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(Myers Briggs)   Ninety-five percent of engineers are ISTJ. What type are you (link goes to Myers Briggs)   ( divider line
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2004-01-05 12:38:09 AM  
2004-01-05 12:43:03 AM  

BTW, I really think I'm INFP.

Can I buy a vowel?
2004-01-05 12:51:54 AM  
One college I went to used this test to match rommomates.

2004-01-05 12:52:03 AM  

Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving
Strength of the preferences %
67 44 44 11

Hmm, change the letters around and I'm input. (INPT)
2004-01-05 12:53:22 AM  
Your Type is
Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Judging

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:
slightly expressed extrovert

moderately expressed intuitive personality

slightly expressed thinking personality

moderately expressed judging personality
2004-01-05 12:54:11 AM  
Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
67 11 44 1
2004-01-05 1:01:07 AM  
2004-01-05 1:11:49 AM  
44 1 11 44

You are:
moderately expressed introvert
slightly expressed sensing personality
slightly expressed thinking personality
moderately expressed judging personality
2004-01-05 1:13:33 AM  
By population:
ISFJ - 13.8%
ESFJ - 12.3%
ISTJ - 11.6%
ESTJ - 8.7%

ISFP - 8.8%
ESFP - 8.5%
ISTP - 5.4%
ESTP - 4.3%

INFP - 4.4%
ENFP - 8.1%
INFJ - 1.5%
ENFJ - 2.4%

INTP - 3.3%
ENTP - 3.2%
INTJ - 2.1%
ENTJ - 1.8%
2004-01-05 1:18:19 AM  
22 72 67 22.
2004-01-05 1:22:04 AM  
ENTP. It's like an Ent... with a p! Clever, optimistic and apparently the opposite of Fark standards...?

Famous ENTPs:

Alexander the Great
Confederate General J. E. B. Stuart
Sir Walter Raleigh
Mercutio, from Romeo and Juliet
Horace Rumpole, from John Mortimer's Rumpole of the Bailey series
Dorothy L. Sayers's detective Lord Peter Wimsey
2004-01-05 1:28:29 AM  
2004-01-05 1:33:02 AM  
I'm ENFP. We did this in my psych class in college, in one of my english classes in high school, and in my Foundations of Inquiry class in college. I have always been ENFP.
2004-01-05 1:47:12 AM  
ISTJ - and an engineer
2004-01-05 1:56:40 AM  
first time I did the test a long long time ago I was intp, later on after drugs I was enfj.

now I am fark
2004-01-05 2:12:03 AM  
Engineer. INTJ.

In other words, I'm one of the 5% of engineers who move up. :)

BTW, if for some reason you happen to want to get inside the mind of an INTJ (say you've married one and are baffled by their behavior), read Crime and Punishment.
2004-01-05 2:26:14 AM  

Would anybody like to guess what field I'm in? (Hint: Read the headline)
2004-01-05 2:38:18 AM  
Somehow, mine came up with a type LITB (Leave It To Beaver).

Which is OK by me.
2004-01-05 2:55:30 AM  
ENTJ. I hate Engineering. Though I get constant calls from engineering schools after i took the GRE. Go figure.
2004-01-05 4:19:25 AM  
Your Type is
Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving
Strength of the preferences %
11 67 11 33
2004-01-05 4:22:17 AM  
Fictional INFPs:
Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes)

2004-01-05 4:39:15 AM  

Famous ISTPs include Charles Bronson, Tom Cruise, James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Chuck Yaegar, Burt Reynolds, Keith Richards, Frank Zappa
2004-01-05 4:40:48 AM  
I tried it three times.
Keeps coming up LMAO...but that doesn't correspond to any of the possibile categories.
2004-01-05 4:42:14 AM  
Some of these questions, for example "When considering a situation you pay more attention to
the current situation and less to a possible sequence of events
" really need a 'don't know' option

And look at "It's difficult to get you excited or make you lose your temper". I get excited easily, but hardly ever get mad enough to yell at someone.
2004-01-05 4:44:37 AM  
44 56 56 17
2004-01-05 4:44:53 AM  
INTP all the way. I like my type.
2004-01-05 4:45:31 AM  
11, 88, 95, 56
2004-01-05 4:45:34 AM  

2004-01-05 4:47:06 AM  
Oh, and I'm ENFJ( 56 67 11 11 )
2004-01-05 4:47:21 AM  
1 44 11 56
2004-01-05 4:49:22 AM  
ISTJ, and an engineer.

I'm about 55/45 on the S, though...I could be an INTP fairly easily.
2004-01-05 4:51:21 AM  
I thought this was bullshiat 'till I read this:

"ISTPs with more sedate careers usually take on high-risk avocations like racing, skydiving, and motorcycling. While aware of the dangers involved, they are so in touch with the physical world that they know they can get away with much smaller safety margins than other types."

I love racing. All I've wanted to do since I was seven years old was drive a Funny Car.
2004-01-05 4:52:57 AM  
Like rawsta and bubbaprog, I came out ENTJ (although some of my answers were questionable... I dislike yes-no questions when neither seems appropriate)

2004-01-05 4:56:32 AM  
Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Judging

44 78 67 22
2004-01-05 4:56:47 AM  
INTJ last time I checked.
2004-01-05 4:59:14 AM  

very expressed introvert
slightly expressed sensing personality
moderately expressed thinking personality
moderately expressed judging personality

I'm a network engineer/systems administrator. I don't take much stock in profiling, but these personality tests pretty much get me dead on.
2004-01-05 5:00:38 AM  
ISTJ here... and an Engineer.

No wonder I work with a bunch of asshats!
2004-01-05 5:03:01 AM  
I got ISTJ but I'm no engineer, I'm just lazy slacker. so Feh to this test.
2004-01-05 5:04:20 AM  
2004-01-05 5:05:09 AM  
INFP (67/44/11/11)

And I am an engineer who has been questioning his career choice...maybe not surprising?
2004-01-05 5:05:32 AM  
lordargent: Hmm, change the letters around and I'm input. (INPT)

Or "inept"...better not change them around.

2004-01-05 5:06:22 AM  
My wife is an ESFP
34 years so far . . .
2004-01-05 5:07:36 AM  

Yay, according to D.Keirsey, I'm a mastermind. So be it. Bow down now do my superior.... Oh, who am I kidding. I'm on Fark at 1:51am Pacific Time; I'm not even master of my domain (sorry DOMAI girls).

Later. (As in, see ya DOMAI girls later. Grrrrrrrr.)
2004-01-05 5:08:47 AM  
According to DrToast's stats, I'm a very small minority...

By population:
ENTJ - 1.8% (last)

*which makes me feel special
2004-01-05 5:09:05 AM  
ENFP, Champion.

Yes, I quit my last 2 jobs on principle.

Yes, I'm fond of asking "why?" and confronting authority.

And for those of you ridiculing the test, check the outcome versus career suggestion tables. A lot(okay, most) of psychology is pop crapola, but this test has a verifiable use. The Meyers Briggs passes the most important 2 qualifications for value; utility and consistency. It is not perfect, but it is a useful tool.
2004-01-05 5:09:54 AM  
I'm a combination of Teddy Bear and Paper Clip. Wait...I mean I'm INTP.

When you take these sort of tests, you can always guess what category you'll end up in by your own answers. I mean, the questions are basically asking "Are you introverted?" "Do you like 'engineering' things?"
And in the end, they tell you... "You're an introverted engineering type!"
Wow, really?

/got nothin else to do at 4:14am CST
2004-01-05 5:12:27 AM  
All the cool kids are INTP.
We did this at work a few years back. What surprized me most was how accurate the descriptions were. I'm not big on psycobabble.
2004-01-05 5:13:07 AM  
My circle of friends have been all about this stuff for a few years. I was typed as INFP a while back. I have always complained that:
1. The test and supplimental literature acts too much like astrology in the sense of reaching. Once your typed you begin to try and "fit" your type.
2. There are not enough dimensions. I am an INFP and one of my other friends is also INFP. However I am much more aggresive and confrontational than he is. Things like that should be taken into account in order for the profile to be acurate. In my opinion, of course...
2004-01-05 5:14:37 AM  

Who wants to do me?
2004-01-05 5:15:26 AM  
Hmm... former engineer, test says INTP.

I read the descriptions, wow! that's me alright.

Pretty much correlates with other 'self analysis' test I've done in the past.
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