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(WBTW Myrtle Beach)   Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeb Bush, Oprah and other members of the Justice League are meeting this weekend to decide the fate of the world   ( wbtw.com) divider line
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2013-05-13 03:33:58 AM  

Mad_Radhu: Jeb Bush: Big man with your fancy computers. Take that away, what are you?
Bill Gates: Genius, billionaire, philanthropist.

Jeb Bush: My brother's got none of that and he's worth 10 of you.
2013-05-13 04:18:39 AM  

dbrunker: [i41.tinypic.com image 768x576]

But there aren't any lizard people or reverse vampires...
2013-05-13 04:37:15 AM  

Allen. The end.: FNORD.

2013-05-13 06:24:07 AM  
"Suspicion was raised when nearly 20 very expensive jets were seen lined up at the Charleston International Airport on Johns Island "

Nobody pays attention to the cheap jets.
2013-05-13 07:29:30 AM  

Dave The Slushy: "Right, we've got the left so scared they're voting for fiscal conservatives in droves without even wanting to admit it. While we should pat ourselves on the back for that, the right has become nothing short of fascist. How the hell do we dial things back?"

"Chill, Once again my family's got this. My son is a half-Latino named George Bush. All he needs to do is turn up to the first debate in an El Camino with a six pack, a hunting rifle and yell "COMO ESTAS BITICHES" and we'll have a bigger landslide than our favourite Kenyan. Michelle can have a double after that."

"Sorted. Now, back to the orgy...."

Did you plant a bug on the conference room? Because that's exactly what my transcript said.
2013-05-13 08:55:46 AM  

God-is-a-Taco: WTF is a Bush doing there?
So much for any aura of charity or benevolence that it might have had.

Nuke it.

Pretty sure none of those people have ever done anything for free.  Their payoff just isn't money anymore.
They all have lots of that.
2013-05-13 09:43:32 AM  

Gyrfalcon: dbrunker: [i41.tinypic.com image 768x576]

But there aren't any lizard people or reverse vampires...

They crave the sunlight...from Tansylvania.

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size
2013-05-13 10:32:20 AM  
process interview for next president. Like your vote matters!
2013-05-13 01:05:49 PM  
ifanboy.com.nyud.netView Full Size

May I suggest we adjourn to the study for coffee and brandy, at which point I believe our unknown host will reveal his intentions.
2013-05-13 01:08:30 PM  
I haven't voted for a president since ... last year. It looks bad, doesn't it? But it took me a whole four years since the last time, so there's my limit. I vow to never take longer than four years to vote for president! I don't care who I actually vote for, but I'll vote, dag-nabbit! I just want to do my duty.
2013-05-13 01:16:08 PM  
I quit reading after the third sentence.  Charleston International is not on Johns Island, it's in North Charleston and shares services with Charleston AFB.  They must be talking about the Johns Island Executive Airport.
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