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(Boston Globe)   IRS office in Cincinnati was "understaffed backwater." We knew that when we were told it was in Cincinnati   ( bostonglobe.com) divider line
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2013-05-19 05:29:39 PM  
As long as Cinci keeps supplying me with Graeter's ice cream I'm fine with the city existing...
2013-05-19 05:55:20 PM  

Fissile: Article headline:

"Employees given heavy workload, little direction"
I know someone who worked on the most recent Census.  Wanna know what it was like?  See directly above.

My friend ran into more than a little Tea-Party herp 'n derp while trying to hunt down non-respondents.   People who "knew"  the Census was a ruse used by Obama to set up UN detention camps.  My friend told me he stood there thinking to himself, "UN detention camps?  The people running this show probably couldn't set up a preschool summer camp."

That anecdote sums up America pretty well IMHO. The government is massive and at least somewhat incompetent and the citizenry is crazily paranoid. The part that would be funny if I didn't live here is that this is one of the youngest nations on the planet. The American government today is exactly what the generations back to and including the Founding Fathers made it.
2013-05-19 07:00:43 PM  

Weidermeijer: I'm sorry, I know I am in the minority, but if your group tries to get exempt status and your group is all about no taxes... AND you are the tax people... YEAH... you should expect to be scrutinized.

If you are attending the NAMBLA conference, expect to be scrutinized for being a pedophile.

This isn't a stretch.

That being said, there should be VERY, VERY few tax exempt groups.

Tax churches, legalize and tax weed and prostitution and we will make huge advancements in the infrastructure of this county.

This, this, this.  Republicans manage to show me a smoking gun, ie "get all these Tea Partiers!!!"...heck, show me a single group that got DENIED their exemption, and I'll sit up and take notice.

Until then...yawn.  I remember the Republicans using the FCC to actually TAKE radio stations from libs and give them to bible thumper stations, so, screw them...this isn't even in the same league.
2013-05-19 07:15:54 PM  
Ok.  I'll accept that excuse.  Now explain what happened in the other offices that were involved in this problem, which includes ashington, DC.  I doubt the "understaffed" excuse will work for that one.
2013-05-19 07:21:37 PM  

neongoats: Yeah, how dare those IRS guys notice all these anti-tax political organizations trying to cheat their taxes.

Yet there was not a single case of "tax cheaters".  Advocating the government reduce spending and taxes is hardly the same as advocating cheating on your taxes.
2013-05-19 07:50:04 PM  

SquiggsIN: tfresh: I quit expecting that a LONG time ago. I've worked for the government writing software and doing contract work for years. I'm going to write all about it one day in my book, 'People Suck'.

When i was contracting with the state I recall numerous occasions when doing things the right way meant doing twice as much work just to ensure the bureaucrats could justify their taxpayer-funded salaries.  Nothing was efficient and they tried to keep it that way to ensure job security.  It's a giant joke.  It's one thing to be thorough but this wasn't about that, it was completely about obfuscating how worthless most of the state employees were.

Yeah pretty much. When I was working for the Corps of Engineers their overhead was something around 30-35%. They were building office buildings with no people in them to insure their budget was spent and wouldn't go down the next year. The busiest time of the year was the last month before the end of their fiscal year!!

'Hey its us.. can you bill us for 500 hours of work before wednesday?'
2013-05-19 08:17:38 PM  

Every Form 941 (Employer Withholding Taxes) from 25 states, the entire east coast, is processed there. That is not a small, "backwater" facility.
2013-05-19 11:31:21 PM  

Ohiofarker: Fta -
But the Exempt Organizations Division - concentrated in Cincinnati with fewer than 200 workers, according to IRS officials - is staffed mostly with accountants, clerks, and civil servants. They review about 70,000 applications for exemptions each year.

Rounding a little - that's about 2/day per person.

I honestly don't know what an application looks like, but I'm guessing that 2 reviews a day is not overly burdensome.

Cincinnati is actually a regional Hub for the IRS. But you have to look half a mile south in Covington Ky, to find it. The IRS has two huge facilities there with hundreds of staffers.

Per the article, if there was only one person working "tea party" applications and they were held up for nearly 3 years, that is a bureaucratic dead letter office. The person assigned to that post was a fuse, meant to be burned with the activity was exposed.

It is more relevant to look to the department head, who was given three bonus's that were so large they required presidential approval. That is a reward for burying those tea party applications far from the light of day for as long as she did.
2013-05-19 11:54:44 PM  
You think Cincinnati is bad?

You work for the Internal Revenue Service! You deserve every bad thing that can happen in this life.
2013-05-20 03:07:28 AM  

Ohiofarker: is staffed mostly with accountants, clerks, and civil servants.

What the fark else would an IRS office be staffed with?
2013-05-20 03:26:34 AM  

Clemkadidlefark: You think Cincinnati is bad?

You work for the Internal Revenue Service!  You deserve every bad thing that can happen in this life.

I got audited once.  I think the guy was especially hard on me because I asked him if his mother knew what he did for a living.
2013-05-20 06:27:42 AM  

Yogimus: Ohiofarker: is staffed mostly with accountants, clerks, and civil servants.

What the fark else would an IRS office be staffed with?

Dholes, byakhee, lesser cacodemons, and hagfish.
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