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(Starpulse)   10 more shows that Netflix should bring back. List to the left, "list fails without" to the right   ( starpulse.com) divider line
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2013-05-24 02:03:06 PM  
8 votes:
Better off Ted.
2013-05-24 01:59:24 PM  
5 votes:
"Carnivale."  Or at least give us a movie to tie up most of the loose ends like "Serenity."
2013-05-24 01:45:44 PM  
5 votes:
Tales of the Gold Monkey
2013-05-24 02:33:20 PM  
4 votes:
Pushing farking Daisies.
2013-05-24 01:52:29 PM  
4 votes:
List fails without Deadwood, cocksuckers.

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2013-05-24 03:06:08 PM  
3 votes:

drkokintz: Quantum Leap

That show just needs to be rebooted.  30 years later someone tries to replicate Sam's experiment and leaps, Get Jim Belushi to play the part of Al, and have it star the guy from Chuck.
2013-05-24 02:19:08 PM  
3 votes:
Was I the only one who enjoyed HBO's Rome?

Need more Roman farked-uppery!
2013-05-24 01:57:10 PM  
3 votes:
Adventures of Brisco County Jr
Joan of Arcadia
Jake 2.0
Wolverine and the X-Men
2013-05-24 07:21:08 PM  
2 votes:
The Good Guys
2013-05-24 05:14:31 PM  
2 votes:
A last season of  Samurai Jack would be appreciated.
2013-05-24 03:54:32 PM  
2 votes:

dr.zaeus: Snatch Bandergrip: Capo Del Bandito: Snatch Bandergrip: [encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com image 447x336]

I hate that I even know what this is a picture of.

I hate you more for posting it.

I'm honored ;)

You know, the format of MST3K works very well the Netflix format...

I'm an old Ward-E fan from way back and still occasionally build a 'bot here or there, but Riffrax is just so damn funny that I don't think that I would want to see the guys get distracted from that to bring back the old show.

Oh, I concur.  Not bring the old show back, per se, but stream Rifftrax'd movies.  Similarly, I know it would be far too demanding, but I would love to see Netflix selections come with DVD options like commentaries and behind-the-scenes nonsense
2013-05-24 03:52:36 PM  
2 votes:
For shame, Fark. No love for Farscape?

/I want my fifth season, goddammit!
2013-05-24 02:01:21 PM  
2 votes:
Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil.

Just sayin'.
2013-05-25 06:56:45 PM  
1 vote:
Netflix should concentrate on new shows.

Instead of crap failed shows that already failed for a reason.
2013-05-24 11:35:54 PM  
1 vote:
Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Wheel of morality, turn turn turn...

Hello Nurse!

Boys, do they get better when they get older?

Now that's comedy!
2013-05-24 09:14:27 PM  
1 vote:
Another vote for The Tick, doesn't matter what version. Even though I loved Party Down, I think a movie may be a better way to go based on how the series ended. Since no one has mentioned it, would anyone else watch a reboot of The Critic?
2013-05-24 06:51:09 PM  
1 vote:

/kinda surprised this wasn't here yet, unless I missed it
2013-05-24 06:50:01 PM  
1 vote:
The Cape
2013-05-24 05:53:07 PM  
1 vote:
Hermans Head

Get A Life (one episode w Fred Armisen and David Cross....Fred to Chris "I farked your daughter". Chris looks at Cross, Cross says "not me, I farked Amber Tamblyn")

In Living Color

Punky Brewster

Kim Possible

She's the Sherrif
2013-05-24 05:27:43 PM  
1 vote:
The Dresden Files
2013-05-24 05:27:32 PM  
1 vote:
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (Or maybe The Adventures of Brisco County III, instead.)
Sliders (pick up with the real prof. Arturo who was left on another world)
Better Off Ted
2013-05-24 04:14:07 PM  
1 vote:
Flash Forward
Persons Unknown
2013-05-24 03:57:15 PM  
1 vote:

Snapper Carr: Crewmannumber6: Pushing farking Daisies.

Fuller's doing just fine with Hannibal right now. Besides, everything was more or less resolved so they'd have to completely retool it to make it interesting.

Doesn't mean I don't want more.
2013-05-24 03:23:49 PM  
1 vote:
2013-05-24 03:22:52 PM  
1 vote:
List fails without Wonderfalls.
2013-05-24 03:22:45 PM  
1 vote:
2013-05-24 03:21:49 PM  
1 vote:
2013-05-24 03:21:18 PM  
1 vote:

Tom_Slick: That show just needs to be rebooted. 30 years later someone tries to replicate Sam's experiment and leaps, Get Jim Belushi to play the part of Al, and have it star the guy from Chuck.

I think you might be brilliant.  Seriously.
2013-05-24 02:49:48 PM  
1 vote:
The tick
2013-05-24 02:42:11 PM  
1 vote:
They don't need to revive, reboot or remake my choice just show it: Shelly Duvall's Fairy Tale Theatre. I think it would be awesome for kids.
2013-05-24 02:33:34 PM  
1 vote:

awfulawful: Duck Tales.

If you are going to bring back an animated series make it either Animaniacs or Pinky and the Brain.
2013-05-24 02:30:23 PM  
1 vote:
This could become Netflix's "thing". Bring back shows that people loved but networks cancelled anyway.

My vote: Carnivale

If you can get Nick Stahl sober
2013-05-24 02:21:06 PM  
1 vote:

Tom_Slick: There was a very short lived sitcom, a sort of Odd Couple rip-off where a divorced guy moves in with a party guy and they would day drink hit on women etc, had kind of a Swingers feel to it.  Anybody remember the name?  They should make that show.

Men Behaving Badly


/I recommend Peep Show
//Which Netflix foolishly removed from Instant recently
2013-05-24 02:13:05 PM  
1 vote:
2013-05-24 02:00:02 PM  
1 vote:

texdent: Adventures of Brisco County Jr

2013-05-24 01:58:12 PM  
1 vote:

Ed Grubermann: Brimstone.

Dresden Reboot as well.
2013-05-24 01:56:15 PM  
1 vote:

Losac: List fails without Deadwood, cocksuckers.

[nyoobserver.files.wordpress.com image 700x486]

While I'd love to see it happen, I'm afraid too many of the stars have moved on to other shows.  I don't think you're going to pry Olyphant away from Justified at this point.  (And if you are a Deadwood fan and haven't seen Justified yet, well, then...what the hell is wrong with you?)
2013-05-24 01:54:45 PM  
1 vote:
Get a Life with Chris what's-his -name fromCabin Boy
2013-05-24 01:51:19 PM  
1 vote:
Yeah, "Alphas" would be at the top of my list. Seems like a good fit for Netflix, too.

I really liked that show.
2013-05-24 01:51:17 PM  
1 vote:
Also 10 items spread out through 4 pages? Pageclick whore much?
2013-05-24 01:48:54 PM  
1 vote:
Alphas - shutupandtakemymoney.jpg

Angel - eh...it's been too long. Boreanaz has visibly aged which really puts a dent in the suspicion of disbelief.

/in b4 Firefly.
2013-05-24 01:46:39 PM  
1 vote:
2013-05-24 01:45:09 PM  
1 vote:
Bring back Stargate you farkers.
2013-05-24 01:44:14 PM  
1 vote:
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