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(NHL)   Hockey playoffs night 9: Can the Leafs tie it up? Can the Rangers? Will the Kings get their third straight win? Will the Ducks and Wings keep trading wins? All this and maybe bonus hockey to the right... 7, 7:30, 9 and 10 eastern   ( nhl.com) divider line
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2013-05-08 08:36:55 PM  
2013-05-08 08:37:21 PM  

sno man: bhullshait

cant come up on someone like that. someones kid is gonna get hurt out there
2013-05-08 08:37:37 PM  
nevermind grabo's stick cut in half behind the net
2013-05-08 08:37:40 PM  
That wasn't exactly an elbow ...
2013-05-08 08:37:58 PM  
Jesus H Christ.  Play some farking defense.
2013-05-08 08:38:00 PM  
rut ro reafs
2013-05-08 08:38:04 PM  

Over_Zealously_Apathetic: Polish Hussar: My memory is a bit foggy, "Double clutch" = what in the Fark NHL playoffs drinking game?

A shot in each hand, slammed in close succession.

Sounds good to me.  To the health of everyone in this thread!  Especially Andychrist!

Bruins PP goal, 3-2 Boston
2013-05-08 08:38:06 PM  
bosgoal uggg
2013-05-08 08:38:14 PM  
Woooooooooo! Go Bruins!
2013-05-08 08:38:15 PM  
Way to protect a lead Leafs!

3-2 B's
2013-05-08 08:38:17 PM  

sno man: bhullshait

You gotta get your elbow up pretty high to elbow Chara.

2013-05-08 08:38:18 PM  

sno man: bhullshait

I dunno man, you raise your arm that high... hard not to elbow someone in the face.
2013-05-08 08:38:20 PM  
Made 'em pay!!!!!!

Let's Go, Bruins!!!!
2013-05-08 08:38:27 PM  
2013-05-08 08:38:31 PM  
Broooons take the lead
2013-05-08 08:38:33 PM  
Seidenberg should have been penalized for slashing Grabovski's stick into pieces.
2013-05-08 08:38:38 PM  
I got to open one of my birthday presents a day early. It's a Cam Neely throwback sweater.

2013-05-08 08:38:53 PM  

Polish Hussar: hockeyfarker: you know what you don't hear about anymore? The random tags assigned to these threads.

wtf is a standard telegraph level?

As it turns out, there's a Wikipedia page on it

as it turns out, that's actually something I can understand.

doesn't explain the Florida Game 7 or Martin Brodeur tags though. or PHX.
2013-05-08 08:39:15 PM  
B's taking over + stream still shiatting itself = back to Rangers-Caps... c'mon Caps!!
2013-05-08 08:39:24 PM  
Well, that was a spectacular collapse, even for the leafs.
2013-05-08 08:39:27 PM  

subfactorial: sno man: bhullshait

You gotta get your elbow up pretty high to elbow Chara.


Seriously - you'd have to jump.
2013-05-08 08:39:29 PM  
2013-05-08 08:39:31 PM  
Leafs tie it at 3 apiece
2013-05-08 08:39:33 PM  
2013-05-08 08:39:39 PM  
2013-05-08 08:39:41 PM  
Boo :(
2013-05-08 08:39:51 PM  
god damn it
2013-05-08 08:40:00 PM  
Well, so much for that lead... Lol.
2013-05-08 08:40:01 PM  
the hockey gods thought it was BS too, 3 all!
2013-05-08 08:40:01 PM  
And...Tied again
2013-05-08 08:40:14 PM  

Frozen_Puck: B's taking over + stream still shiatting itself = back to Rangers-Caps... c'mon Caps!!

Not so fast there, Leafs tied it up again.
2013-05-08 08:40:20 PM  
Hah, my stream is still slow as sh*t.
2013-05-08 08:40:32 PM  
this game is about to go to the next level. can you say chippy?
2013-05-08 08:40:33 PM  
So last time I said I'll be happy just to see my Rags not get swept.

Second time? Can you guys do it a second time?


I'll even stop insinuating that Marian Gaborik is skating around out there in a Nash jersey, promise.
2013-05-08 08:40:48 PM  

xiola: Well, that was a spectacular collapse, even for the leafs.

Helluva bounce too
2013-05-08 08:41:11 PM  
Okay, this is getting interesting. It's not great hockey, but it's entertaining.
2013-05-08 08:41:48 PM  
LOL, Toronto tied it already?!?
2013-05-08 08:41:55 PM  
What is that?  Bs throwing helmets.
2013-05-08 08:42:12 PM  
Nice D by Girardi there
2013-05-08 08:42:16 PM  
Looks like Boston took a dumb penalty
2013-05-08 08:42:32 PM  
Van-reams-dyke?  Is his last name some Dutchman's idea of a dirty joke?
2013-05-08 08:42:39 PM  
Which game would you guys like to see some action in?  I've been switching back and forth and have missed damned near everything in both games.  Send me beer and I will watch whatever game you're not.
2013-05-08 08:42:50 PM  
the leafs channeling their inner canadien brethren. flop and a half
2013-05-08 08:42:55 PM  
Dykey goes down, mortally wounded...
2013-05-08 08:43:04 PM  
Wtf is going on in YYZ?
2013-05-08 08:43:21 PM  
Hey Caps, you can't score if you don't shoot
2013-05-08 08:43:25 PM  

Snaps: Looks like Boston took a dumb penalty

they took two, called on one.
2013-05-08 08:43:53 PM  

Primitive Screwhead: Wtf is going on in YYZ?

A kick-ass drum solo?
2013-05-08 08:43:53 PM  
Listening in the radio in the kitchen while I transfer my hefeweizen into a carboy for secondary fermentation. Did a flat tasting, not bad. Hopefully a little bit of that lemony flavor mellows out.

Good game with Beers and Goucher. They really are an awesome radio crew.
2013-05-08 08:43:55 PM  
OMFG, I can't wait until I'm not poor anymore.  I can't deal with these shiatty ass streams!  I miss my HD hockey package.  :-(
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