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(ESPN)   Buckeyes win national championship... er... wait, that was last year   ( divider line
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9587 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jan 2004 at 12:25 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-03 02:16:57 AM  
This time of year is always interesting, i have family from Ohio, family in michigan, family that went to school in at OK,

everyone goes around with their farking tree stumps bashing each other over the head when i football game is on.
2004-01-03 02:17:50 AM  
This time of year is always interesting, i have family from Ohio, family in michigan, family that went to school in at OK,

everyone goes around with their farking tree stumps bashing each other over the head when i football game is on.
2004-01-03 02:18:44 AM  
Apparently, "Trolling 101" is a prerequisite for any degree at Ohio State.
2004-01-03 02:18:45 AM  
Obviously you didn't understand my earlier statement about everyone except Ohio State sucking. For me to repeat the names of every team would not only be boring, it would be redundant. I mentioned Michigan, because they not only suck, they really, really suck. Wisconsin was a side note, they also suck just a little bit more than everyone else, who is of course, not Ohio State.
2004-01-03 02:19:38 AM  
wow, first ever dp.

/runs off in shame.
2004-01-03 02:22:10 AM  
Oh, and since he set the Ohio State single-season record with 211 tackles in 1978, I'm going to take a wild guess and say Tom Cousineau had the 14th tackle in the second half against Iowa.

But I'm just guessing.
2004-01-03 02:25:52 AM  
Congrats Buckeyes

However one thing I noticed during all the crowd shots on TV: KSU women >>> OSU women

[image from too old to be available]
2004-01-03 02:26:35 AM  
Only trailer trash like K State. (see above)
2004-01-03 02:26:38 AM  
id hit it.
2004-01-03 02:26:52 AM  

I agree to disagree with you. I was at the '97 game in Ann Arbor when your Wolverines took my Buckeyes. I hope you enjoyed the national championship.

If you ever get loose in Cleveland or Columbus, I will buy you a beer and explain to you just how wrong your football instincts are. You just might be the only one makng sense in this thread right now.

Sorry to be so vituperative in the previous post.

2004-01-03 02:29:49 AM  
news flash - Ohio and OSU sucks donkey nuts.
2004-01-03 02:30:46 AM  

Your wit and insights are going to waste here! Leave quick, the world needs you!
2004-01-03 02:31:15 AM  
No, we don't have donkeys in Ohio.
2004-01-03 02:32:26 AM  
Too bad we get a little troll trashing the board and no wining KSU fans. At least the KSU fans would sound better than some 14 year old crying Listen to me, i'm smart. S M R T Smart.

Waitng to see how next year goes with out krenzel and Dantonio. Personally I think the the offence will be more productive and the defense may slip a little, but not much.

Go Bucks
2004-01-03 02:35:51 AM  
Back to your outhouses, Viles.

2004-01-03 02:37:12 AM  
I wish we could have seen a little more of the other quarterbacks. Krenzel is good, but really slow in the pocket sometimes. On a side note, does anyone think we will pick up a running game next year?
2004-01-03 02:37:27 AM  
The irony in that game was palpable. KS Quarterback accused of acting up?
Guess what? He choked.

And the fact is the coaches see their main joerb to be building the characters of the players. Both coaches did a great joerb.

~ Pinky ~
2004-01-03 02:38:09 AM  

/class of '96
2004-01-03 02:39:34 AM  

The defense will be fine. With Hawk, Fraser, Kudla, and Pitcock, among others, returning, and that Air Force transfer Anthony Schlegel coming eligible, they should still be a dominant force.

Word right now has either Snyder being promoted to coordinator or possibly having Bo Pelini coming in from Nebraska. However, I heard someone say that Gamble has declared for the Draft. That's a big loss, I think, as he had a huge chance to be one helluva corner.

Offensively, Santonio Holmes is looking to kick some ass next year, Hamby will make a wonderful replacement for Hartsock at tight end, and Zwick will be just fine at the starting QB spot. When they stuck him in against Northwestern, every single one of his throws was dead on. The only incompletions he had were drops by receivers. Speaking of receivers, Bam Childress should be OK. I see him as a Chris Vance-type guy. Nothing big, but comes through with some solid catches in the stretch.

That said, I hope to God that Dantonio takes Bollman with him to Cincinnati. The guy is a horrible excuse for an offensive coordinator.
2004-01-03 02:41:17 AM  

They had damn well better pick up a running game next year. Ross is a decent back, but he has absolutely zero vision. And don't get me started on Hall. They boy falls over if you breathe on him.

I really hope Clarett gets his head out of his ass and comes back. If his shoulder stinger doesn't come back, he would win the Heisman, without a doubt.
2004-01-03 02:46:20 AM  
yeah I am sure the cupboard will still be full, and as you said zwick has looked sharp in the limited time he's played. He has the recievers, and if dickyhead.. errr Clarett does come back, they should really be a completely different offense next year.

The D will lose some big time players but the young guys the plugged in this year really stepped up. I hope they do next year as well.
2004-01-03 02:47:31 AM  
DMD go to michigan
2004-01-03 02:49:34 AM  

Yes, the cupboard will be full, but I don't expect last year's success, or even this year's. I'd say we will have to wait until the '05 season before being a serious contender for another title. It's only a 12 game schedule, and we have only one major non-con opponent, Texas, at home no less.

That year's major road bump will come AT Michigan.
2004-01-03 02:53:01 AM  
This thread is teh funniest. Apparently the drunk buckeye fans in here are sooo wasted, they forgot which school they go to. Hey C-town clones, your school is the one that produces over-skilled plumbers and burger king managers, but you're supposed to take pride in the fact that you still put out a decent football program. While Michigan is full of overachieving nerds who study all day and are really arrogant for no good reason. God damn it people, get your stereotypes straight!

/drunk wolverine
2004-01-03 02:56:24 AM  
I dont know, Its a long shot to get back to the BCS with a first year QB but if the running game steps up the rest of the pieces could fall in place.

Of course if we do go back to the big show. Tressel might as well just start picking Apostles, cause columbus will pretty much annoint him.
2004-01-03 02:56:52 AM  

So an Ohio State fan walks into a bar and see's a Michigan fan and asks if he wants hear a joke about Michigan.... the Michigan fan says well okay, but remember 2 of my friends sitting next to me are from Michigan also are are 6"6 275 do you still wanna tell it, and the Ohio State fan says no I dont wanna repeat is 3 times

2004-01-03 02:57:08 AM  
I thought with two straight wins over Michigan and a title to boot he was already walking on water?
2004-01-03 03:00:31 AM  
Go Hokies!
2004-01-03 03:01:22 AM  

Thanks man, that was reassuring.
2004-01-03 03:02:03 AM  
I have been out of Columbus for a while but i'm sure you are right. Maybe I should have said the rest of the world who are still trying to doubt. I mean the guy should be getting at least as much national press as Stoops.
2004-01-03 03:02:39 AM  
habraham has a vagina too
2004-01-03 03:05:11 AM  
There are only 3 things that have ever come out of Ohio that have done me any good. My wife, my degree, and... I dunno. Guess I was too farked up in college to remember the third.

Go Cats' (The real Ohio)
2004-01-03 03:10:08 AM  
I don't think Tressel will get quite the same press as Stoops, at least not yet. Stoops has gone something like 55-10 since he was hired, while Tressel has been 31-7. He's on the right course, but it will take a couple more years of contention for the title for him to get the same recognition.
2004-01-03 03:11:03 AM  
Clarett will never play for the Scarlett and Grey again, and the Bucks have 26 graduating senoirs this year, do you really think they stand a chance next year?
2004-01-03 03:16:35 AM  
Hey habraham, all the Mich fans I know here in columbus are WT (White Trash) or live in areas of columbus that look like Flint MI, such as that lovely neiborhood at 4th st and 5th ave.
2004-01-03 03:18:14 AM  
NEXT haha
2004-01-03 03:19:29 AM  
another title with a young team should get him the press.

Damn you, Listentome, you are talking like a damn meeeshigan fan. traitor.

2004-01-03 03:22:03 AM  
lol my bad, i just have no idea what to expect next year, i hear, i thought there was no way clarett would ever play for the bucks again, but i heard rumors from the press it could happen, and Wick is a dog none the less he will be a great QB but that defence is where its at and they are sadly leaving us
2004-01-03 03:27:37 AM  
ListenToMe, yea sure I do. Even so, if not they will have an Amazing team in 2-3 years.

Proven great returning players: Hawk, Guilford, Salley, Ross, Fox, Joe, Carpenter, Mangold, Scott, Fraser, Nugent, Holmes (too bad Gamble isn't on this list)

Unproven but talented players: Smith, Zwick, Irizarry, Hamby, Guilford
2004-01-03 03:29:07 AM  
Listen, you can prob expect that clarett will be back, he is apparently scholasticly eligable, and he wont be in the NFL, hell be in court, he has said that if he is not in the NFL he will be playing if eligible.
2004-01-03 03:29:41 AM  
yeah I dont know what to expect either, thats what makes for fun speculation. the defense wories me the most. we loose a lot of starters, most of who are going to the pro's, as well as the coordinator. There are some real powerfull guys staying as well but I have to think the will be very good but probably not as tight as the have been.

The offense can only go up. I have heard the clarrett rumors to. It would be nice to have him give the O that running threat, especially with a first year QB. On the other hand, do we really want a head case on the team?
2004-01-03 03:30:40 AM  
We are the buckeyes, we are killer nuts!
2004-01-03 03:31:23 AM  
TurnerBrown, no we don't want a head care running for our team. It would be nice to have people scared of the running game agian though.
2004-01-03 03:33:21 AM  
i heard nuge wasnt coming back next year
2004-01-03 03:35:08 AM  
I hate Clarett now, if he plays for us next year I will love him
2004-01-03 03:35:39 AM  
oh really? that sucks, cause he is pretty farking awesome, and we don't really have a kicker to take his spot that I can think of. Im really sad to see BJ go. That kick out of bounds at the 2 was great even though it was called back. Perfect.
2004-01-03 03:36:38 AM  
Yeah i am more worried about losing Nuge than anyone else that kid is awesome
2004-01-03 03:38:12 AM  
haha... same here listentome. I never really hated him, I just kept wondering why he was acting so stupid, like getting on ESPN gameday for a unauthorized (by the university) on-air interview while he suspended saying that he think he'll be back in a game or two. Can I get an "asshat"?
2004-01-03 03:38:44 AM  
I suppose its possible he learned a little homility from actually being suspended for a year, but I kind of doubt it. It would be the best for him if he could nut up and act like a team player and not a primadonna. both now and in the future.
2004-01-03 03:38:50 AM  
Everyone talks down on the Bucks, but no one can talk down on them with this win since Kansas St. gave Oklahoma a huge L
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