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2013-05-16 12:26:29 AM  
Looks like a giant marshmallow vagina to me.
2013-05-16 12:44:10 AM  

miniflea: mraudacia: dont know wut it is? lets stand around it like MORONS instead of calling hazmat.

oh wait, its china, they have a population issue.

carry on citizen.

Reminds me of the tard in Brazil who found a glowing something and instead of realizing it was dangerously radioactive thought oh shiny and made it into jewelry for his wife.

or folks rushing into the sea to check things out when the tide receded a mile out. It's call human curiosity!
2013-05-16 12:56:46 AM  

TheWizard: Nick Nostril: loki see loki do: It's poop.
Poop foam.
Foaming poop juice.

Foaming Poop Juice would be a great name for a punk band.

Who wants to go watch a band named after a former senator?

The Rick Santorum Froth Explosion? Frothy Galore? Those names may be even better than my previous non-existent novelty punk band - Phallus Shaftly and the Eagle Fornicators.
2013-05-16 01:05:11 AM  

poodebunker: Looks like a giant marshmallow vagina to me.

Giant March-mellow Vagina!

Band name.
2013-05-16 06:46:53 AM  

loki see loki do: It's poop.
Poop foam.
Foaming poop juice.

Having just returned from there I must agree.
Whole place smells like poop and cigarettes.
2013-05-16 09:10:15 AM  

gglibertine: I realize this is incredibly boring of me, but as a person who works in environmental consulting, I just have to ask -- does anyone here have an idea what the hell this stuff actually is?

/loved "The Stuff" as much as anyone

Been answered several times.  Poop foam.  Feces.

When untreated sewage gets the right amount of air in it, it foams up.  There is video from Australia where offshore winds pushed the stuff into a beach parking lot 5 feet high - it was on the video tab maybe 2-3 months ago.
2013-05-16 03:14:07 PM  

cretinbob: [media.heavy.com image 640x492]

/got that on dvd
2013-05-16 04:29:56 PM  
I clicked on the article, expecting to see said images. After 'temporarily allowing site' in NoScript FIVE times(!) and not seeing any pictures, I am closing it and moving on. What a waste of my time.
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