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(KOCO Oklahoma City) NewsFlash Large tornado on ground right now -in- OKC   ( divider line
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2013-05-20 07:20:48 PM  
25 kids still awaiting to be picked up by parents from All About Kids Daycare. Those poor parents must be insanely anxious.
2013-05-20 07:21:41 PM  
I see that the one gentleman is signaling for white people only
2013-05-20 07:21:55 PM  

Popcorn Johnny: Why doesn't Westboro show up for these? Seems like it would be right up their "wrath of God" talking point.

You know if they did I don't think anyone would be arrested for some severe ass whippings that would no doubt ensue
2013-05-20 07:22:09 PM  
2013-05-20 07:22:53 PM  
Listening to the OKC scanner and not feeling really good about tonight - I'm up the road (I-44) in Missouri, and not scheduled to work tonight.  Feel like I might as well take a shower and put some comfy clothes on to go work in the middle of the night, days off be damned.

I do love the officers requesting wreckers for totaled cars - yeah.  Right.  How about you just use a fire truck to move it out of the way?
2013-05-20 07:23:17 PM  

Bontesla: Those poor parents must be insanely anxious.

Not to be too morbid, But they may never arrive. :-(
/think about it. Most people pick a daycare close to where they work and live
2013-05-20 07:23:46 PM  
Thanks to everyone who posted maps.

While I can't get a hold of my family, it looks like today's tornado pulled up in time and, like last night, they were safe by a few miles (which is a long way in tornado terms).
2013-05-20 07:23:51 PM  
Sitting here in Arkansas, chewing my nails a bit (and chewing pizza).

My heart goes out to those in the path of the storm... myself included, I guess.
2013-05-20 07:23:52 PM  

GypsyJoker: derpy: so, what big west coast story was Brian Williams originally planning on reporting from LA tonight?

Ray Manzarek died.

Aw man. I took a call from him when I worked at AOL, he was super cool.

Okay, back to trying not to cry every time I think about Plaza Towers.
2013-05-20 07:23:56 PM  

Shostie: Thanks, 0bama!

Clearly he needs to take our minds off umbrellagate.
2013-05-20 07:24:15 PM  
You know you're a redneck when your house, car, garage, pool are all blown away, but you hang the confederate flag on your broken tree.
2013-05-20 07:24:52 PM  

God-is-a-Taco: As usual, the storm lost the majority of its energy before reaching Tulsa county. I might not even get rain here.

I'm in Bixby and it just sprinkled a bit here.
2013-05-20 07:25:27 PM  

Geriatric Goodman Brown: Our family is safe, but man that was waaaaaay too close for comfort. Thanks to the two farkers who provided details.

/It's drinking time.

Please tip one back for me! You farkers have suffered enough for one day.
2013-05-20 07:27:26 PM  
I am in Waco.  Nasty one just west.  Gulp.

/snide jokes about Waco go here:
2013-05-20 07:28:02 PM  

Glendale: tinfoil-hat maggie: megalynn44: ZeroCorpse: If it were me, I'd get the fark out of New Orleans, Oklahoma, Kansas, or anywhere in tornado alley or hurricane zones that are below farking sea level. I'd also not live anywhere near the banks of the Mississippi River, or near the parts of California that are set ablaze every damned year.

This is retarded. There is nowhere you can live where you will be guaranteed safe from natural disaster. Storms, fire, earthquakes, landslides, flooding, blizzard, tsunami, yada yada yada. I get massive eye roll when people spout this "just move" bullshiat.

So very true and correct.

Well, there's places where you should expect disasters on a recurring basis and others where it's not a routine thing. But that's about it, given enough time something will probably happen eventually.

That's all I'm saying. If it's routine, why put up with that? What's so great about these places that people risk life and everything they have for them?
2013-05-20 07:28:04 PM  

ForrestRump: Serious question: If this area of the country is constantly plagued with Tornado's why do they still build above ground? I realize underground structures are not very aesthetic but building above ground and having this happen seems unnecessary.

close to surface water tables

Your answer makes perfect sense. Thanks for responding. But don't they have tornado shelters which are underground? I am not suggesting reverse high rises or anything. I don't know, just battling the bad news with possible solutions that have most likely been hammered out long before I came around.

It comes down to cost, a wood frame structure, isn't cheap but still one of the cheapest ways to build, steal beam frame are more expensive yet safer but a storm like this would take it down, a full concrete and steal construction is very expensive but could make it except for windows and such. Building underground is very expensive there.
2013-05-20 07:28:12 PM  
2013-05-20 07:29:34 PM  

Random Name Generator: hoping this one doesn't hook straight into the DFW
[ image 474x320]

Speaking of hook that looks like it may be forming one.
2013-05-20 07:29:47 PM  

libranoelrose: Just put the dipshiat on ignore and save everyone the hassle of skipping his quoted ass.

You are wise. I won't put him ignore, I'll just do it manually. I think I can, I think I can.

ArtosRC: Staggering incompetence on the matter. Unbelievable.

Sometimes you talk all smart & sexy-like. I really like it.

gameshowhost: Ah I meant last week... my bad. Have a safe drive home.

We had some heavy sustained rains that made driving hell. But other than that, it was a non-event for us.

It is currently windy & muggy as hell outside. You can feel it brewing (dogs are going nuts, too), but hopefully, things won't be severe by the time they get here. Counting on the cap & evening cooling to nip it in the bud.
2013-05-20 07:29:53 PM  
Russ Feingold's Brass Balls: Same here, and I don't have very much confidence in the LR forecasters... a big chunk of my apartment complex already burned down this week, I could only imagine another tornado passing through here. *shudder*
2013-05-21 07:22:06 AM  
Hey everyone,

This thread is starting to fill up so we're going to open a new live discussion thread and close this one in 5 minutes or so.

Here's the new discussion thread.
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