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2013-06-16 02:43:38 PM  

Eps05: Truck driver here. Killed 4 small birds, 1 cat and 1 unidentified large rodent so far. Sometimes you just don't have time to do anything. It sucks.

And 10 million bugs.

I did do some epic swerving once to avoid a duck casually crossing the road though.

I once put my car on 2 wheels trying to dodge a puppy chasing a ball into the street.  Missed the dog, killed the ball, destroyed two tires on landing, an a arm and had to reweld the transaxle on the rear.

I thought I was going to die.  I would not do it again.
2013-06-16 06:07:05 PM  
Driving down a country road one day a squirrel decided cross the road about 20/25 feet ahead of me, squirrel stops and stands on hind legs and looks directly at the car, like staring at it will stop the car. Well squirrel got smacked in it's little head with the bumper and dies instantly. Happened to fast to stop and road was to narrow to swerve! Stopped and went to have a look and thought about getting the tail and tying it to the antenna 50s hot rod style, but did not have a sharp enough knife!
2013-06-16 08:14:29 PM  

SumoJeb: Who the fark swerves for a squirrel. It has to be at least deer-sized before I will even contemplate avoiding it.

Nobody, especially not a BMW driver.  The question is how many BMW drivers think their overpriced imports grant them magical driving skills that let them drift around corners at high rates of speed.  The answer is all of them.  All the drivers.  Including this one.
2013-06-16 11:55:03 PM  

RatMotor: My bet is someone watched Fast & Furious last night and decided to turn off the traction control thinking they were race car drivers.

Just wait until we get a whole generation of kids who have been raised with traction/stability control trying to play Speed Racer without knowing jack shiat about actual vehicle dynamics. Uncle Chuck will have a field day.
2013-06-17 12:50:57 AM  

gfid: Besides, squirrels are pretty small and it's actually unlikely that you could hit it even if you tried.

Years ago on my motorcycle I used to play squish the squirrel. Of the thousands I tried to hit I missed every one. Them farkers are fast.
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