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(Salon)   Media Matters sends out talking points defending Obama's DOJ obtaining AP phone logs so dumb and partisan that even Salon is forced to blush   ( salon.com) divider line
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2013-05-17 01:12:05 PM  
3 votes:

cheyanne9: [www.investors.com image 800x549]

I must say, that caricature of Obama has a remarkably skinny head.
2013-05-17 10:56:59 AM  
2 votes:

Kibbler: PawisBetlog: Citrate1007: This is the primary difference between the right and left.  The left calls out bullshiat like this........the right repeats it until their dumb ass base no longer remembers the truth.


But srsly, even though it's being called out and refuted, Media Matters should have scrutiny and ridicule heaped upon it at least as much as all the libbiest libs heap onto Foxnews and the like.

Because Media Matters is a 24/7 cable news channel.  Because Media Matters and Fox News have equal influence.  Because Media Matters claims to report all of "the news."  Because Media Matters constantly stresses that they're "fair and balanced."  Because Media Matters claims that all other news outlets are biased lamestream driveby media, but they, the single largest news media organization, are different.  Pure.  Good.
American.  Because one of Media Matters' best-known talking heads has been boycotted by numerous advertisers because so many people have expressed disgust with him.  Because liberal politicians jump from the "I HATEZ ME SOME MEDIA" bandwagon to well-paying positions within Media Matters, where they leave behind all semblance of reasonable debate and instead simply regurgitate "ZOMG Republican Monster Scandal" talking points.

No, because Media Matters is engaging in partisan hackery, and partisan hackery should be reviled and ridiculed wherever it appears, anywhere on the political spectrum, whether it's your stabbing at the heart of your opponent from the castle of your mom's basement, or from a major news outlet.

\for the record, it was not my pee you tasted in your cheerios this morning, look elsewhere.
2013-05-17 10:38:52 AM  
2 votes:
This proves the Democratic Party is imploding.
2013-05-17 08:50:58 AM  
2 votes:
Which distinguishes them, of course, from other talking points, which are normally non-partisan and rich with analytic detail.
2013-05-17 03:47:23 PM  
1 vote:

Infernalist: GOP = Embraces stupid and crazy.  Democrats = Ignores and marginalizes crazy and stupid.

Again, I am sure you see it that way. We both agree that both parties produce morons in congress, but you seem convinced that the DNC ones are somehow equivelant to your eccentric aunt, and the RNC ones are somewhow equivelant to that pervy guy that runs the ice cream truck. And certainly we can debate it for another four hours and swap examples about how it's DNC whackjobs who punch policemen, but its RNC whackjobs who advocate killing abortionists, but DNC whackjobs write letters of apology to Fidel Castro, but RNC loons have ties to white supremacist groups but DNC congressmen used to recruit for the KKK, but RNC guys have hookers, but DNC guys have gay prostitution rings run out of their basement, but RNC guys have bribe money frozen in blocks of ice in theri freezers, and on and on.

So I am content to accept that you think the DNC is somehow imbued with a higher moral standard than the RNC, but I don't agree myself. Becasue, again, I think the artificial conceit of party affiliation and loyalty is fundementally absurd.

And I can't help but wonder exactly how much of your definaition of "crazy and stupid" includes "has a different political ideology than my own".
2013-05-17 01:44:23 PM  
1 vote:

BojanglesPaladin: BMulligan: Completely comfortable? No. Relatively sure that they won't have a psychotic break and shoot up the gallery? Yes. And I couldn't say that if I were a Republican.

I'm curious who you think is in dager of doing that.

There are several Republican members of Congress whom, I believe, are holding on to some semblance of sanity only by a thread - Gohmert, Paul, and Bachmann are among the most obvious examples - but the guy who scares me most is Dave Reichert. Dude suffered a serious closed-head injury and every now and then he just skips a groove. He has great hair, though, and all the old rich ladies in Bellevue think he's almost as dreamy as Neil Diamond.
2013-05-17 01:28:05 PM  
1 vote:

BojanglesPaladin: Infernalist: As long as the GOP embraces people like Bachmann, King, Rand/RON PAUL and Santorum, they'll never get another vote from me.

So you are completely comfortable with everyone the DNC "embraces"?

Completely comfortable? No. Relatively sure that they won't have a psychotic break and shoot up the gallery? Yes. And I couldn't say that if I were a Republican.
2013-05-17 01:23:05 PM  
1 vote:

mediablitz: Marshal805: The problem with Partisans is that they never think their being partisan.

/Both sides are bad/ You sound tired/ Derp Derp Derp/ Blah blah blah.

You, or course, are COMPLETELY impartial, highly non-partisan.

You have an unreasoned allegiance to non-partisanship. High five!

Jon Stewart is not going sleep with you.
2013-05-17 12:37:13 PM  
1 vote:
I can only imagine the spittle-spewing from the right that would have resulted had DOJ not used every legal means at its disposal to investigate the leaks. Eric Cantor would have been screaming about Obama's gross negligence regarding our national security. Mitch McConnell would have been demanding a thorough investigation of everyone from the Attorney General himself down to the janitors. A drunk John Boehner would have been demanding jail time for anyone found to have been involved in the decision making process. There would have been hearings at which everyone from Louis Gohmert to Michelle Bachmann could have their ten minutes in the spotlight, insisting that Obama has eviscerated the effectiveness of our intelligence community. Say what you will about the propriety of the subpoena issued in this matter, but you must concede that at least it spared us the media circus that surely would have followed had DOJ proceeded otherwise.
2013-05-17 11:22:22 AM  
1 vote:
Hey GOP, remember all those times people have posted stuff to you that basically boiled down to "Stop crying wolf, or people are going to start tuning you out completely and when there really 'is' something to be upset about, no one's going to believe you."

Well, you didn't listen.  You screamed and wailed and squealed over every little stupid thing in the world, until every sane soul in America just rolled their collective eyes and stopped listening to you.

And now?  Well, let's just say that if you'd acted 'sane' the last five years, I guarantee you people would be taking this a LOT more seriously.  As it is, most people are skimming it, seeing your involvement and simply chalking it up to the Outrage of The Week.

You were warned, and honestly, it makes me sick.

This is what 'the loyal opposition' is all about, guys.  You're supposed to keep the Democrats on their toes, but you lost your farking minds over 'arugula'.  And mustard.  And gardens.  And the President having a beer.  And the fact that he golfs.  And a thousand and one other insignificant things, all because you ran into a Democrat that didn't have any skeletons in his closet and who has an innate talent for trolling your ignorant asses until you make complete fools out of yourselves on a regular basis.

So, now you're a joke on the world stage and when the Democrats 'do' get out of hand and push too far, people automatically assume it's less than what it might be, because YOU are outraged.  Again.  And they assume it's something on the scale of mustard and birf certificat whar.
2013-05-17 10:33:18 AM  
1 vote:

BojanglesPaladin: or that the left doesn;t have a dumb ass base

This is actually provably false.

The liberal base is statistically more informed and less prone to conspiracies than conservatives. This should be obvious to anyone at this point.

We're the people that actually realize Colbert is making fun of you.
2013-05-17 10:31:29 AM  
1 vote:
Media Matters is actually where most of the AP, Chris Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow and Jon Stewart get their talking points from.  Then Total Fark spits it out a day later.

Its funny when you hear montages of reporters from all over the country using the exact same language.
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