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(Atlanta Journal Constitution)   Chick-fil-A's cows on hold as angry cows temporarily not in vogue   ( ajc.com) divider line
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2003-12-31 04:21:36 PM  
Cow superhero calendar?
2003-12-31 04:21:38 PM  
Shouldn't this be a Photoshop contest?
2003-12-31 04:22:23 PM  
Give us more udders!!!!
2003-12-31 04:22:54 PM  
I, for one, welcome our cow super... aw, nevermind.
2003-12-31 04:23:33 PM  
The cowlendar is really cute.
2003-12-31 04:23:59 PM  
Chick Fil a's cow super heros commerical

Cold Cuts looks mean.

/got nothung!
2003-12-31 04:24:28 PM  
i find it mooooving
merrrrely passable
2003-12-31 04:24:36 PM  
"Johnston said Chick-fil-A's cow campaign, now in its ninth year, has successfully avoided any association with mad-cow disease."

Not anymore. Nice going, Johnston.
2003-12-31 04:25:33 PM  
2003-12-31 04:26:41 PM  
"United they stand. Divided they're steak."

Hahahaha! That's what I miss by not watching TV.
2003-12-31 04:27:46 PM  
Why yes, that is a cow!

[image from guidesmedia.ign.com too old to be available]
2003-12-31 04:28:10 PM  
It's actually fairly cool that they're doing this.
2003-12-31 04:28:22 PM  

I've been saying this for the longest time. The Chick-Fil-A Cow campaign is DEAD and TIRED and has ben RUN INTO THE GROUND.

The article says the campaign is currently in its 9th year. GIVE IT A REST.
2003-12-31 04:32:33 PM  
Eat moor chikun.
2003-12-31 04:33:13 PM  
1. Halt potentially offensive ad campaign.
2. ??
3. Don't profit.
2003-12-31 04:34:20 PM  
At least Chick-fil-a is willing to stand up and be held accowntable for its actions.
2003-12-31 04:46:48 PM  
It's actually fairly cool that they're doing this.
I agree, it's a fairly class move. Even if people had associated the cows with mad cow, I don't think they would have held it against Chik-Fil-A, I mean, it's not like the campaign is new.

/farking bible bangers
2003-12-31 04:54:55 PM  
Phil McKraken, my sister gave that calender to my folks for Christmas. It is hilarious.

2003-12-31 04:54:58 PM  
MAD COW! MAD COW! Run for your lives!
2003-12-31 04:58:02 PM  
I am suprised Chik-fil-A has not tried to take advantage of the Mad Cow scare. Have an ad campaign with something like, "Eat Chicken, it doesn't cause Alzheimer's like some meats."
2003-12-31 05:04:17 PM  
[image from funkypages.com too old to be available]
2003-12-31 05:10:29 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

They should milk the situation for all it's worth.

I would make an ad with the cows saying" Eeat mor chickin, or we'll be some very MAD COWS!!", that would be so hilarious.
2003-12-31 05:13:21 PM  
I say we should let them have there ad campaign. It's not as if they really were trying to take advantage of the mad cow thing. Isn't "Eat Mor Chikin" what we're all thinking anyway?
2003-12-31 05:22:47 PM  
[image from chick-fil-a.com too old to be available]
2003-12-31 05:27:53 PM  
Q: How many cows does it take to lick my butt?
A: Stop it, Mommy! I love you!
2003-12-31 05:32:40 PM  
2003-12-31 05:47:48 PM  
Should make the always scintillating Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl commercials even more interesting this weekend...
2003-12-31 05:50:28 PM  
These guys are pussies. They should kick the beef industry while it's down.
2003-12-31 06:42:02 PM  
Seriously. I mean you'd think that mad cow disease would sel mor chikin~! for the poultry pulpit...
2003-12-31 06:55:46 PM  
I for one am pizzed off. I want there to be more fear
and paranoia about mad cow. I want millions of people
to stop eating beef. I want beef prices to drop like
Paris Hiltons panties.
Then I'll be eating a $3.00 ney york strip every
farking day, Drinking whisky, watching ignorant veggies
yelling on TV, and living the good life!
2003-12-31 06:56:24 PM  
New york strip even
2003-12-31 07:02:45 PM  
Minnesota got its first Chik-Fil-A in January of 2003, and it's probably the most popular place for lunch in our Student Union. (Yeah, the first one in the state goes to the University of Tuition Hikes and Budget Cuts)
2003-12-31 07:24:18 PM  
Not really surprising... chik-fil-a is closed on sundays as well.. the corporate heads are fundamentalists.

that said, i hear chikfila is the best fast food place you can work for. apparently the treat their employees quite well.
2003-12-31 09:57:40 PM  
[image from roboticgladiator.com too old to be available]
2004-01-01 12:09:04 AM  

2004-01-01 03:25:09 PM  
I refuse to give CFA my business. I've SEEN those commercials and people that abuse poor cows that way .... well.... where's PETA when you REALLY need them ?
2004-01-01 08:27:04 PM  
I would think that Mad Cow disease will be a boon for Chik fil A...maybe the morons who run it will allow it to be open on Sunday.....
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