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(Boulder Daily Camera)   If you've been arrested for killing a bicyclist while driving drunk, it does not look good if in your past you've publicly said bicyclists don't belong in your town. Or if you're sporting a Hitler mustache in your mugshot   ( dailycamera.com) divider line
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2013-05-16 08:04:58 AM  
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2013-05-16 12:08:10 PM  
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RedT: AverageAmericanGuy: 7 pounds? It's a bicycle, not a motorcycle.

We assumed you were swinging a chain with a padlock on it like movie badasses do.

Many times I have been pedaling down the street at 20+ miles an hour while someone in a car at a stop sign makes eye contact with me for an extended amount of time...like 3-5 seconds. Then they pull out across my path as if they don't even see me.

More than once I have given a nice open-handed smack to their car. It leaves no damage but it gives a great sound that wakes their ass up.

Its my right to ride on the road.

/ I'd stay for more snark, but I've got 26 minutes to get to the gym.
// Free tickets to the gun show.
2013-05-16 10:26:53 AM  
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Regarding the increasingly antagonistioc relationship between drivers and cyclists: suffice it to say, I see just as much idiocy from drivers every day as I do from cyclists.  Plenty of blame to go around here.

Notes to drivers:
1.  Serious cyclists are going a hell of a lot faster than you think.  Don't cut them off if you can't judge closing speeds accurately.  Don't pull out directly in front of them either.
2.  Don't pass on blind curves, don't tailgate right behind a cyclist for mile after mile frustrating everyone, don't pass with inches to spare at 60 MPH.  Common sense here.
3.  Cyclists travel in packs for many good reasons.  It's safer and a crucial part of the sport.
4.  10 seconds of patience is really not a lot to ask for.  Calm the eff down.
5.  Please understand that you can't do 28 MPH on a sidewalk or bike path.  There is a reason cyclists are on the road.  Also, cyclists legally have the right to the entire lane despite what you may think.
6.  There are extremely good reasons to wear bike shorts, tight jerseys shiny cleats and mushroom-shaped helmets.  We know we look ridiculous, but try doing a fast 4 hour ride in jeans some time.
7.  There is a good chance that a cyclist will catch you at the next light.  Don't be an asshole.

Notes to cyclists:
1.  Even if you're "right", you are going to lose in any argument with a car.  Ride accordingly.  Get out of the way at intersections in particular.
2.  Stay the hell off of busy roads.  Ride at non-busy hours on back roads.
3.  Lights.  Use them.  Use really bright ones.
4.  Single file the vast, vast majority of the time.  Stop chatting and (again) get the hell out of the way.
5.  Do not blow through stop signs or lights, ever.
6.  Do not go into Starbucks in full race kit.  Ever.  In fact, unless you're on a bike averaging 19 MPH+, don't wear full race kit.  Take of your kit as soon as you get off of the bike.
7.  Look behind you, be aware of where cars are and what they're trying to do.
2013-05-16 09:06:26 AM  
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Dr. Cox has really gone downhill since Scrubs went off the air.
2013-05-16 08:46:08 AM  
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WTFDYW: gulf carts

Those must be HUGE.
2013-05-16 08:40:33 AM  
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AverageAmericanGuy: Well I use Mac/Linux...: AverageAmericanGuy: I've had to take swings at motorists who weren't giving space a few times. While hitting a biker may result in just a little damage to your car, it means life or death to me. So if you're going to threaten my life, you better be ready when I defend it.

What were people doing driving in a bike lane?

First, a lot of cagers try to scare cyclists by drifting into the bike lane. These are the worst. A quick swing of a bike lock into their windshield gets them back over into their own lane.

Second, on roads without bike lanes, I have an absolute right to the road, just as any other vehicle out there does. Trying to run a cyclist down or scare them off the road is illegal.

It is asshole internet tough guys like you that gives the rest of us considerate cyclists a bad name. Do you know why I don't have confrontational, chest-thumping douche anecdotes about my cycling? Because I ride on bike paths. I understand that the physics of mass trumps my right away and it takes me 2 seconds to move a little closer to the shoulder instead of being a smegma filled dick and start endangering every other cyclist and motorist with my bad to the bone need to shatter windshields and be a cock in general. You are everything that is wrong with this farking society. You're a goddamned special snowflake who doesn't give a shiat who you hurt as long as you're allowed to lash out like a petulant 3 year old. Get the fark over whatever insecurities and immaturity that makes it okay in your mind to be a self-entitled, physically dangerous cock before you actually hurt someone. Or get to the gym in 26 minutes, whatever works for you tough guy.
2013-05-16 08:29:36 AM  
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I've written rants on the subject of idiots on bicycles, but I'm not going to blog-whore today.
2013-05-16 08:28:27 AM  
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Drunk, angry and old is no way to live out your life. Dumbass.
2013-05-16 08:07:44 AM  
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Here we go again... a Godwin's law thread! You know better subby.
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