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2927 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 May 2013 at 9:54 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-05-24 08:49:53 AM  
I sincerely hope that all the characters are named Scotty, except for the hillbilly in the engine room who answers to Cletus.
2013-05-24 09:35:54 AM  
Ten Forward is called the "Fanny Heid".
2013-05-24 09:58:23 AM  
Set phasers to what now?? Full Size

pic is borrowed
2013-05-24 10:06:54 AM  

Englebert Slaptyback: Set phasers to what now??

[ image 346x245]

pic is borrowed

Get yer universal translator wired in tae this:

/if it's no Scottish it's CRAP!
2013-05-24 10:08:14 AM  
How can anyone take it seriously with everyone speaking with that funny, funny accent?  Why don't they learn to speak right?
2013-05-24 10:14:32 AM  
Malky? Can we get a comment from Leto II?
2013-05-24 10:28:06 AM  
Im holodeck daft, ye ken?
2013-05-24 11:05:05 AM  
drunkard.comView Full Size

Starfleet health and safety regulations wouldn't allow more than one of 'em per ship - all you'd end up with is sleeping, drinking, farking and fighting. Like Tribbles with a brogue on an bender.
2013-05-24 11:20:05 AM  
I finally watched the Star Trek pilot from the original series last night and I must say, the acting in the tribute was better than the original.
2013-05-24 12:17:04 PM  
Pigggsss... In... Spaaaaceeee!

i.imgur.comView Full Size
2013-05-24 12:39:22 PM  
Sweded. I think that's the term you are looking for, subby.
2013-05-24 01:38:41 PM  
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