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(Bundesliga)   Many issues are settled, but no lack of drama. There are battles for the Europa League as well as a big fight to stay in the top league. Also, today is Jupp Heynckes's final match as coach of FC Bayern. Your Matchday 34 (and final) Bundesliga thread   ( bundesliga.com) divider line
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2013-05-18 06:33:12 AM  
Here's the menu today. As always, home team first, position in brackets.
Borussia Mönchengladbach (8) - Bayern München (1)
Hannover 96 (9) - Fortuna Düsseldorf (15)
SC Freiburg (5) - Schalke 04 (4)
Hamburger SV (7) - Bayer Leverkusen (3)
Eintracht Frankfurt (6) - VfL Wolfsburg (10)
FC Nürnberg (13) - Werder Bremen (14)
Borussia Dortmund (2) 1899 Hoffenheim (17)
VfB Stuttgart (11) - Mainz 05 (12)
FC Augsburg (16) - Greuther Fürth (18)
Here's what's settled and what's still at stake:
- The three tickets to the Champions League group stage are already booked. Bayern, Dortmund, and Leverkusen are in.
- Three teams still have a shot at fourth place and entry into the Champions League qualifiers. Schalke is in the spot right now, but Freiburg can claim it with a win against S04. Frankfurt has an outside chance if they win by more than four goals Schalke and Freiburg draw.
- At worst, Schalke and Freiburg are safely in the Europa League (which is also what would happen should a team lose in the CL qualifier). Frankfurt is holding the last EL place as of now and keeps it with at least a draw against Wolfsburg. Should Frankfurt lose, HSV can claim the place with a win against Leverkusen. Mönchengladbach technically has a chance, but they would need 
a) Frankfurt loss, 
b) HSV draw or worse, and 
c) would need to make up at least six goals difference on Frankfurt.
Down at the bottom of the table:
- Greuther Fürth drops to the second league
- Bremen is safe in 14th place
- Düsseldorf, Augsburg, and Hoffenheim are all in the mix for places 15-17. 
> A Hoffenheim draw or loss at Dortmund means they drop down. If this happens and:
a) Düsseldorf and Augsburg both win, both lose, or both draw - Augsburg drops down, and Düsseldorf goes into a relegation playoff against the third-place finisher from the 2nd league (1farkaiserslautern). The only outside chance for Augsburg is is they make up five goals difference.
b) Düsseldorf wins or draws and Augsburg draws or loses - Düsseldorf stays up, Augsburg to the relegation playoff
c) Düsseldorf loses and Augsburg wins or draws: Augsburg stays up, Düsseldorf to the relegation playoff
> If Hoffenheim wins and:
a) Augsburg and Düsseldorf both lose - Hoffenheim stays up, Augsburg drops, and Düsseldorf goes into the relegation playoff
b) either Augsburg or Düsseldorf lose, and the other gets a draw or better - the team that wins stays up, the team that loses drops down, and Hoffenheim goes to the relegation playoff 
c) Augsburg and Düsseldorf both win - Hoffenheim drops down, Düsseldorf stays up, Augsburg to the relegation playoff
Also, the second league is settled. Hertha Berlin and Eintracht Braunschweig will move up to the top flight, and third-place Kaiserslautern will be in a two-game playoff against the 16th-place finisher in the top league, with the winner playing in the 1st league next year.
2013-05-18 07:44:49 AM  
Ugh...formatting fail. That's what I get for copypasta-ing from LOLNOTEPAD.
2013-05-18 09:45:30 AM  
Anyone watching the League 2 playoff final? I know that's English,but I doubt we'll get a thread for it. Bradford City (the League 2 finalists that made the League cup final and lost to Swansea) are up 3-0 at halftime and looking like they are already into League 1.
2013-05-18 10:08:19 AM  
Thank you for all the raw data.
I am in the swiss mountains right now and the internet is too slow to stream. Waiting for the Sportschau.
It´s killing me. I am a Sky Konferenz-Addict.

Hoping for Düsseldorf to at least make it to the Relegation and Hoffenheim to disappear forever.
Otherwise, hopefully there are no injuries for Bayern and Dortmund, I want all their players available for the CL Finale so there can´t be any lame excuses afterwards.

/Dortmund will win the CL Finale
//Usually rooting for Bayern München, my Fark Name could be a hint to that.
2013-05-18 10:09:51 AM  
Oh, and I will revisit this thread after the Sportschau only, too afraid of spoilers.
BUT I think a Bundesliga thread is a great thing. Thanks, subby.
2013-05-18 10:30:59 AM  
Half time:
Mönchengladbach 3-2 Bayern
Hannover 1-0 Düsseldorf
Freiburg 0-1 Schalke
Hamburg 0-0 Leverkusen
Frankfurt 1-2 Wolfsburg
Nürnberg 0-1 Bremen
Dortmund 1-0 Hoffenheim
Stuttgart 2-2 Mainz
Augsburg 1-0 Furth

If everything stands as is:
- Schalke to CL qualification
- Freiburg and Frankfurt in Europa League
- Augsburg stays up
- Düsseldorf to relegation playoff
- Hoffenheim drops down
2013-05-18 11:09:55 AM  
RED CARD...Dortmund's keeper....PK upcoming!
2013-05-18 11:11:29 AM  
Field player in goal...pk is GOOD!!!!  Hoffenheim control their destiny with 9 minutes and a man up to go...
2013-05-18 11:23:38 AM  
Oh what a finish....Goal...then disallowed....offsides..and correct call.
2013-05-18 11:55:49 AM  
Relegation Picture:

Fürth and Düsseldorf automatic relegation

Hertha Berlin and Eintracht Braunschweig automatic promotion

Hoffenheim vs Kaiserslautern in the relegation playoff
2013-05-18 02:22:11 PM  

Sir Cumference the Flatulent: - Freiburg and Frankfurt in Europa League

Well, that's interesting...

I think at the end of the group stage this year, Germany had the most clubs still alive in the CL and EL. Not sure these two will even make it through the qualifying (barring a kind draw)
2013-05-18 03:33:00 PM  
This is what happens if I don´t watch Sky Konferenz.

Really sad about Düsseldorf, stupid Hoffenheim will get relegated against Lautern. Hopefully.

Anybody heard how injured Hummels is? If he doesn´t get to play next week München has a huge advantage, Dortmund has no good defense strategy without him. I loved seeing Grosskreutz as a goalie though, a player I really don´t like. But he always gives 100% and doesn´t give a shiat about the odds.
If I were Klopp I´d put him in the starting Eleven just so that the Borussia doesn´t go into the game all chicken-y.

And Cajnik: Freiburg has such great young players, they could get even better next season, they do an excellent job with finding young talent. Maybe they stand a chance to go places.
And Veh rocks, I hope for Frankfurt to go far.

I expect Schalke to be a contender for the Meisterschaft next season alongside Gladbach, Dortmund and München.
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