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(CNN)   If Fartbongo can't even win a golf game against Republicans, how can we expect him to protect us from aliens bent on intergalactic conquest 18 holes at a time?   ( politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com) divider line
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2013-05-07 08:27:28 AM  
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You know, it's easy to dismiss President Obama's defeat at the hands of Saxby Chambliss and Bob Corker on the golf field as mere distraction, as meaningless fodder for an increasingly vapid world driven by the incessant hunger for "content, content, content," no matter the relevance or import. But this is actually cause for concern. Think about golf as metaphor. It is far more than mere game. To succeed, one must not only have the innate skill, the talent, the sheer hunger to persevere over the course a long, grueling afternoon. One must also have the vision required to see the entire course for what it is -- not one hole, not 2 holes, not even three holes, but rather a full 18. Eighteen holes that must be conquered singly and as a whole. That takes a strategic mind, an ability to plan over the long term, an unwavering commitment to the cause. One must be able to tune out distractions, to focus on the task, to select the correct tool for the job and then deliver exactly the manner of stroke that any particular situation requires.

Not so different from politics. So what should it mean that our president does not, apparently, have these skills? Perhaps we should not be too hasty in dismissing him as a result of this defeat, but I fear that this may be yet one more in what's emerging as a pattern of such ignominy. Remember, after all, his recent and equally disastrous forway onto the basketball court -- a field upon which he previously had won great honor and distinction. Could we be witnessing the dissolution of this man? Should we interpret his athletic failings as merely the tip of an iceberg, the first signs that he is losing his hold on power? Perhaps even more than his hold on power -- perhaps his hold on himself, his grasp of reality, his mind, even. Is it possible that his wife knows of this, that she is aware of her husband's decay? Recall her recent "slip" in which she alluded to being a single mother, for example -- is there more to this story?

We cannot know the answers to these questions, of course. Our president is shrouded in secrecy, protected by men who do not permit ready access by which we might test his faculties. This, too, raises questions, but unfortunately this is all we can do now -- raise questions. But they're questions that need to be asked. They're questions that should be answered. We all love our country, and loving our country means caring about the man who inhabits its highest office. It means being concerned not just about his ability to do the job, but about him as well. About the man. Nobody wants to watch him crumble in office. Nobody wants to watch him fail. But if he's reached the point where his physical and mental breakdown is imminent, should we not do all we can to protect him? To remove him from a position where he might not only cause harm to us, to the nation, but to himself?

I think, surely, we must. Because we care, we must.
2013-05-07 09:11:17 AM  
1 vote:
Aw, ain't that nice? Playing a round of golf on Monday morning and being thankful it didn't rain (when half the country is suffering from a drought). Bless his heart.

Is there something in the Oval Office he's allergic to or something?
2013-05-07 09:07:08 AM  
1 vote:
Everybody knows aliens prefer tennis.

2013-05-07 08:58:38 AM  
1 vote:
Did anyone else first misread that headline as "reach around" or was it just me? Would have made the story more interesting nonetheless.
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