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(Yahoo)   In 2005, a man wanted to take his life. He climbed over the railing of the Golden Gate Bridge and was ready to take a fatal jump when he heard a voice calling out to him from above. Eight years later, he met that voice   ( news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2013-05-12 11:41:19 AM  
davidphogan:The CHPs have earned my respect though.

Except that they all seem to thing Craig Peyer should get his badge back, they seem more professional than most local Police in California.
2013-05-12 11:41:46 AM  
Don't they have nets down there now?
2013-05-12 12:11:56 PM  

CluelessMoron: Mambo Bananapatch: We have a small bridge here in Toronto -- the Bloor/Danforth Viaduct -- which used to be a popular suicide bridge. Then, a few years ago, they put up a Suicide Barrier, and it's not any more.

At 500m long and 40m high, I don't think it qualifies as "small".  Anyway, it had the second highest suicide rate in the world after the Golden Gate bridge until they put the barrier up.

So now all the jumpers go to the Leaside bridge instead.

Right you are...I meant 'small' in relation to the Golden Gate bridge.
2013-05-12 03:09:26 PM  

stryed: Suicide bomb: 72 virgins.

Backwards, when you do that Allah makes you one of the Virgins.
2013-05-12 03:10:24 PM  

namegoeshere: biscuitsngravy: Right after 9/11 our National Guard unit was sent to keep 24-hour watch over the Golden Gate Bridge. We hung out on that motherfarker for 2 1/2 years. I never saw anybody who even remotely looked like they were going to blow it up with a bomb-laden U Haul, but I did unfortunately witness one or two grease spots on the concrete near Fort Point where people didn't walk out far enough (I guess) before taking the leap. Heartbreaking.One morning I was on a foot patrol near the earthworks on the South side. I ran into a couple of dudes setting up a camcorder aimed at the bridge. They told me they were filming a documentary about the neverending painting cycle that goes on at the Golden Gate. I radioed it in to Bridge Patrol and was told the cameras were going to be out there "for a while" and that they were permitted and for me to let them go about their business. I'm pretty sure it was the guys behind "The Bridge"./CSB

There actually was a documentary on the neverending painting cycle of the GGB. I watched it. Interesting, but probably not as interesting as The Bridge.

Aaaahhhh, good to know. Thanks!
2013-05-12 06:21:01 PM  

PistolGripPump: As someone that has been near the end a handful of times, I can completely understand what drove this man to the bridge in the first place. Once I decided on my method, which happens to be that very bridge, it's been hard to look at it the same way again. Hell, I even bought the plane ticket and flew to SF one time with my final destination in mind. It has a very strong appeal to me. It's such a beautiful bridge with this incredible view towards the Pacific Ocean. It just seems so peaceful way to pass on, with the sun setting into the horizon.  Much better to me than the Coronado Bridge here in San Diego, though I know it is technically just as effective since you still hit terminal velocity from the mid span. I have never been able to explain why I know that I will one day take the jump from the Golden Gate.  BTW, Gyrfalcon, if you ever need someone to chat with, please don't hesitate.

And you, my dear, in reverse.

Please don't jump. If you're only in San Diego, take a drive up here instead, we could have breakfast.
2013-05-12 07:25:17 PM  

namegoeshere: What I hear about those who jump and survive is that they pretty much all regret it as soon as they jump.

This is something of an urban legend. Some do, some don't.

Sara Birnbaum jumped once and was pulled from the water alive. She jumped again one month later, that time acheiving a successful suicide. Which could indicate she didn't get very good care after attempt number one. Not many who jump and live ever walk again (4 percent), which would make a second jump attempt just that little bit harder methinks.

Baz744: Nidiot:  My choice would be take something like Nembutal, go to sleep and never wake up. Nice and peaceful.

You can still have a panic response when sleeping. Worse, the temporal distortion associated with dreaming could cause the panic response to feel like it lasts... forever...

Aw crap, back to the drawing board. How about cerebral hypoxia?
2013-05-12 09:53:24 PM  

CokeBear: Cybernetic: Fark_Guy_Rob: Yeah - but what if you convince someone really evil to not kill themselves?

Really evil people never kill themselves.

I can think of a counterexample to that, but can't mention without Godwinning the thread...

I guess they don't kill themselves unless there is no more evil left for them to do, maybe?
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