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(Huffington Post)   Remember how Kate Upton backed out of taking that high school teen to his prom? Well, he's since traded up   ( divider line
    More: Followup, Kate Upton, Jake Davidson, Nina Agdal, Jason Mraz, Victoria Justice, flash mobs, snow sculptures, B.I.G.  
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2013-05-25 01:38:37 PM  
I'd never heard of her until two days ago.

She's a 'looker' alright.
2013-05-25 02:06:12 PM  
So any nobody can ask a celebrity to their prom via youtube now and the celebrity is a biatch if she doesn't accept?

Sounds fair to me.
2013-05-25 02:09:44 PM  

ZeroCorpse: gameshowhost: Kurmudgeon: I don't know who that is, but if she really is best known for a Carl's Jr. ad, the bar for "super"model has really been lowered.

Oh yeah, totally sharp knees.
[ image 850x637]

Yeah but he could have had this

[ image 486x736]


I've been saying this all along. Upton has two things going for her, and that's only because she keeps stuffing them into bikinis and bras that a one size too small. She's otherwise kind of dumpy.

From her ribcage to her thighs, she's built like a canvas sack full of Jell-O. I think the only reason some guys are obsessed with her is because she has a face that resembles a child's, and they're living out some sort of Toddlers & Tiaras fantasy. All the trashy makeup over baby fat of a kid forced to be in a beauty pageant, but in the body of a squishy adult woman.

Either way, though, I think it's idiotic to beg supermodels or celebrities to go to prom. The point of prom is to hang with friends and be with someone you care about. When you go with a famous person, you transform it into a PR opportunity and you ruin it for everyone else. It's not cool; It's a douchebag move.

What if he'd been voted 'most likely to be a douchbag'?
2013-05-25 02:12:12 PM  
If anything can make you feel empathy for the rich and the famous it's the idiot youtube proposal fad. The internet and tabloid media have put the idea in our heads that we have a friendly relationship with celebrities and, if we're big enough attention whores, we're entitled to at least a few minutes of their time.

Kid lost all his dignity following up with his ridiculous request and doesn't care one bit.
2013-05-25 02:28:59 PM  
Total trade-up.
2013-05-25 03:00:39 PM  

WTFDYW: I could grind some sharpness off of those knees, if ya know what I mean. And I think you do.

Oh yeah, I do indeed. You're an orthopedic surgeon, and you're going to perform a corrective procedure on some of her ligaments. I'll be in my bunk.
2013-05-25 03:03:53 PM  

Life_is_a_carnivore: gameshowhost: Life_is_a_carnivore: Bohnanza: Oh, why couldn't I have been a loser when I was in high school...

You were. We ALL were. We're Farkers.

Speak for yourself, man. I have a "Participant" medal.

Yeah, well I got the 'Citizenship' Award in 10th grade.

*mutters* bastard
2013-05-25 04:06:04 PM  
img109.exs.cxView Full Size

2013-05-25 04:15:16 PM  
Can we just stop with these asinine celebrity prom/Marine/Navy/Army Ball invites?   While we're at it, let's all agree that the dudes wearing superhero tee shirts under their suits for wedding photos is to be stopped immediately.

You don't have to do everything you see on The Chive folks.
2013-05-25 04:20:13 PM  
Dear Lindsay Lohan,

It's 33 years too late for my prom, I'd be very honored if  after rehab you'd come to Lexington KY and go wild with me. But LJBF, okay? IYKWIM.
2013-05-25 04:24:33 PM  
His dad could've paid her a little more to hold his son's schmeckel.  Maybe he did. We'll never know.
2013-05-25 07:05:26 PM  
She's "known for eating a charbroiled cod fish sandwich on the beach in a Carl's Jr./Hardee's commercial," which is apparently what they're calling it these days.
2013-05-25 07:37:40 PM  
I have a fantasy of Scarlett Johanssen s***ing my d*** like she's angry at it...But her knees are way too sharp.
2013-05-25 07:44:18 PM  
Video of the kid and Agdal during the prom. He is one nervous boy (can't blame him) and she was very touchy feely with him. Funny
2013-05-25 08:37:51 PM  
She seems very nice and has a great body but I'll be damned if every time I see her face I'm reminded of Sebastion Bach from Skid Row.
img003.lazygirls.infoView Full Size

quotezuki.comView Full Size
2013-05-25 08:43:38 PM  

Carousel Beast: Sybarite: Why would you even want to go to prom with someone you have zero chance of banging?

Two reasons:

1) Image. It's a terrific PR move and reinforces
2) opportunities. Your face is out there, and now that you've been seen in a superior circumstance, other in that circumstance or who thin they could now profit by improving their image (1) with you could come forward.

I took an absolutely smoking hot college redhead to my senior prom. I didn't have a snowball's chance with her (was firmly relegated to 'friend' long before then), but it was instant fame/resepct at school for my remainder there, and it drew the attention of girls of my peer group that I previously didn't have a chance with - also reverberated into college, both reputation and in girls.

Mind you, this was in no way my thought process. I just thought "ha! I have a smoking hot college redhead, you losers!", but that's the way it worked out, and as I got older, I was able to understand a) why, and b) the value of leveraging that sort of thing professionally.

That's dumb. You are the basis for all those ridiculous 1990's high school movies.
2013-05-25 09:13:23 PM  
Trading up from Kate Upton?  Impossible.
2013-05-25 09:28:57 PM  
Upton treated this kid like shiat.  I was indifferent to her; now I find her repulsive.

/nice consolation prize, kid
2013-05-25 09:53:08 PM  

Pincy: So any nobody can ask a celebrity to their prom via youtube now and the celebrity is a biatch if she doesn't accept?

Sounds fair to me.

No.  Celebrity is a biatch when she strings a kid along over and over again, torturing him with "maybe" on national TV.

Fark that coont sideways with a large Mexican cactus.
2013-05-26 01:35:00 AM  

Theaetetus: "She's 5-9 without heels, and she was wearing some pretty big heels, but I think we rocked it well," said 5-foot-9 Davidson. "We had a bunch of stuff in common. We talked about her modeling, traveling, where she's lived. So, we both liked talking about her. That's one thing we have in common."

Kid's got a sense of humor; Kudos.
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