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(Huffington Post)   Little People of America strenuously objects to t-shirts that say things like "Midget Hooker" and "I've had it up to here with midgets". CafePress agrees to remove items, at least until they can get some good lower body armor   ( huffingtonpost.com) divider line
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2013-06-14 06:35:24 PM  
I used to be a t-shirt vendor like you, but then I took a midget to the knee
2013-06-14 07:04:48 PM  
My midget tranny porn is still cool though, right?
2013-06-14 07:08:13 PM  
Well, it's the little things that make life worthwhile, amirite?
2013-06-14 07:16:03 PM  
Waaah, your product hurts my little feelings!
2013-06-14 07:56:54 PM  
Just put them on the bottom shelf. Problem solved.
2013-06-14 07:56:55 PM  
They should grow up.
2013-06-14 08:00:23 PM  
I've had it with these monkey-fighting midgets on this Monday-to-Friday plane.
2013-06-14 08:01:44 PM  
No one tell them about Borderlands.
2013-06-14 08:03:15 PM  

fusillade762: midget transformer porn

Good to know I am not yet past the point where the Internet can surprise me.

Go on, GIS this phrase.  I dare you.
2013-06-14 08:07:17 PM  
"I strenuously object"?  Is that how it works?
2013-06-14 08:08:23 PM  
Why would someone wear a T-shirt that says midget hooker?
2013-06-14 08:08:35 PM  
CafePress might have had a legal issue from TShirt Hell...

Still available.
2013-06-14 08:09:35 PM  

brimed03: midget transformer porn

who is this Duane Green and how do I get him to send me links?
2013-06-14 08:09:51 PM  
Don't you have to be over a certain height to use the CafePress feedback form?
2013-06-14 08:10:07 PM  
A major online retailer is taking a big step towards acknowledging the rights of little people by removing midget-themed products.

If something offends you, you have a right to biatch about it, you have a right to protest it, and you have a right to not buy anything from a company that supports products you don't like.

But no one has the *right* to not be offended.

I'm all for companies being PC. I think it makes good sense for any kind of major business. They would lose more from bad publicity than they would make selling the product.
But it's about making money, it isn't about rights.
2013-06-14 08:12:58 PM  

Why would someone wear a T-shirt that says midget hooker?

So the only question you'll have to ask is "how much?"
2013-06-14 08:14:11 PM  
You'd think they'd be big about it.
2013-06-14 08:16:52 PM  
I bet if I put on the "up to here" tshirt it'd still be around 4'9", hardly midget.

/Reeeaaaaaally tall
//Built to 5/4 scale.
2013-06-14 08:17:27 PM  
Good, maybe we can get along without publicly humiliating people for a medical condition.

/You dirty nasty fat-bodies are still fair game though
2013-06-14 08:17:34 PM  
I said, the politically correct term is "vertically challenged." It must be a biatch not getting on the good rides.
2013-06-14 08:21:00 PM  

They are just people who have a lot more to deal with than most. Why should we also humiliate them.
2013-06-14 08:22:17 PM  
25.media.tumblr.comView Full Size
2013-06-14 08:23:05 PM  

moothemagiccow: Why would someone wear a T-shirt that says midget hooker?

I think it's a fishing term.
2013-06-14 08:23:30 PM  
CSB time:

One day when my son was 6 we were in the back yard in the summer.   There was a cloud of little tiny flying bugs all about him and he was waving his arms, trying to move them away and he said "Dad, I'm surrounded by midgets"

Me: "That's *midges*... son...*midges*"
2013-06-14 08:25:06 PM  
It seems like they're getting short with this company over what isn't a very big problem.  I guess they could have a little meeting, but it doesn't need to last until the wee hours.  After all, real world problems dwarf this issue.  The whole thing just kind of goes over my head.

2013-06-14 08:31:31 PM  
I believe the proper term is Lil' People.
2013-06-14 08:32:17 PM  
They have such short tempers...
2013-06-14 08:34:10 PM  
Do you have any idea how expensive midget strippers are? They're like, 3 x's the amount of normal strippers. I tried to get one for my friend's batchelor party but this stripper had a DEPOSIT. When all was daid and done, I would have been out ~$1500 (not including tips...flat rate). For two hours. No thanks.

...$1700 if I didn't get the deposit back.
2013-06-14 08:34:29 PM  
imageshack.usView Full Size
2013-06-14 08:34:55 PM  
Had it up to here?
1.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

2013-06-14 08:36:06 PM  
2013-06-14 08:37:41 PM  
They should toss them out on their asses
2013-06-14 08:38:08 PM  
Don't want no short people 'round here...
2013-06-14 08:42:20 PM  
portlandmercury.comView Full Size
2013-06-14 08:43:35 PM  
farkin' ankle biters. are there no freak shows anymore?
2013-06-14 08:43:48 PM  

New Age Redneck: Had it up to here?



Most sincerely...Thank you.
2013-06-14 08:44:16 PM  
They also tend to get pissed off when you throw them peanuts and ask them to do tricks.
Little bastards attack in small groups.
2013-06-14 08:45:17 PM  
I wish I could find it somewhere... A long time ago, the SciFi channel would have short commentaries from SciFi authors. They had one from Harlan Ellison going off on midgets calling themselves little people. He basically said, "no...a child is a 'little person'. You're a midget"
2013-06-14 08:51:04 PM  

Krieghund: I'm all for companies being PC. I think it makes good sense for any kind of major business. They would lose more from bad publicity than they would make selling the product.

I doubt it.  Few people are political when they're shopping.  Two different goals at different times.

"I really want this shirt, but I'm supposed to be boycotting CafePress.  Well, I consciously avoided CafePress yesterday, so that takes care of my boycott for now."
2013-06-14 08:51:09 PM  
i291.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-06-14 08:51:53 PM  
I caught one of them at the mall a few weeks ago. How long does it usually take them to break and give you their pot of gold? People are starting to wonder about the sounds coming from the basement.
2013-06-14 08:52:09 PM  

Rapmaster2000: I believe the proper term is Lil' People.

2013-06-14 08:53:59 PM  

Thanks for the Meme-ries: [i291.photobucket.com image 500x250]

Fark, I am disappoint!
I was trying to scrounge up a Dinklage photo but damn, there are far too many good ones to choose from...
2013-06-14 08:57:50 PM  
Heigh ho, heigh ho!
It's off to the gem mines we go!

99pshopper.comView Full Size
2013-06-14 08:58:47 PM  
midget porn csb...
I was waiting in line at the Matterhorn in Disneyland with my wife and daughter when Bridget the Midget pulled up to the front of the line with some sleazy-looking dude. She was able to bypass the long line because she was riding a mobility scooter. She can walk, but I guess she gets one of those scooters because with the size of her legs, it must be tough to walk the kind of distances you need to at Disneyland.

Anyway, I started to say, "Hey! That's..." then I caught myself and stopped talking. My wife asked, "Who are you talking about?" I just said, "Never mind." If I had told her who Bridget was, it would have brought up a lot of really uncomfortable questions, especially in front of my daughter.
2013-06-14 08:59:30 PM  
They caved just because of a protest?

They should have held out at least until they were sued in small claims court.
2013-06-14 09:00:08 PM  

Nothing_Happens: [imageshack.us image 361x488]

badideatshirts.comView Full Size
2013-06-14 09:00:09 PM  

SmackLT: I used to be a t-shirt vendor like you, but then I took a midget to the knee

That's pretty small of you.
2013-06-14 09:01:08 PM  
I'm of average height so maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about, but I always felt like the term "little people" was more demeaning than "midget".

Also, this.
2013-06-14 09:03:40 PM  

Most sincerely...Thank you.

You're welcome.
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