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(WTOP)   Concerned members of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force are working to have Tamerlan Tsarnaev's body removed from the cemetery where he's buried. In other news, Virginia has an Anti-Shariah Task Force   ( wtop.com) divider line
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2013-05-14 07:50:30 PM  
Why not donate him to science?
2013-05-14 07:55:59 PM  

octopied: Why not donate him to science?

Best idea yet. Might be a bit late now, but it would have made him useful for once, if not in his life.
2013-05-14 08:35:24 PM  

Just Another OC Homeless Guy: grokca: Quick to the Nascar!
Nuhna nuhna nuhna nuhna nuhna! Nuhna nuhna nuhna nuhna nuhna! CHRISTIAN!

Ummmm.... you don't have to be Christian to be anti-Sharia. Take, for example, the distinguished, erudite and extremely rational Atheist Pat Condell. Check out some of his videos on You Tube.

Let me know when he starts a task force.
2013-05-14 09:31:00 PM  
Since they buried this guy four miles from my house, I drove by there on the way home from work tonight.  This is all much ado about nothing.  There wasn't even a deputy left there tonight.

Unless you happen to live right in this county near the very spot of the cemetery, you're probably looking at either a 2 hour drive or a 45 minute drive to get there depending on whether or not you come from DC or Richmond.  There aren't a whole lot of people near here.  It's probably as close to burying him at the bottom of the ocean as you can get.

And as was mentioned upthread - cemeteries are for the living, not the dead.  His family (well, maybe everyone except his mother) don't deserve the completely gratuitous grief of having to play hot potato with his corpse.  It's just plain spite, pure and simple.

Also, this group is based out of Alexandria, VA, which is one of the richest suburbs in the country.  I have no idea why they bothered coming all the way down here to biatch.  Most people around here don't care if he's buried here, they just don't like the publicity.
2013-05-14 10:00:10 PM  
So a bunch of Virginian hicks want a corpse of a douchebag from the Caucasus to be removed and placed elsewhere... hmmm what is it I'm trying to say here....

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2013-05-14 10:56:22 PM  
federalobserver.comView Full Size
2013-05-14 11:28:01 PM  
Meh. I do think he should have been buried in Russia, on account of the fact that his parents outright stated that they wanted to bury him there. Failing that, burying him in Cambridge would have a certain poetic ring: his remains could have spent eternity surrounded by the people he hated badly enough to bomb. But if that's not going to happen either, then one place is as good as another. It's not like he's in any position to care.

Part of me wonders if it might not be a bad idea to have some kind of "national potter's field" for those so infamous that no one else will take them. Give them a simple and dignified but brief ecological burial. Plant a tree from some species indigenous to the US in the remains to mark the spot, with a small stainless steel plaque to identify the deceased. Keep it under guard: visitors who can show legal kinship can visit the graves, and the occasional interested reporter, but nobody else, to keep it from becoming a pilgrimage site.

I see something for everyone in this plan. The dead of this place get to be buried in a dignified manner, yet their dishonor remains clear. The deceased's relatives can visit, but steps are taken to prevent pilgrimages. The American tree provides the dead with a beautiful monument, yet still does so in a way that some would view as a punishment. What's not to like?

/lives not too far from Doswell
//or from this self-styled "task force" :(
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