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(PolicyMic)   WebMD can be useful, though typically not when the first symptom entered into the search engine is "bullet hole"   ( divider line
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2013-05-10 10:31:38 AM  
At no point in the history of the world has WebMD ever been the slightest bit useful to anybody.
2013-05-10 10:31:41 AM  
pete and repete yadda yadda yadda...
2013-05-10 10:31:49 AM  
2013-05-10 10:33:10 AM  
Symptoms: Large gaping bullet wound in thigh

Diagnosis: Brain tumor
2013-05-10 10:34:42 AM  
WTF phrases in that article:

She Googled "how to treat gunshot wounds" and went to self-diagnosis website WebMD rather than the emergency room to treat her son


The entire incident was caught on an in-home surveillance tape


Jesse Pete Rodriguez, 24, traced the 14-year-old's movements with his gun and finally pulled the trigger
2013-05-10 10:44:43 AM  
I used a variety of web based diagnostic tools to figure out I had a blocked Sphincter of Oddi.    Went to the ER (SEEK MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY!) and told the doctor the symptoms I was experiencing, that I had recently had gall bladder surgery, and what seemed most likely to me.   She agreed that it was probably exactly that, and ordered up an ultrasound.   It was exactly that.  

I suppose all I really accomplished was sparing myself a long list of questions about symptoms.   I did get two big-assed vials of morphine pretty much immediately.   It still hurt.
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