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2013-05-16 10:10:53 AM  

computerguyUT: But....but....Obummer promised that our universal health care system would not cost me one thin dime!


You sound like one of those "keep your government hands off my Medicare" morons.

The problem with federalized healthcare is the system is so big, you have to spend money to save money; just changing the paperwork costs millions.  And dragging unwilling people into the system DOES make counter-intuitive sense (risk pooling is what every insurance company on the planet does, and, oddly, conservatives have no problem with it...), but you've got every special interest group under the sun distorting the system for their own benefit.

I'm not really a fan of mandated healthcare, since I got stuck with Romney's version here in Mass, but at least Obama is TRYING to solve the situation; we had years of Republicans (and prior Dems) just kicking the can down the road.  Look how well THAT worked out.
2013-05-16 10:15:28 AM  

PunGent: I guess my point is, there's no such thing as a perfect system.

That really shouldn't stop us from trying to make one. No, I'm not insinuating anything by that either, nor pointing out that you might be pushing another hidden agenda.

/Now I know how the Elcor feel.
2013-05-16 11:44:26 AM  

Mr.Man: My daughter bumped her head in Waikiki and required 6 stitches. She saw 3 different doctors and they billed our insurance company almost $7000 for it. In Canada it would have cost about 5% of that amount if you had no medical coverage.
Something is rotten in the system, from my limited perspective.

I fell into a fire pit and hit my head on the brick rim pretty damn hard back in March.  I went to the hospital  just to be safe.  The intake guy took my temperature, took my blood pressure, entered my basic information into the computer(took about a minute), put two wristbands on me, and then walked me back to an examination room.  The hospital charged me $950 for that.  The whole thing took less than five minutes, required minimal effort and special expertise on the intake fellows part, and required the use of two pieces of equipment(blood pressure machine and fancy thermometer) that must've been paid for in full by the second time they were used considering how much they charged.

THEN, in the examination room, a physician came in, asked me a few questions, quickly looked at the back of my head, shined the light in my eyes, tapped my knees with that funny little hammer they have, looked in my ears with the ear-looker-inner, did that resistance test thing where they see if they can push your hands downward, and then gave me a frickin' handout about head injuries.  Said I seemed fine.  Told me to read the packet and if I exhibit any of the symptoms in it to come back.  She couldn't even be bothered to tell me the symptoms herself.  The whole farce of an exam took maybe five minutes, if I'm being generous.  The physician belonged to an independent company, and they in turn charged me $850 for the exam.

Yeah, I know.  Cool story, bro.  tl;dr version- they charge way too god damn much.  I'd cringe to think how much I would have been charged if they had given me some tylenol.

I guess that makes me the idiot for going to the hospital instead of one of the shiatty minor emergency places in one of the rundown strip malls near here.
2013-05-16 12:40:17 PM  
Yeah, I know.  Cool story, bro.  tl;dr version- they charge way too god damn much.  I'd cringe to think how much I would have been charged if they had given me some tylenol.

I guess that makes me the idiot for going to the hospital instead of one of the shiatty ...

You should have stayed home and asked your questions on some website, and just pay your health care insurance premium every month like you're supposed to. Didn't you know? You're not supposed to actually be able to afford to use any of the benefits you're paying for. Silly goose.

Me? 25% of gross income for premium. 70/30 PPO. Copays. $5000 out of pocket maximum. Well, not really. Because I'm "out of state" every dime of the difference between the contractors retail rate and the insurance company's allowable rate is my responsibility. That means about 65% of any contractors retail rate is what my bill is. Hospital? Ha! Guaranteed bankruptcy.

Mangled up my fingers on one hand, Five nice big, deep cuts on 3 out of four fingers. No emergency room for me. I had to clip some fat out of the pad of one of my fingers to allow me to tape that cut closed. Got everything closed up and not leaking. Ordered some tropical fish antibiotics off the internet and ran a course of that. Got some cool scars.

Conservatively, 15 stitches. God knows what it would have cost me, but I know it would have been outrageous. I could not afford to go and get the help I needed. So, this is an example of how someone can have insurance and not be able to use it. If I was an insurance executive I would be giddy with hand wringing greed knowing that his company is able to cash a big check every month and likely not have to write any, because they've taken the absolute maximum out of some sap. Great business model. Especially if you have a corporate run government backing it up.

PPACA, Obamacare?  I'm sure there will be some way for me to fall through some crack in that government program too.

Kill the rich. Eat the dead.
2013-05-16 04:23:52 PM  
Or just accept your mortality and die graciously when it's your turn.
2013-05-16 07:26:18 PM  
Nothing  wrong with our health care system
2013-05-16 11:56:42 PM  

TuteTibiImperes: Don't you get Medicare when you hit 65?  Maybe I'm fuzzy on how it works, but I was under the impression that it covered most healthcare costs with reasonable copays.

no, it doesnt, you are still liable for 20% of your expensies, and part B is not free (monthly premium) which covers ER and outpatient visits, part A you get at 65 usually but it only covers inpatient stays at hospitals so you are pretty much screwed if all you have is A.

so if all you go for is the part A you arent covered in the case of a visit to the ER or say if you are scheduled for a colonoscopy or any other unpleasant procedure, you won't be covered for it.

say if you have A&B and you are seen in a local ER your average bill (around $1k-$2k cheapest ive seen is $440 but that did not involve radiology or any chemistry/hematology) doctors fees being usually $300-$500, x-ray (portable) $250, chemistry and hematology $30-$300 depending on tests run, CT $1.5k-$5k
not to mention if you are admitted the costs (already rediculous) start becoming moreso

so yeah say if you get a $1,500 ER bill you are still going to owe 20% at least $300 is coming out of your pocket, which is the same with most insurances as long as you have met your deductibles if applicable.

so anyway, also medicare doesnt cover nursing home stays found that out when I had to put my mom in so I could go to college.

Source.....well I am that guy that the hospital pays to take your money :(   but they call me a financial counselor.
2013-05-17 12:09:10 AM  
I've found that this one question trips GOPers up quite easily.  It goes like this:  Why did we decide it was ok for a private company - whose sole point of existence is to maximize profit and minimize expense - to be the determining factor in our continual need for healthcare services?
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