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2013-05-11 06:38:59 PM  

Creative Name: Bah, no one's answering the important question:

Did C.J. make it out ok?!

She wasn't there; she had a woot canaw.
2013-05-11 07:07:39 PM  
Certainly not HOTY but HOTW yes. I chuckled.
2013-05-11 07:09:07 PM  
Did they make Charlie wake the President?
2013-05-11 07:17:03 PM  
Okay, Pope coming out.
2013-05-11 07:24:16 PM  

instantwin: You know who else put their government building on fire?

Wait 'till Obama breaks a window next week.
2013-05-11 07:34:35 PM  
So Fartdingo DIDN'T appoint a Religion Czar?
2013-05-11 07:45:12 PM  
It was because Jay Carney spontaneously burst into flames speaking the utter gibberish

viewpt.orgView Full Size
2013-05-11 07:58:35 PM  


It's all just a smokescreen?
2013-05-11 08:05:57 PM  
Is that what they're calling burning the evidence these days?

/*adjusts foil hat*
2013-05-11 08:26:23 PM  

TeddyRooseveltsMustache: What is a mechanical room closet? Do they mean an elevator machinery closet?

Normally contains central air conditioning machinery and plumbing access points.
2013-05-11 08:36:39 PM  

Tom_Slick: Paris1127: Obama as pope

You left out this one

Um... wouldn't Obama be Pope Urban IX?
2013-05-11 08:49:49 PM  
Ok, in looking up what number the next Urban would be I found out there's something called an "antipope" which sounds way cooler than it actually is.

Like it should be Pope of the negaverse or something. Or if the Pope and antiPope hug it would destroy the planet.

Instead it's just a pope who had enough support to claim the title but was not formally elected.
2013-05-11 09:05:42 PM  

Mr. Pitiful: Josh and Sam at it again?

My first thought as well.
2013-05-11 09:12:35 PM  
Sounds like a pretext to install surveillance on any personal devices the WH press corp left behind during the evacuation. This administration is obsessed with prosecuting leakers and spying on reporters would help catch leakers.
2013-05-11 09:18:09 PM  
2013-05-11 09:22:25 PM  

instantwin: You know who else put their government building on fire?

museumstudiesatmacquarie.orgView Full Size
2013-05-11 09:24:42 PM  
Did subby also submit the nearly identical headline that was rejected two hours earlier?
2013-05-11 09:35:34 PM  

PsiChick: Welp, someone's gettin' fired...

Or someone got fried...
2013-05-11 10:15:54 PM  
Willie Nelson got a followup visit?
2013-05-11 10:32:32 PM  

Nick Nostril: Willie Nelson got a followup visit?

And I thought that was just Hank Flamingo taking artistic liberties.
2013-05-11 10:42:13 PM  
i39.tinypic.comView Full Size
2013-05-11 11:02:39 PM  

Dwight_Yeast: Mr. Pitiful: Josh and Sam at it again?

My first thought as well.

2013-05-11 11:30:43 PM  
FTA: spokesman Max Milian...

Really? You named your kid Maximilian Milian?

/hope his middle name is just the letter A.
2013-05-11 11:31:46 PM  

I meant the letter... never mind.
2013-05-12 12:20:50 AM  

Mr. Pitiful: Josh and Sam at it again?

My first thought. God, I loved that show. Still can't wait for the next season of the Newsroom.
2013-05-12 12:53:03 AM  
Quick, I need a pun on the President's name that deals with freak house fires.

/I always get the feeling that's someone's entire job.
2013-05-12 02:16:54 AM  
Nice one subby, nice one!!!!!!
2013-05-12 03:33:33 AM  
What does Obama know and how is this his fault?

Fox News wants you to know their is a minutely slight possibility in a hypothetical situation dreamed up by a babbling homeless man outside the studio that Obama might MIGHT be a serial arsonist.
2013-05-12 04:42:51 AM  
Another cover-up.
 The smoke was from a cross on the lawn.
2013-05-12 08:25:26 AM  
"smoke from an overheated transformer in a mechanical room."

2013-05-12 08:27:59 AM  
That was just barak and michelle firing up in the bathroom...
2013-05-12 08:46:00 AM  
So much a candidate for headline of the year.
2013-05-12 09:34:27 AM  
I don't see why the room had to be evacuated.

It was almost like the WH press corp were journalists after all; and we send those guys into war zones armed with nothing more than a camera and a press pass.
2013-05-12 09:58:20 AM  
Just 0bama blowing smoke up our @ss
can't be white smoke, we still don't have a leader
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