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(Sun News Network)   Man finds 40,000 bees within the walls of his home. The hive cluster is under attack   ( sunnewsnetwork.ca) divider line
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2013-05-13 11:45:06 PM  
2013-05-13 11:51:16 PM  
Utah: The beehive state

/nothing to see here
//move along
2013-05-14 12:11:36 AM  
2013-05-14 12:30:50 AM  
That's almost as many beas as I'm wearing as a beard right now.
2013-05-14 12:32:34 AM  
Bees are in the what now?
FNG [TotalFark]
2013-05-14 12:50:51 AM  
Utah's been buzzy the past couple weeks.
2013-05-14 12:53:33 AM  
s3-ak.buzzfed.comView Full Size

2013-05-14 01:05:00 AM  
2013-05-14 01:10:26 AM  
I like my houses like I like my coffee... err, covered in bees.
2013-05-14 01:31:10 AM  
We require more vespene gas!
2013-05-14 05:34:54 AM  
My dog would be continually licking his walls.
2013-05-14 05:38:35 AM  

Bucky Katt: That's almost as many beas as I'm wearing as a beard right now.

Bea Arthur is your beard?
2013-05-14 06:27:00 AM  
Ok, did he actually count these bees?

I think I would have stopped after about 10.
2013-05-14 06:42:41 AM  
I really want to build my own home from stone, using slip forming or some such thing.  Its insane how cheap it is if you're willing to do the work.
2013-05-14 06:47:27 AM  
web.mit.eduView Full Size
2013-05-14 06:54:34 AM  
Did he count them? Or what. Did not RTFA.
2013-05-14 07:10:33 AM  
I'm always surprised how they emphasize how many bees there are in the found hive, "omg, tens of thousands, RUN FOR THE HILLS!!1"

/hobby apiarist
//to be fair, this is in Africanized bees
///those things are vicious
2013-05-14 07:33:11 AM  
I remember a scary article a few years ago which claimed a shortage of bees... now we know why. They are all hiding in houses.
2013-05-14 07:36:10 AM  
The real problem starts when he claims 40,000 dependents on his 1040.
2013-05-14 07:48:34 AM  
Do they have a BBQ grill and some gasoline?

perturb.orgView Full Size
2013-05-14 07:58:00 AM  
Why not A's?
2013-05-14 08:14:19 AM  
I need more coffee.  I read that as beers not bees......
2013-05-14 08:15:10 AM  
So that's what happened to the bees.
2013-05-14 08:51:19 AM  
Spawn more overlords.
2013-05-14 09:15:59 AM  

Matthew Keene: The real problem starts when he claims 40,000 dependents on his 1040.

Damn, that was good laugh.

lindsayism.typepad.comView Full Size

Haters gonna hate.

/then get stung
2013-05-14 09:58:46 AM  
My great uncle made a similar discovery preparing to restore a historic building in town.  Bees nest the size of a basketball, more or less, in the attic.  He was an ameteur bee keeper at the time.  Estimated the hive weighed 40 lbs.  He got them all to colonize several Langstroth boxes and started producing honey as a fundraiser.

/cool story, bee
2013-05-14 09:59:22 AM  
The funny thing is, I heard that in my head as the voiceover from Natural Selection, not StarCraft.
2013-05-14 09:59:51 AM  

Asa Phelps: Beads?

Oh. Good. Well, I'll start my own business. How hard can it be?  Bzz! We'll see who brings in more honey.
2013-05-14 10:54:23 AM  
Gonna need a whole team of firebats for that

Also I almost choked on a breath mint when I read this headline
2013-05-14 12:28:22 PM  
lolbot.netView Full Size
2013-05-14 01:16:13 PM  
I'd hate to *puts on shades* bee that guy.  YYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!
2013-05-14 02:52:14 PM  
coldhardflash.comView Full Size

Don't worry! My briefcase full of bees will fix the situation!
2013-05-14 04:51:41 PM  
So THAT'S where all the bees have gone!
2013-05-14 07:59:31 PM  
encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.comView Full Size

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