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(NBA)   NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 3. Will the Pacers sustain their momentum, or will LeBron defeat them with with his ability to play entire games without fouling anyone? And will Wade clock another Pacer just for looking at him? TNT 8:30   ( divider line
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2013-05-27 12:46:15 PM  
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LucklessWonder: Palmer Eldritch: I'd just like to point out that the NBA thread, for a game that was a blowout, had more posts than the thread for a close NHL game... so let's take that into account the next time the hockey trolls start getting offended that an NBA thread bumped theirs down the page.

Can't We Just Enjoy Both Sports?

This is FARK. The dipsticks here make EVERYTHING a divisive argument. On purpose. For the Lulz. Hell there are folks who desperately try to argue what is and is not a sport here just to piss people off. This isnt a normal place with normal people. OF COURSE hockey fans must be pitted against basketball fans and F1 fans must hate NASCAR fans and nobody is allowed to like tennis. Its the FARK way.
2013-05-26 10:47:27 PM  
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IAmRight: I love how, now that the Pacers are down big in a game, they start showing Danny Granger on the bench. NOW he's the reason they're losing.

They didn't have him all year. He's not really a part of this year's team. Stop.

The media is biased against Miami.
2013-05-26 10:34:11 PM  
1 vote:
wade belongs on the Azzurri
2013-05-26 10:22:23 PM  
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2013-05-26 09:51:07 PM  
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you are a puppet: JerseyTim: Am I crazy or does the way Wendy talks to that little league girl seem a bit inappropriate?

If I was that girls dad Id assume that redhead wanted my balls.

Is she just wandering the streets trying to convince people they can feel better be going to Wendy's?

She's no better than that guy from Chewlies Gum.
2013-05-26 09:42:31 PM  
1 vote:
Seriously, now that Simmons has given the reasons for George changing his number to 13, it angers me that it isn't changed already.

2013-05-26 08:58:49 PM  
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IAmRight: I do love how Hansbrough draws nothing because he looks like such a bumbling clown.

It's like he's a baby horse trying to figure out how to walk.
2013-05-26 08:54:35 PM  
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karmaceutical: mitchcumstein1: karmaceutical: LeBron doesn't want to be involved every minute he is on the court. That is why he left the Cavs.

That's a valid point, but I wouldn't want three minutes of clock time run down without him at least touching it.

Mike Brown didn't like it either!

There is something to be said for "do whatever the opposite of what Mike Brown would do on offense" as a coaching strategy.
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