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2013-06-15 01:41:50 AM  
7 votes:
Jesus? In Arizona? Hope he has his papers.
2013-06-15 11:53:39 AM  
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2013-06-15 03:17:39 AM  
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2013-06-15 01:26:10 AM  
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2013-06-15 11:14:08 AM  
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2013-06-15 05:39:46 AM  
1 vote:
Headlines I'd like to see:


Take that Christians! Pagans travelling through Jesus Airport have spotted an image of the Phoenix arising from its ashes in the pavement at Jesus Island Airport, Montreal's new Super-Airport on Jesus Island. They are interpreting it as a sign that the time has come for the mythical Phoenix to renew itself in the deserts of Araby.

"I don't see it", said a priest of Apollo. "Besides, it's very crudely drawn, the colouring is all wrong, and could be any old bird, even a vulture. Not one of God's better works." Priests of the Cult of the Bird Risen disagree. "It's definitely the Phoenix. Who else could it be?"

"The Gods are definitely flipping us the bird" said one passenger whose flight was delayed by pilgrims buying tickets to Araby.


An alleged image of Jesus that appeared in a taco has been examined by Pope Francis and is definitely not Jesus says the Pontiff. "Not him," said the Holy Father. "Sure, it's got the beard and long hair, but I know Our Lord personally, Our Lord is a good friend of mine, and this isn't Him."

"I think it may be Wil Wheaton, but I don't know Wil Wheaton all that well, so I'll leave that judgment to people who do." Meanwhile thousands of thoughtless geeks and nerds are flocking to the taco stand to worship Wil Wheaton on the Pope's say so.
2013-06-15 05:28:47 AM  
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2013-06-15 05:24:48 AM  
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I'm seeing the Lizard King.
2013-06-15 05:19:01 AM  
1 vote:
Didn't anyone else find it noteworthy that Jesus is examining an infant stegosaurus, confirming dinosaurs lived at the same time as humans?
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2013-06-15 05:02:30 AM  
1 vote:

Gyrfalcon: dickfreckle: ongbok: I don't know how many Chicago Farkers are here, but do any of you remember the guy who used to ride the Blue Line dressed in the robe with a crown of thorns dragging the cross?

Happens in every city. My guy has wheels on the bottom of his cross and I've always wanted to call him out as a pussy. I mean, Jesus, who I believe existed in real life if not as the son of god, had to truly carry that thing. This guy is cheating.

Same thing with Mardis Gras protesters. Always with the tiny wheels at the bottom. You wanna convince me? Sac up and actually carry that cross, asshole.

You got pics of that thing? I just about woke up the neighborhood laughing at the image...

Nowhere near as entertaining as my guy, nor the Baptists who descend for Carnival to tell us we're all gonna burn in hell, but this is about as close as I could GIS.

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I've always assumed these people come down here to experience the party (they do it at our gay festivals as well) just to witness the fun while having an excuse for their wives or, knowing these guys, seekrit boyfriends. No one wanders down a street with a Thermos full of tequila and two bisexual chicks from Oregon and thinks, "Wow! That sign has immediately made me change my sinful ways!" AW-ing at its finest.

But yeah, my original point never seems addressed by these folks. If you're going to carry a cross, FARKING CARRY IT. Pussies. Guess your faith isn't that strong, after all.
2013-06-15 04:45:40 AM  
1 vote:
Jesus cleans my pool twice a month.

Good guy.

Family man too.
2013-06-15 02:18:03 AM  
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2013-06-15 01:25:20 AM  
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2013-06-15 01:24:55 AM  
1 vote:
For the last time you jackasses.
"Jesus" wouldn't have had even a passing resemblance to Ted Nugent in the 80s.
Stop it. Seriously, just stop.
Mary probably didn't look like some some demure young woman from the Italian renaissance either.
2013-06-15 01:03:18 AM  
1 vote:
"He looks a little bit more like the Zig Zag Rolling Papers man than other Jesuses I've seen, but it's definitely Him," Pela writes.

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