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2013-05-14 09:23:49 AM  
3 votes:
Left wing scum grasping at straws to divert attention from their failure and chief? Say it isn't so.
2013-05-14 12:13:39 PM  
2 votes:

Hung Like A Tic-Tac: Study it out libulardo

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2013-05-14 06:23:37 PM  
1 vote:

MisterRonbo: An excellent idea, in theory.  In practice, how do you measure the quality of teaching?  Test scores? Subjective evaluations by their management or other teachers?  Fewest in-class stabbings?

Fewest in-class stabbings, controlling for prior stabbing achievement and for demographic variables.
2013-05-14 02:26:17 PM  
1 vote:

Captain Dan: There are some views I hold that are unwelcome in Democratic circles, including opposition to public sector collective bargaining, the belief that all men are unequal and should have unequal outcomes, a belief that the elderly are getting more than their fair share of health care, and an unapologetic sense of American nationalism (willingness to privilege American lives over non-American lives).

While I disagree with you on public sector collective bargaining, I recognize that there is room for rational debate on that topic, fine. I personally do not feel that teachers and police and so on should be undervalued, rather that they are very important and all too often given short shrift.

The idea that humans are unequal and should have unequal outcomes is fine within a narrowly defined context of true meritocracy, and requires also recognizing the large role played by society in individual success - something usually ignored completely in ideological debates on this topic, but which is extremely well understood in the social sciences, since Durkheim first explored the concepts of mechanical vs. organic solidarity as the basis of social stability (I recognize those look like buzzwords, but they are the terms of art used).

 Furthermore, equality of opportunity should be promoted as much as possible - everyone should have the chance to make the most of their talents and skills, even while fully expecting that the outcomes of those efforts will be necessarily unequal. This also requires recognizing that the use of social power by humans to protect that social power for themselves, their loved ones and descendants and their cronies is normal and to be expected, but runs counter to the good of society by promoting social stratification based on inherited wealth and privilege rather then merit.

Long story short, that is a much more complicated topic than you may be aware, and the Republicans are not the ones having conversations with the social scientists who study those patterns in human social behaviour.. The idea that the Democrats want a touchy-feely everyone-wins no-one loses society is false. There were certain advocates of that pattern on the left, but few among any actual social scientists who understand how pointless and corrosive it is, and the social experiments promoted around self-esteem building were deeply unscientific and roundly decried by most credible psychologists.

As for the notion that the elderly are getting more than their fair share being a Democratic position, I find myself bemused. The elderly are generally far more conservative and lean strongly Republican, and it is the Democrats who have been pushing for efforts to reform health care in your nation so as to lower the costs of medical care to the elderly. In fact, Republicans have offered budget solutions that expressly protect the current elderly's right to exorbitant medical expenses of limited utility, most recently Paul Ryan's budget. I respectfully suggest therefore that your perception and understanding of this issue (one that I generally agree needs addressed) is distorted.

As for American nationalism, I'll point out that I am a Canadian. Are you logically consistent enough to accept the notion of other nations treating Americans as second-class persons if you do the same for them? I note that your Declaration of Independence at the very least does not make provisions for Americans only, but speaks of all men. I would further note that it is well established in the social sciences that nationalism is a variant on tribalism, and therefore a bias to be suspicious of, for it distorts your perceptions of others which leads to poorer evaluations and understandings of said others, whether they be allies or adversaries.
2013-05-14 01:40:05 PM  
1 vote:

mediablitz: Nabb1: but I do find it unforgivable (not impeachable) that the Administration was blaming some silly little YouTube video for the attacks apparently knowing full well what this was.

Other than them NOT knowing "full well" what it was, sure. Some in intelligence thought it MIGHT be, could POSSIBLY be, something else, but no one knew "full well". I see nothing wrong with taking out a paragraph that was only a supposition. Let's, you know, wait until we have some facts before we pass on info. Kinda like KNOWING there are WMD's before you actually KNOW there are WMD's.

So why would you blame it on a video ?  There was just as much, if not more information suggesting it was a terrorist group than a half baked video.

It's kinda like making the statment that you didn't send forces in because you knew at that moment they couldn't get there in time. Even though you claim you didn't really understand what was going on, you knew whatever it was it was going ot be over before you got there.
2013-05-14 01:36:47 PM  
1 vote:
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2013-05-14 12:33:35 PM  
1 vote:
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2013-05-14 12:24:51 PM  
1 vote:
Just wait 'til the Scandal Bubble bursts, you and your irrational exuberance.

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2013-05-14 12:17:38 PM  
1 vote:
This is the worst thing since the last worst thing we talked about here!
2013-05-14 12:12:26 PM  
1 vote:

seniorgato: That a very amazingly lame argument.

I know, right. The same people who complain about government incompetence demonstrate their perfect application of it.
2013-05-14 12:00:43 PM  
1 vote:

barneyfifesbullet: Oh, the desperation to deflect.

It's very entertaining.

I know, the GOP has ginned up so many fake scandals to deflect from their election failures. It's so funny.
2013-05-14 11:39:38 AM  
1 vote:

RyogaM: Don't think it's a scandal? It's pretty basic: Republicans, by abusing their Constitutional powers, are - deliberately, in several cases - preventing the government from carrying out duly passed laws.

Oh fer fark's sake, get a grip.


If it wasn't these scandals, the GOP members of Congress would just be trying to repeal Obamacare for the 38th time.
2013-05-14 11:39:21 AM  
1 vote:
Oh, so this must be one of those days where he's a horrible tyrant instead of a weak empty suit.
2013-05-14 11:22:28 AM  
1 vote:
But the GOP is the party of God. They are only trying to do God's will in a world of evil. They are Armageddon warriors; let them fight the battle God has placed around them and let them win BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

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/famous Republican leader
2013-05-14 11:21:42 AM  
1 vote:

Quick get all the libtards in a circle...start the jerking....ahhhh.

Ok...now mock anyone who critizes Obama...you over there...get ready to call someone a racist. Are we all set with the Bush references?  Ok. Good.

pass the lube...
2013-05-14 09:52:55 AM  
1 vote:
That's not a scandal.  This is a Scandal.
2013-05-14 09:49:53 AM  
1 vote:
This is indeed awful, but for it to be scandalous would require that it be shocking.

Nobody is shocked that Republicans are destroying congress.  Half the country is pleased by that, and a quarter want more destruction.

/Vote for Republican in 2014!  It's too dangerous to have them in opposition.
2013-05-14 09:37:24 AM  
1 vote:
2013-05-14 09:35:24 AM  
1 vote:
And we can't even hang them for treason, because Harry Reid would want 60 votes to approve that, too.
2013-05-14 09:30:38 AM  
1 vote:
Scandal implies that not only has there been a breach, but it is also shocking.
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