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2013-05-24 10:24:12 PM  
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2013-05-24 10:25:22 PM  
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2013-05-24 10:27:06 PM  
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2013-05-24 10:29:42 PM  
I'm really on a roll !

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2013-05-24 10:31:18 PM  
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2013-05-24 10:32:45 PM  
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2013-05-24 10:33:06 PM  
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2013-05-24 10:34:20 PM  
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2013-05-24 10:35:14 PM  
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2013-05-24 10:36:21 PM  
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2013-05-24 11:17:05 PM  
Just voted again. Juno still at #5.
2013-05-24 11:21:10 PM  

Spiralmonkey: tigerose: Spiralmonkey: bookmark

I have so many bookmarks for Caturday I could make a quilt!

How ya doin?

I am once again imprisoned in bed under the not insubstantial weight of a 'big boned' black cat. He is a 12 pound behemoth. Not overweight by much, just really really big.

My boy was at the vet again today for a final checkup on a lump he's had on his back for a couple of weeks now, vet says bloods were clear and lump is definitely a reaction to the flea injection. Hooray?!? Anyway, he's not bothered by it. Snoring at the moment, got his paws wrapped round his tribble and happy as a clam.

Will we be lucky enough to get any beautiful prose this week? I always look forward to that. (Not being pushy, just honest appreciation!)

oh yes, I will poem this week..keep checkin the thread. I never know what will strike me, and get my brain thinking of a poem.
2013-05-24 11:28:06 PM  
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2013-05-24 11:29:14 PM  
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Appears to be blank for catptioning all the bad jokes onto.  Fetch by CDK, quite Ago.
Past time for me to turn into a lump.  CYez all in the daylit AM.

2013-05-24 11:56:51 PM  
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2013-05-25 01:54:20 AM  
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2013-05-25 02:29:26 AM  
Oh, glad i checked in this Caturday

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2013-05-25 02:35:18 AM  
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2013-05-25 02:35:40 AM  
Of course I voted for Juno.  If not for Little Mews, then at least because Juno is worthy ;)

Good luck to Little Mews Rescue!
2013-05-25 07:22:19 AM  

James72: [farm9.staticflickr.com image 300x470]

Is this from a T-shirt that is available online?
2013-05-25 07:37:59 AM  
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2013-05-25 07:53:04 AM  
Good Meowning!

Eli is out to bedevil the rodents, and use the outdoor necessary..:) I like this, because then I don't have to do the litter so often.
2013-05-25 07:57:07 AM  
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Morning! Hope everyone slept well. At least it's not raining here......yet. :D
2013-05-25 07:58:25 AM  
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2013-05-25 08:00:20 AM  
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2013-05-25 08:13:32 AM  
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2013-05-25 08:13:35 AM  
Juno is still #4 as of my vote this morning. hope to see a bump now that the thread has gone live.
2013-05-25 08:15:05 AM  
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2013-05-25 08:20:46 AM  
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2013-05-25 08:22:35 AM  
Just voted again, Juno is a # 4, she's moving on up!! I hope she wins, it would be great for Little Mews.
2013-05-25 08:24:43 AM  

syzygy whizz: John Buck 41: Bathia_Mapes: John Buck 41: Bathia_Mapes: Okay, I voted. Will vote again tomorrow.

Any idea why it's taking so long for  Dark Shadows(2012 movie) to show up on NetFlix?

For rental or streaming? If the latter, probably never. Warner/Universal/MGM streaming licenses expired recently so Netflix lost a considerable amount of content. Warner has their own site now for streaming content.

The only other thing I can suggest is check your local library. I got my copy from ours and frankly, I was disappointed with the movie. Except for the photo showing the cameo scene for Jonathan Frid, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker & David Selby in the 2012 Dark Shadows movie, you will not anything else from that movie in my profile.

I was hoping for streaming. I was aware that Netflix recently massively cut their library. I'll probably just try to find a used Dvd at the local indie music/video store. I wasn't crazy about the movie but enjoyed the Maine angle and thought Depp was great.

If it helps, I've gotten some very good deals at Amazon buying used books and Books-on-CD (which I then donate to my library).
I was told that the library isn't supposed to buy used books/CDs/etc. ...but donated stuff is used by definition and just fine as long as it's in good condition... ;-)

As a librarian for a cash-strapped library - THANK YOU.
2013-05-25 08:35:52 AM  

maynerdkitty: Just voted again, Juno is a # 4, she's moving on up!! I hope she wins, it would be great for Little Mews.

It would make me and Juno pretty happy too!

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2013-05-25 08:39:45 AM  
If anyone is interested in coming up with their own campaign slogan, here's the blank

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2013-05-25 08:49:36 AM  
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2013-05-25 08:54:25 AM  
Juno is now #3 !-
2013-05-25 09:00:05 AM  
Good Morning... won't be able to vote again until this evening.. Juno is presently # 3... with a large fan base..... got rather cool last night.. Fred is doing well, got his dinner and meds last night.. ran around in the yard for a while.. has really gotten into the playing routine.. checked the monitor before hitting the hay last night, he was curled up in the bed and the heating pad was on ( thermostat controlled)... sunny today and 72 breezy degrees....
2013-05-25 09:06:53 AM  
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2013-05-25 09:08:34 AM  
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2013-05-25 09:17:18 AM  
Voted. And donated $5 to Little Mews.

Damn these pregnancy hormones - I was tearing up while clicking the donate button.

Slightly off-topic: does anyone have good advice on how to acclimate a spoiled adult cat to newborns? I'm not due until late November, but is there something I can be doing now to smooth the transition from 'one cat 2 hoomins' to '1 cat, 2 hoomins and a smelly and noisy ... thing'? My cat does have claws and I will never declaw him. He is intelligent and mischivious but mostly well-behaved.
2013-05-25 09:25:12 AM  
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2013-05-25 09:30:20 AM  
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2013-05-25 09:33:23 AM  
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2013-05-25 09:35:55 AM  

sherpa18: [i415.photobucket.com image 370x384]

I voted!!!! Please don't lock me up with QJ on a hushpuppy bender!! :D
2013-05-25 09:39:39 AM  
Other kitties may visit Derp Town occasionally and some may even live there, but Juno owns teh Derp Town.

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2013-05-25 09:40:25 AM  

sherpa18: [i415.photobucket.com image 370x384]

That would convince anyone !!!    I would have to respond with jalopeno pepperoni pizza... cleared a warehouse once that way... meeting in progress was resumed outside.....  if all the Caturdayers vote, Juno will rule !
2013-05-25 09:41:24 AM  
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Good Meowning! credit lajimi, 8-25-12

Did get to votie this AM, Juno still #3 as earlier reported.  Wonder if/how I can find out how long contest continues; if not, something may be either wrong or missing.  Tnx predle for DIY campaign graphic, tho for those of us less talented the captions will have to be Not Lined Up on the placards.
2013-05-25 09:43:33 AM  

sherpa18: [i415.photobucket.com image 370x384]

Also, let Dragon know that a donation was made in his honor to Little Mews....
2013-05-25 09:44:04 AM  
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2013-05-25 09:46:41 AM  
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2013-05-25 09:49:02 AM  
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