisition, while geeky tends to be in application and creation. Baseball nerds collect stats, figures, cards, baseball geeks are painting themselves and coming up with banners. Comic geeks are dressing up and making fanzines and tribute art, while comic nerds are collecting and collating information and books. Pretty much the opposite of our Dear Author. Not so much practitioner vs fan, but matters of passion. Geeks throw themselves into their field--be that science fiction, comics, movies, while nerds are collecting and gathering information. It's a different criteria set. Nerds know the stats, they see the patterns, they have a breadth of knowledge, and that knowledge is their connection to their passion. Geeks on the other hand want to be in the thick of it. They do more than just collect and gather, but apply. Robot geeks build 'bots and try out new stuff, robot geeks collect different models, they gather parts and new designs, stats on previous models. Football geeks are painting their faces and playing a lot of fantasy football, but then again, there is common ground, as the football nerd who has made a careful study of stats and figures and past performances, is playing in those same leagues, but then again, the football geek is also playing in a home league on the ground, and getting grass stains.

Geeks aren't afraid to get a little dirty. Geeks don't mind the long hours applied to study, so long as they get to make something, build something, channel their own passion into their subject. They're in historical recreations, they're making their own costumes, building, making, applying, while I tend to think of nerds as collecting, collating, and gaining a deep understanding from that study.

Using Twitter or other social media as your criteria is an interesting way to look at it, but that falls into the collation of data side. By my thinking, that puts it on the nerdier side of things. In the definition that they're putting forward, it tends to be reinforced by the tangible side of things. Geeks like to be involved with their subject, to be a part of the action, be a part of their passion. Nerds want to understand it, collect data, collect things, to tear them apart to understand them. Geeks want to do, while nerds want to possess. Both have similar passions--a Star Wars nerd has a vast collection of stuff, access to massive amounts of information, to be able to find and collate and tear apart ideas, certainly. The Star Wars geek is using the information to do something with it. To make that costume, to build their own Death Star model, to make a vast Lego diorama. They have certainly crossovers, because in order to do stuff, you need information, you need references, but the Star Wars geek isn't just collecting, they're also playing with it, and trying to use it in some fashion. Nerds use the information, but often to bolster a reputation for deep knowledge, while the geek builds a reputation on doing stuff. Same with the football nerd and their vast knowledge of stats and history, versus the guy who is putting together a fantasy league. Crossover, certainly, but the nerd gets off on the knowing, and having folks recognize that knowledge base, while the geek gets off on the showing off of their passion in doing things.

But that's my own nerdy interpretation. ;)
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